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-- This is the Joe Morgan family. My old boss lives in this home in 2011 and I live just around the corner from it in Crawfordsville, Indiana. My great grandmother, Sarah Hazel Morgan Smith (I was named for her, being Sara Suzette but she went by Hazel and I am Suzie) is the baby and the only daughter of Joe & Amanda (Barker) Morgan. Stanley Morgan, father of Fred Homer is the boy on the right -- he was next to my great grandmother in age, yet 10 years older than she. Most of the lives of the Morgan family was spent in and around the Waveland, Indiana area.

-- The picture on the far left is of Joe & Amanda just after their wedding on Valentine's Day, in 1878.

-- Note: Fred is said to have looked just like his Gpa' Joe. In the middle under his name, is Fred from a family photo cut-out to show what he looked like at age about 13. The younger picture is probably about age 10.

Fred is my 1st cousin, twice removed. His disastrous death has been a family discussion since long before I or my mother was born. Even my grandmother, his first cousin, never knew him (she was two when he was killed) ... yet, we all know his story.

"Fred Homer Morgan." Death Record. Although no one went to jail for Fred's death, his Death Record lists "homiside" as the cause. No matter how it is spelled, that means murder. At the funeral home, the director, Harry Machledt pulled Fred's shirt back over and over again to show where he had been shot and would say such things such as, "This is what stupidity can do." Some said he referred to Fred being stupid but most felt he meant shooting at a young handsome boy who was carrying out a dare was the ignorant thing!

"Fred Homer Morgan." Biography. . This page gives more information on Fred's death, how he ran to his parents' home (died in his mother's arms which is not mentioned), how he was a normal young man until ....

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