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Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana Aug 2, 1918 Roscoe Peffley, Joe Smith, Will Shular and Albert Huston have arrived safely overseas.

Will Shular, who is doing real soldiering in France writes to Mrs. H. H. Lough (Henry Harrison Lough [10-8-1843 - 7-16-1931] and his wife is Sarah Jane Budd, youngest of 20 children). Will was basically raised by them Sarah (b 1-18-1842 died 7-30-1924). Their daughter, Cora married William R. Shular (1857-1898).

"Somewhere in France, July 29, 1918 Dear Grandmother: As I have a little time this evening I will try and write to you. I think it is about time for I have not written to anyone since I came over. I suspect you think I am lost but I really haven't had time. Times over here are not like they were at Ft. Wadsworth, but I am happy now if I can get 3 meals a day. This life over here is a real soldier life. Tell grandfather that I am living the life now that I have heard him tell about but I like it just the same. I feel as if I could sleep most any place. Last night was the first time I have had my clothing off for 3 weeks and I never slept in a bed at that. The weather is much better now, it has been so rainy. I hope things are all OK at home and all are well. I would love to have seen all of you before coming over. I had a nice time coming over. I saw several large fish but no submarines. We really weren't looking for any. It stormed 3 days on the water. I saw so much water; it made me sick. Tell the boys that I see some of the locomotives that they had in the old days. Those that they put the brakes on with their hands. I could tell you so much more if I were with you but will wait until I get back. Well, Grandmother, will try and write more the next time. Tell all to write. I am always glad to hear from home. So good-bye to all, Bill Shular. Bat A 70th Art CAC American EF WWI news from Will Shular

Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, IndianaJune 7, 1918

Will Shular writes to HH Lough from Ft. Wadsworth, NY. Dear Grandfather: Had three letters today. Lots of letters from home makes things look different up here and the Independent looks good to me I get the papers out and read them all over again. I am getting along fine and gaining in weight all the time. We are having all we can do but having a pretty good time along with it. We are doing some hard drilling but I like army life better every day. The days are hot here, but nights are cool as we get the breeze from off the water. I have some good news. Last night my name was on the board with the bunch which will go across soon. Am ready any time. I will be transferred to the 70th Regt Monday morning. I will not be back to old Waveland again until the war is over. I am sending you a picture of my company. You can see me with my gun. I am writing at the YMCA. It is a fine place. From where I am sitting I can see as many as 40 s hips lying on the water. One big boat is just starting for "somewhere." Have been over to New York. You should see the work the Red Cross is doing there. You would sure know we are in war. Some fellow is oging to give us a talk tonight about going "over the top." I must take it all in so will not have time to write any more. I wish Herb could see the big fish they catch down at South Beach; they cat them with their hands. Must close this time. Regards to every one. Good Bye. Will Shular. 31 Co S NY, Ft. Wadsworth, New York.

[Note: In 1920 he was living with his mother's parents, the Loughs. Before 1930 he married "Marry".] Shular William L. obituary - Crawfordsville Journal Review Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana 5-Jul-1976 pg. 2

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