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---Arthur Paul Baird ---

Rest in Peace:

Nadine, Arthur, Sr., Katherine & Baby Baird

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Arthur Paul Baird, II, was held in high regard in the little community of Darlington, Indiana. He served in the military, receiving an honorable discharge. Active in church, he had never been in any trouble. Yet, on September 6th, 1985, he strangled his pregnant wife, Nadine Sue (Altic) Baird to death After holding her dead body for several hours, he went next morning to his parents' home nearby, did some chores for them, and asked his mother for a hair cut. After receiving it, instead of a thank you, he stabbed her to death using her butcher knife, then did the same to his father. Loading up his belongings, he left but was arrested the next day, in Huntingburg, Indiana. Convicted, he was sent to prison to await the death penalty, was relieved and is now spending life in prison, without a chance of parole.

"Arthur P. Baird, II, Petitioner-Appellant, v. Cecil Davis, Superintendent, Respondent-Appellee." Full of specifics, as well as evidence used against Baird, this report gives Arthur Baird's idea that the court failed to look at his mental condition at the time of the trial. Denied!

Baird, Arthur. Arthur Baird II, Murderer from Montgomery County, Indiana. 1999-2001. Depicts various articles covering the trial of Arthur Paul Baird who murdered his pregnant wife, along with his mother and father in their rural Darlington, Indiana home.

Baird, Arthur Paul, II #49 - Indiana Death Row. Lists Baird as a death row inmate.

Death Penalty Information Center. Editorials - Clemency.

Death Penalty News. Gives the outline of why Baird should be given repreive of the death penalty, including testimony of Phil Coons, Psychiatry Professor - Indiana University School of Medicine, who found Baird "grossly psychotic and delusional." (this includes more than Baird's case so check "Indiana" 1/4 or so down the page).

Stoner, Andrew E. Notorious 92. Bloomington, IN: Rooftop Publishing, 2007. Baird's case is Stoner's choice for Montgomery County's notorious murder. He gives extra information not seen in some sources, such as Baird's grandmother lived in another trailer on the property but was gone to visit relatives; otherwise, Baird may have added another death. Information from the psychiatric report was also overviewed; otherwise, this is about the same as any other reference materials.

Sentencing: March 13, 1987 -- Jury recommended death for the murder of his Mother and his Father, but against death for the murder of his wife. The Court sentenced Baird to 60 years for the Murder of Nadine Baird and 8 years for Feticide, to be served concurrently; Death for the Murder of Kathryn Baird and Death for the Murder of Arthur Baird.

Baird was taken off of Death Row 20 years after the murders occurred and the day before his execution. Governor Mitch Daniels changed his death sentence (due to Baird's mental condition at the time of trial) to life imprisonment without chance of parole.

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