This drawing is similiar to the home the Rush's owned.

Drawing by Lena Carlson Harper




Montgomery Murder & Massacre

-- Mrs. Rush --

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The above illustration is a replica of Montgomery County's first courthouse, drawn by Lydia Stewart.

Mrs. Moses Rush married her husband at an early age. They went to housekeeping in a small log cabin on Sugar Creek, just below where the Deer's Mill Bridge stands today. Moses Rush drank, beat on the wife and children and was said to be a "bestial" man, at the trial of Mrs. Rush. One evening, Moses came in drunk, threatened to kill her, and fell into a drunken stupor. Believing her life was threatened, she took up the ax and plowed it into his head. Immediately, she ran to the neighbors to tell them she was a murderer. She freely admitted to it, but the courts saw differently!

Thanks to Lena Harper & Lydia Stewart for the artwork - greatly appreciated

Beckwith, H.W. History of Montgomery County, Indiana. Chicago: H.H. Hill, 1881, p. 26. Just enough information to aggravate a person, this tells the very brief story of Mrs. Rush killing her husband. The trial account, held in the Crawfordsville Courthouse (similar to one above by Lydia Stewart who was a Senior at Turkey Run HS when she did the picture via a description found in an old book) does not give her a name; does not give any details; does not tell what neighbor she ran to tell of her plight ..... See the information here

Sharp, Virginia Banta. History of Waveland. Self-pub 1973. See the information here

Zach, Karen Bazzani. Montgomery Murder Mysteries. Unpublished. This story is probably the most "fiction" of Zach's tales. She names Rush's wife (Barbara Jones) but could find no proof to this name as the couple evidently did not marry in Indiana - no marriage record was found. Nor could Moses be found in the 1830 census.

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