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Reunions School

World War II casualties reported as of 1946
Montgomery County Indiana "Home of Record"

From a list maintained in the National Archives -- SEE ADDITIONS BELOW

KIA= Killed in Action
DNB= Died- Non-Battle Related
FOD= Finding of Death (Body not recovered)

Note: IF highlighted in blue, you can click to read obituaries

Name Serial# Rank Code
Akester, Arnold R. 6919393 PFC DNB
Boldt, Ernest M. 35039949 PVT DNB
Booher, Eugene M. 35168200 PVT KIA
Bowers, William R. 35563956 SGT DNB
Bratton, Robert J. 35259739 PFC DNB
Brunner, Billy W. 35147111 SGT DNB
Cain, Robert L. 35098504 TEC5 KIA
Chadwick, Vernon E. also mentioned here (2nd obit) 35139833 PVT KIA
Cline, Okle O. 35351251 PFC KIA
Clough, Jack C. 15336023 SGT DNB
Name Serial# Rank Code
Cook, Herbert L. 36356498 SGT DNB
Cord, Robert L. 35111500 PFC KIA
Cotten, Irvin L. 35892904 PVT KIA
Dunbar, Martin B. 0- 006388 NAJ DNB
Elliot, Cyrus E. 3536456 SGT DNB
Feather, Carrol H. 0- 675835 1LT KIA
Fouts, Oliver E. 0- 699999 2LT KIA
Francis, Damon W. 20530579 SSG DNB
Geiger, Orville M. 35246900 PFC DNB
Gillock, Sanford E. 35710918 PVT KIA
Name Serial# Rank Code
Gott, Donald H. 15043197 SGT DNB
Gregg, Kirtley J. 0- 016602 LTC DNB
Grzesk, Leo H. 02077284 2LT KIA
Hall, Robert T. 0- 811073 CAPT DNB
Harmon, Charles H. (A) 35144646 TEC5 KIA
Harris, Harry F. 35149063 TEC5 KIA
Hilliard, Daniel F. 35506574 PVT KIA
Hudson, Jack D. 6915847 SSG DNB
Hughes, Dwight D. 35901443 PFC DNB
Hybarger, Robert E. 0- 703260 2LT KIA
Name Serial# Rank Code
Jacob, Robert P. 35259285 PVT KIA
Jones, Carl W. 35169898 TEC4 KIA
Jones, Hubert 35246915 PFC KIA
Kidd, James R. 35098597 SGT KIA
Kline, Charles M. 35561598 SSG DIED OF WOUNDS
Krout, Zenith L. 35933557 PVT KIA
Leavenworth, William 0- 864408 1LT KIA
Lehman, Arthur J. 0- 016678 COL DNB
Lough, Howard D. 35965055 PVT DNB
Maxwell, Samuel R. 35576522 PFC KIA
Name Serial# Rank Code
McCandless, Henry J. 35906520 PVT KIA
McKee, Gwendolyn 35039945 PFC KIA
McKinley, R. A. Jr. 35578530 SSG KIA
Miller, John N. 80537240 TEC5 KIA
Miller, Theodore W. 15342817 PVT KIA
Murrell, Oscar H. 15081644 MSG KIA
Nelson, Oscale L. 35362262 TEC4 DNB
Norman, Harold F. 3598598 SSG DNB
O'Neall, William Q. 0- 679927 2LT KIA
Oswalt, Ralph Vernon. 3598592 CPL KIA
Name Serial# Rank Code
Otterman, William M. 0- 729490 CAPT DNB
Palin, Hiram W. 35381470 PFC KIA
Parker, Carl R. 35840610 PVT KIA
Phebus, James D. 35091684 PFC KIA
Pyle, Vance 35251242 SSG KIA
Ratcliffe, Frank T. 35250754 TEC5 KIA
Schweitzer, Thomas L. 35905557 PVT DNB
Stump, Raymond E. 35246905 PVT KIA
Tilney, Gerald M. 35164966 SGT KIA
Todd, Charles W. 35357974 PFC KIA
Name Serial# Rank Code
Todd, Donald K. 35095901 TEC5 KIA
Todd, Robert 20537228 PFC DNB
Turner, Robert H. 35164779 SGT KIA
VanGilder, Dean W. 15099198 PVT KIA
Wilkinson, Richard L. 35259717 TSG KIA
Wood, Henry W. Jr. 35712274 CPL DNB
Wright Robert E. 35144640 PFC KIA
Wright Robert E. 01306675 2LT KIA
Wynekoop, Wayne M. 35563943 PVT KIA
Zaikovsky, Charles E. 35896219 PVT DNB



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