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Ira "Chase" SCOTT

Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana 1 March, 1918

Chase SCOTT who has been working in Indianapolis is home this week on account of his army examination.

Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana 3-29-1918 Harry MILES, Joe CONNER and Chase SCOTT go to Camp Taylor today to begin training to lick the Kaiser.

Chase Scott Sees Threshing in France Somewhere in France -- June 30, 1918 (note letter to his brother-in-law, Stanley Morgan. His older sister, Blanche (Stella Blanche) married Stanley).

Dear Stanley: I received your letter not, but I received one from your wife and was glad to hear that you were all OK. Now the reason I called you dear, you are dear to me, for we have had some good times together. I am all OK and like the country fine. I think about those good times we had out threshing around Guion and the good meals we had. By the way, there is a threshing machine here where I am staying. It is the funniest thing I ever saw. It is nothing like those we have at home. The separator is on two large wheels. The straw goes through two rollers and the grain is beaten out by a bar cylinder with no teeth on it and has no concave with either. There is going to be a big crop of wheat here. This year it looks like you could do a lot of threshing if you had your machine here. Stanley, take good care of your family for old Chase will be glad to see them when he gets back. Well, Stella how are you? Do you still live in the same old place? When I get back we will build some more toour house and all live togehter. How would that suit?? Viola sent me some clippings from the Waveland paper. Tell Mrs. Connor that her son, Joe is all right and looks fine. Harry Miles looks good, I see them ever once in a while. The roads over here are real good and there are shade trees all along them. No fences at all. The country is rolling and very pretty. I sure have seen a lot since I left. I will close, hoping to hear from you soon.

Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana (letter dated "Somewhere in France, Aug 1, 1918")

Dear Sister, I received your letter and was glad to hear from you. How are you and the rest of the family?Well Stella, I have been on the front line, have been in the great drive on the Champagne Front and Chateau Thierry Front. I am in the hospital now sick with my stomach. I was lucky not to get wounded. I sure saw some sights that will always stick with me. We were under shell fire about 4 days and nights and the huns were getting the same and a little bit worse. The huns are retreating fast before the Americans. In some places the Americans can't keep up with them. The whole workd has to hand it to the American boys. I am in a very pretty part of France. Wheat cutting is on now and there is a good crop. I got the money order cahsed that mother sent me. I have had plenty of money all the time, don't need much no place to spend it unless we run into a YMCA and sometimes we do. YOu don't need t o send any tobacco for I have plenty, we get out regular issue of tobacco. Well, I had alwyas wanted to see the Germans over here and so I got to see a whole lot of them and they are just as mean as I heard they were. I didn't see Guy Marshall although I was in the woods where his regiment was and the woods was shelled pretty hard for 3 days. There were some casulaties in our company. Well, how is everything around the old town?I would like to take a fishing trip in the red bug down on Indian Creek. When we crossed the Marne I could see lots of fish but di dnot have time to make a snare to catch them. We were after those hunts. I saw Joe & Harry the other day and all the Browns Valley and Crawfordsville boys are still living so far. I will close for this time, don't worry for old Chase will come out all right. Pvt. Ira Scott, Co D 111 Inf AEF

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