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A simple family cookout turned into one son, Chad Byrd, killing his brother, Jacob, whom Byrd said abused him as a child. Byrd is known as the man New Richmond Town Marshal, Mark Clapp, tussled with when Clapp had a heart attack and died.

In the Court of Appeals of Indiana. "Chad Byrd vs. State of Indiana. No. 54A01-1101-CR-4." An overview of the appeal by Byrd to have the court to relook at his case because of his mental condition at the time of the occurrence. Court stood with original court decision.

"Jacob Byrd, obituary." No mention of how Byrd died, it is sad reading the newspaper when the peruser knows the circumstances.

"Man Charged With Killing Brother." The mugshot picture of Byrd presents an interesting and nice-looking young man, one not a soul would think of as a murderer, yet during an evening with their parents, one brother shot and murdered the other.

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24 September 2011