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Source: Waveland Independent newspaper, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana Nov 23, 1917

Frank SHAUL went to Indianapolis Monday to enlist in the army. He was taken on as a switchman and sent to Columbus OH from where he will go to France in a few weeks.

Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana Dec 28, 1917

Frank Shaul returned to Ft. Leavenworth on Monday. He came home on Thursday. Soldiering suits him very well.

Source: Aug 23, 1918 Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana

Frank Shaul, who is in the Medical Dept of the 2nd Engineers in France writes to his mother, Mrs. Belle Oglesbee on July 28. "Well as everything is pretty still I will try to drop you a few lines. I have now been out of the hospital about 10 days. I feel pretty good. I was in there nine weeks. We sure did have good care taken of us. Icould not tell you how many there were in the hospital for I only saw who was in my own ward. I was class A again. I will be moving back to the front before long. I don't like to stay back of the lines, for you don't see anything but hard work. It is hard on the lines but I would rather be with my company, what is left of it. I had some fine friends. There were two out of Indiana. One was from Marion and the other South Bend. They both got gassed too. I don't know what is become of them.

We all got lost from each other. I got mine early in the day. I would rather be with the 2nd Engineers than any oth er company I ever did know, but all the old timers are dead and gone. If we can keep these birds on the run we may get home sometime next year. But I don't figure on it ending very soon from what I have seen. But the Americans have it on all of them. They don't like to go against the Yankees. August 2 he writes:Well, i am on the road for somewhere I don't know. But I expect it's back to No Man's Land. I left there the 17th of May. I was gassed on that date but was lucky not to get much. But I am all right now. I have been all over France.

We were down on the **** part of the line. It is not bad on the line. I would rather be there than back of the lines for they work pretty hard back of them. I am in the Medical Dept of the 2nd Engineers, now. "

Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana Sept 13, 1918

Frank Shaul is back at the front. He is new with the 2nd Engineers. "From the Camp"

Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana April 26, 1918

In the April 13th issue of Leslee's Weekly there is a picture of American troops landing in France. Among them Frank Shaul is plainly recognizable.

Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana June 28, 1918

Frank Shaul, who has been in the hospital in France is able to return to duty. He expects to be put in the tank service and will go to Italy or Scotland.

Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana Aug 16, 1918

Reports were in circulation the first of the week that Frank Shaul had been killed in France. No such word has been received here. He has been in the hospital for a number of weeks, but is now out.

He is only able for light duty, and wrote that he would be transferred about a 100 miles back of the firing lines. He received injuries in battle early in June, and before that was gassed. His hearing is somewhat affected by the noise from the big guns but he is neither blind nor deaf as another report had it.

Note: I found a death record for Frank B. Shaul: 19 Oct 1978, according to SSDI (issued through the RR Bd. )MBM I don't have much on Frank Shaul, but he evidently returned from WWI. He married Lola Heaton in Tippecanoe Co. in 1923. In 1930, he and Lola and dau. Geraldine live in Indianapolis where he is working as a RR conductor. He was also married to Bertha Berry, I believe. I show that he died in Indianapolis, but I don't have a date (not sure where I got that info). His mother, Elizabeth Belle Belton/Shaul/Oglesbee/Stentz, was Dr. Kleiser's sister-in-law. mmarcussen@earthlink.net

Note 2: WWI Draft Registration #1633

Frank Belton Shaul

Age: 24
Address: Waveland, Indiana
Born: Oct 29, 1892 Waveland, Indiana
Occupation: Railroad Brakeman
Employed: Monon Railway
Where: Lafayette, Ind
Wife & Child under 12
No military service
Blue eyes
Black Hair
Not Bald
No disabilities
Registrar: JO Rosebaum - Brown Twp, Montgomery County< indiana
June 5, 1917
Signed (beautiful signature - Frank Belton Shaul)

Source: Indiana Certificate of Death Local # 06596 State #78-037234
Frank Belton Shaw Died Oct 19, 1978 Veterans Medical Center - Inpatient Marion County, Indiana
Born: 10-29-1892
Resides: Greenwood, Johnson County, Indiana (8807 S Madison Ave, Apt B 101)

Occupation: RR Conductor - NYC RR
Father: Samuel G. Shaul
Mother: Belle Belton

Informant: VA Hospital Records, Washington Park East, Indianapolis, Ind

Date: 10-23-1978 at 7:00 p.m.

Funeral Home: GH Herrmann 5141 Madison Ave, Indianapolis, Ind

Dr. Michael Turner

Does not give burial information
Died of Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome & Metastic Adeno Carcinoma to brain

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