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Source: Darlington Herald News, Friday, November 8, 1918

The Montgomery County War Emergency Committee finished its labors Wednesday evening October 30, 1918 at the Commerce building at Crawfordsville. The Committee was in session for about 3 weeks, during which time there was brought before the Committee about 200 names. The Committee weighed each case very carefully and nearly all of the people under consideration showed a fine loyal spirit in appearing before the Committee or going to their Banks and subscribing for their share of Liberty Bonds. The total amount of new or additional subscriptions made to the Fourth Liberty Loan Issue in this way was in excess of $50000.00. An entirely satisfactory understanding and adjustment was made with all those considered by the Committee with the exception of 17 persons. Based upon the committee's investigation, the following named 17 persons have failed or refused to make a satisfactory showing in the purchase of Liberty Bonds or in other War Activities.

William L. Anderson Clark Township
Henry Brown, Walnut
Philip Bruch, Walnut
William Bowers, Sr. Sugar Creek
Marion Clouser, Sugar Creek
Charles W. Clouser, Franklin
James B. Elmore, Franklin
R.M. Elmore, Franklin Twp.
J.E. Lidikay, Clark
William Martz, Sugar Creek
Sam Nixon, Wayne Twp
George Phebus, Sugar Creek
John Follett, Scott Twp
Andrew Pearson, Wayne
J.W. Timmons, Coal Creek
Fred Thomas, Madison
Henry Thompson, Walnut Twp

In the list of names printed above, furnished to us by the War Committee is that of the Principal of the Darlington HS, R.M. Elmore. It is indeed a very bad state of affairs, when a man who poses as an educator, and who is supposed to be an example for the pupil's who must daily be associated with him in their school work, permits his name to appear in a list of what is commonly called "slackers." From the fact that his name does appear in this list, we know that he has refused to assist his country, in a financial way, sufficiently to satisfy the judgment of men whose fairness cannot be questions. In order that our readers may form their own opinion in this case, we will print the facts as learned from Mr. Elmore himself. He is the owner of a 90 acre farm which has an encumbrance of $1000. He states this land to be worth $100 per acre. He is at present holding a position that is paying him a salary of more than $100 per month. His contributions and investments toward helping win the war are as following: Contribution to Red Cross, $2 and to the War Chest $6. He previously purchased one $50 bond but later sold it at a discount. He bought one $50 bond of the last loan. He was called before the War Committee and requested to invest $300 in bonds, which he refused to do. We believe that it will be the concensus of opinion that Mr. Elmore has not done his duty as an American citizen and that the request of the War Committee was entirely reasonable. The time has come when a distinction should be made between the man who has willingly done his bit sometimes at a great inconvenience and sacrifice and the man who deliberately refuses. Most certainly such a man is not qualified to be a teacher of American boys and girls.

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