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(thanks so much to his son, Bill, the youngest of seven for sharing these wonderful pieces of history with us)

Here is an example of his writing - for space sake, I will type the rest :) - had to have gotten perfect A+ in (cursive) Writing grades - beautiful !!

Note: Letters typed as written (punctuation, spelling same)

Letter: Aug 28, 1918 (American YMCA - on active service with the American Expeditionary Forces)

Dear Mother and sister how are you by this time I am well I landed here some where in France. We land (ed) in the afternoon and marched 3 or 4 miles out of the port all the people we saw were mostly ...... The children ran along beside the coloum of marching men and asked for pennies and cigeretts of course we could not understand very much they said but they seemed glad to see us coming in. Lots of the old men smiled and tiped their hats as we marched by. This is a beautiful country and the people seem cheerful (over).

Letter: Nov 15, 1918 -- "On Active service with the American Expeditionary Force - American Red Cross (stationery) Name: John W. McNulty - 96 Co. 6 Reg. Marines American E.F.

Dear Mother and folks at home, here is hoping you are all living and well and enjoying yourselves. I am hoping this will soon reach you and let you know I am all O.K. Although I am far back behind the lines in a hospital it is a fine moring (sic) the sun is shining bright and clear And it looks like the dawn of Peace the war is appearently a thing of the past and it won't be very long till we shall all be coming back to old America. I received a slight shrapnel wound but I am getting along fine and will be well and all right in a short time. Of course you have heard the good news of our Victory - and the Armistice. It sure is great to think of this war as practically over. This is the first time I have had a chance to write for a long time And I have not heard from any of you since I came over here. I recieved one letter that came Through Quantico wich had been mailed before I left there And I am more than anxious to know how you all are. I would like to hear from Jim as soon as possible and find out where and how he is I hope he is still in the U.S. So when peace is singed (sic) he will soon be home I don't know when I will get back but I am coming Sooner or latter and that is better than not at all. Tell every body to write to me right away as it is rather lonsome here and would sure like to hear from you all. I hope I am on my way home by the time this reaches you but I can't count to much on that at any rate I want you to get this with out delay and send a reply the minute you get it Well I guess and I will have to quit and see if this reaches you and If it does I will write more next time So good bye from John. answer soon - heres hoping this reaches you soon

Note: November 27, 1918

Private John W. McNulty
6th Reg. US Marine Corps
Bare Hospital 5 (B?)6 America EF

Mrs. Bell McNulty
RR #8, Crawfordsville, Ind

Dear Mother nad folks at home I wrote you a letter about 2 weeks ago but I dont suppose it has reached you yet. There are several chances of it not reaching you for 2 more weeks if it gets there at all so I thought I had better get a few more lines on the way over in case the first one does not reach you maybe this one will I am well today hope this will find you all the same but was pretty sick during the past week. I had some kind of fever my temps. reached 103 but I'm all right now. I would like to (sic - know) where Jim is and what he is doing I suppose he will soon be discharged if he has not left the States yet (over)

I dont know how long I will be over here but I think I think Spring will find me back in the US at at rate. A fewllow gets pretty restless lying around here all we have to do is eat our meals read what ever reading matter we can get hold of and fight some of the big battles over and over around the fire or talk over the big times we are going to have when we get home.

Well I guess this is all I have to say for this time So I will quit and say good by hoping this reaches you soon and for an early reply I remain yours as ever from John to Mother and folks ans. soon.

Findagrave entry

See his obituary here

SOURCE: WWI Draft Registration

Name: John McNulty

Age: 21

Home Address: RR #8, Crawfordsville, Ind

Born: July 19, 1895 Crawfordsville, Ind

Occupation: Farmer

Employed by: T.J. Hudson

Where: Alamo, Indiana

Anyone dependent upon you: Mother and Father

Marital Status: Single

Military: Pvt. Infantry - Ohio Militia 1/4 Year

Claim exemption from draft
: Mother Dependent

Height: Tall

Build: Slender

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Bald: No

Any disabilities: No

Signed: John McNulty

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