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William Edgar -- BILL --SHULAR

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Bill Shular was tagged the Courthouse Preacher when he, sometimes drunk and sometimes sober, stood on the steps of the government building and ranted about how drink costs a major part of wages; how whiskey ruins your health; and how a shot can even guide you into a path from whence you can never return. Bill was drinking whiskey in Callahan's saloon and pulling (a game conconcted of two men pulling each other up from a seated position on the floor - with a broom handle being held between both men) when he felt that he was cheated by Will Lane. Bill jumped over Callahan's counter to grab the owner's gun, utter chaos ensued. Bill Shular was sentenced to 17 years in the state penitentiary for the death of Will Lane.


Appropriately, here is William Layne's funeral article

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Review 27 Dec 1888 The funeral obsequies at St. Bernard's Catholic Church in this city on the occassion of the violent death of William Layne, slait by William E. Shular last Saturday night were exceedingly solemn. The day was cold but the attendance large. After Mass had been said, Father Dinnen delivered a funeral oration of singular beauty and power. His burning words reached every heart. His advice to the living over the pathetic body of the fallen brother so cold in death but so eloquent with lips which moved not, will never be forgotten by those who heard. His kind words to the stricken father and inconsolable sisters moistened all eyes with tenderest sympathy. Death so terrible at any time is always doubly so when precipiatated by violence. How dark and impenetrable the mystery of all human affairs. Temptations are ever present with us and always accompanied with the spirited deliverance. In the long flight of years the sadder words have fallen from human lips than these "what I would that I do not, but what I hate that I do." They are as true today as when firs tuttered by the might man of Tarsus nearly 2,000 years ago and they will linger in the ears of all who shall inhabit the earth on down to the end of time.

"William Edgar -- Bill -- Shular." This source has several typed copies of accounts, as well as an obituary of Shular's which tell much of his life story. The first article on this webpage tells what "pulling," Bill's fav sport (although he did indeed love to ride his horse) is all about.

Zach, Karen Bazzani. Montgomery Murder Mysteries. Unpublished. Zach's fictionalized accounts of the first 13 murder in Montgomery County are all based on facts, Shular's very close to the newspaper articles at the time.

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