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WALTER WYATT (sic) to CLYDE WIATT (sic) his brother

Source: Waveland Independent, July 25, 1919 -- from Walter Wyatt -- Brest, July 3, 1919 - Mr Clyde Wiatt, Waveland Ind -- Dear Brother: Archie Collings has a letter from Arthur Jarvis saying he saw you in Waveland and that you said you liked Waveland better than France. All right, you may make some of the Waveland girls believe that, but you know blamed well you couldn't begin to make a soldier who has done service in France believe any such rot as that. Why, an argument like that would sound silly to a returned soldier who was stationed in France. Oh, yes! for fear you misunderstand me, I'd explain why you couldn't make a returned soldier believe that you liked Waveland or any other place in Indiana better than France. It's this way, you know you can't tell a fellow anything which he already knows, at least you cannot convince a fellow of something that he's already convinced of, so don't go around wasting your breath telling that stuff to some one who served in the AEF, but carry on to your own satisfaction to the folks who have not been convinced. You see I left St. Algnan, Sunday morning June 22 and landed in a tent at Camp Pontanezen, Brest, at 2 a.m. Tuesday. Slept until 10 a.m. and in the afternoon I telephone billeting station NO 5 and told them to tell one low down "Hoosier" Lt. to stay in his quarters after supper. How is that for giving orders to superiors? Well, I found him in his quarters OK, and had quite a visit, he telling me that Archie Collings, Will Ferrell, Sgt. Leland Fink and Mr. Marcrum, formerly a teacher in the Waveland school were here. The next evening the above, with the exception of Willie Ferrell who had sailed the day I came into this camp and with the additon of Harold R. McCollem, formerly of Attica and Sgt. Heslar of Marshall and Sgt. Dooley of Rockville had a Hoosier party in the room of Mr. Marcrum in the YMCA he being the hut secretary. Well, if everybody's ears burned that we talked about, there were some hot ears in Indiana that night of June 25, 1919. I am on duty here in the evacuation office, as at St. Algnan, only not nearly so much to do and the eats and bunks are of superior quality as we have a separate mess for Hq Detachment here and spring cots with mattresses. Of course, my outfit, the one I came over with, having gone home in Jan while I was away from them on detached service, I am still on detached service and will be until they tire of me sticking around and put me on a sailing list however without any official knowledge. I still hope to reach the states by Aug 22 being one years from that date that i started on this foreign trip. It isn't so bad here, as it is more like home as I spent 2 hours or more each day with out big cousin, Lt. George Slavens, and call on Sgt. Leland Fink or Archie Collings every day. I read the Waveland Independent after Archie looks it over and then I pass it to George. Well, old boy, you know the kind of news a fellow longs for over here and how much news items are appreciated, so snap into it for a few weeks and then I'll be there to back up everything you wish to prove. Vonsvons compris? Address me as follows; Billeting Station No 5, care of Lt. George Slaves, APO 716, Am EF your loving brother, Walter H. Wiatt

Source: Waveland Independent, April 12, 1918 -

Walter Wiatt, who is at Camp Taylor, is reported seriously ill with pneumonia.

Source: Waveland Independent, Sept 13, 1918

Walter Wiatt has arrive safely in France.


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