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Montgomery Murder & Massacre

-- Phillip Joseph Ross --

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James Shelby Ross, son of Philip Ross
thanks to Lena Carlson Harper
Phillip Joseph Ross was night watchman at the newly built Yount's Mill. One night he was murdered and found mangled in the mill the next morning. Nothing was ever discovered about his murder. No one went to trial. No one ever fessed-up :(

Known Facts:

Phillip Ross was born the 2nd day of October 1799 in Ohio.

He was murderd while at work as a watchman at the newly-built Yount's Mill (The picture is of the same location, but the picture of this mill was actually built 10 years later) 9 days before Christmas in the year 1838. This mill stood on Sugar Creek near today's town of Yountsville, named for Dan Yount who Phillip Ross worked for.

Ross' wife was Cynthia Crouch who died many years later, 12 November 1880, never remarrying, having said there was only one love for her.

She raised their eleven children, Stephen; Elizabeth; Sally; Mary; John; Harrison; Joseph; Ike; Anna; Margaret; and James Shelby (James was only a few months old when his father died).

The murder was never solved.

"James Shelby Ross." 5 October 2011. Son of the deceased, this man was a Civil War Soldier and was said to look like his father. (link to his picture)

Zach, Karen Bazzani. "Lost Love Back in December '38." Read this fictionalized account at this site : Lost Love. Although based on known facts of the actual murder, the murderer is fabricated.

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