Montgomery Murder & Massacre


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Accused of murdering his wife, (there was strychine found in her coffee cup) Jonathan Owens sold his farm and fled to Canada. This was one of the many tips that pointed to his guilt. My mother, Karen Zach who wrote the fictionalized account of this, and I, just found more on Owens. His first wife dies ... then he married right afterwards ..... hmmmmm??!!!


Note: Various genealogical tools,; census records; findagrave were used to discover more on the personal life of this interesting man, Jonathan Sidney Owens.

"Jonathan Sidney Owen(s)." (taken from Beckwith, H.W. History of Montgomery County, Indiana. Chicago: H.H. Hill, 1881, p. 28). Although riddled with errors, this is the first account of the murder trial written in historical form.

Zach, Karen Bazzani. Montgomery Murder Mysteries. Unpublished. Zach's fictionalized accounts of the first 13 murders in Montgomery County are all based on facts. Zach brings out some otherwise unknown information on the Owen's case.

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