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Note: Here is an article I wrote for the Montgomery Memories magazine for the July 2014 issue overviewing the 12 men from our county who gave the ultimate sacrifice


This poem was received from Betty & Bill Thompson of Crawfordsville. Their cousin Cpl. Allen Carpenter who was fighting in Korea at the time tells here of the thinking of the soldiers in the battle area. He and some of his buddies wrote the poem and express their views of the situation vehemently. Cpl. Carpenter lived in New Albany and had been in the US Army for 4 years at the time he sent the Thompsons the poem.

We are the men in Korea
Earning our meager pay;
Guarding the folks with millions
For about $3 a day

Out in the wind swept mountains
This is the spot,
Fighting and breathing the dust
In the land that God forgot.

No one cares if we're living
No one gives a damn
So we're soon forgotten
Though nephews of Uncle Sam

Out in the fields with our carbines
Eating and breathing the dust:
Doing the work of a chain gang
And too damn tired to cuss.

All night the shells keep flying
It's more than we can stand.,
Hell, folks, we're not convicts,
We're defenders of our land.

The things that we have seen
Are too gruesome to tell.
I hope it's nice in Heaven
For we know what it's like in Hell.

When this life is over
And worries no more to stand;
We'll do our last parading
In that faraway Promised Land.

There St. Peter will greet us,
And suddenly He will yell:
"Come in, you men from Korea,
You've done your stretch in Hell."

.... By a Guy in Korea


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Reunions School

-- A --


ANDERSON, Frank R (wounded)


-- B --
Battery B 414 AAA Gn. Battallion
BOWMAN, Allen (get obit CJR 21 Dec 1950 p1)

BRUNER, Richard - tribute by his cousin, Karen Zach
BYRD, Jackie Lee -- see Jackie Lee Murdock

-- C --

CAIN, Norman


CARMICHAEL, Cyril (Sgt 1st Class)

COCHRAN, William Kenneth

CONNER, Keith W.

COYLE, Henry (get obit CJR 3 July 2010 p 2A)

CEDARS, Howard Franklin - KIA

CRUMLEY, Leland S.

CUMMINGS, William Paul (USAF pilot Korea, WWII & Vietnam)

-- D --

DICKEY, Robert - Navy

DOTY, John Vincent - Marines

-- E --

ENDICOTT, George M. - US Army

EUBANKS, Robert -- Airborne Infantry

-- F --

FRANCIS, Frederick - US Army

-- G --

GREEN, Russell -- get obit CJR 25 Feb 2009 p 2A

GUSTAFSON, Henry -- POW - Korea

-- H --

HOLE, Hurschell - US Army Transport Corps - Engineer

-- I --

-- J --

-- K --

-- L --

List (official but not complete) of those Killed In Action


-- M --

McALISTER, Arkless - US Navy

McKINSEY, Albert - US Army

MANION, Everett Dewight - KIA - this is his findagrave link - will try to get an obit for him

MEADOWS, Kenneth - KIA

MORGAN, Charles Clayton - US Army -- here are 135 letters home from Clayt - (my 1st cousin, once removed) --

MURDOCK, Jackie Lee -- get the obituary for him in the Crawfordsville District Public Library index for 29 August 2008 p 2A -- born 9-15-1932 date of death 1950 veteran Korean War POW - c/o Louise Murdock and Charles Byrd also known as Jackie Lee Byrd - see also 8-30-2008 p 4A

-- N --

Northcutt, Charles - lost in Korea US Army

-- O --

-- P --

PEARSON, Raymond - get obit - 22 July 1950 p 1 -- see also Charles Northcutt

-- Q--

-- R --

-- S --
SECHMAN, Cpl. Donald - Army - 34th Infantry

SHANKLIN, Cpl. John W - 34th Infantry- US Army

SHARP, Roland Louis
- get obit - CJR 20 April 2009

STEELE, Robert R.

STEWART, Walter - d Korea - get obit CJR 20 April 1960 p 10

SURBER, Robert Eugene - US Army

-- T --

TEAGUE, Kenneth -- Killed in Korea - US Army

TRUMP, William (Bud) - picture, thanks so much to his daughter, Pam Trump Howard

-- U --

-- V --

-- W --

WARREN, Damon C - WWII & Korea

WILLIAMS, Ralph F. (RIP friend & English teacher)

WRAY, Loren Barney -- get obit WWI; Korea; Vietnam - US Army obit CJR 11 March 1995 p 2A

-- Y --

-- Z --

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