Shute after sentencing - 85 years total - 60 for the murder of Brenda Stuckey and 25 for the robbery.

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Montgomery Murder & Massacre

-- Rob Shute --

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One source dubbed Shute as "The Hammer Murderer."

The latest Montgomery County murder occurred in July 2010. Rob Shute went to Brenda Stuckey's home and wanted money. Stuckey knew Shute, (having rented him an apartment previously) thus let him inside, but refused his demand. Sadly, it was this decision that ended her life.

Conroy, Tommy. "Shute Sentenced to 85 years. Crawfordsville Journal Review. Oct 29, 2010. A well-written overview of the sentencing of killer Rob Shute.

Lewis, Barry. "Arrest Made in Stuckey Murder. Shute said that he didn't mean for it to go as far as it did, is quoted in Lewis' article. This gives the background of how the police found Shute and what he said happened.

Lewis, Barry. "Public's Input Key to Arrest." This tragedy had a small plus, being that the community helped pinpoint the killer. Lewis does an excellent job in showing this in his article.

Phillips, Frank. "Accused Killer Shute Has Sordid Past." . A good source for background material on Shute, this gives several other incidents on his record.

Phillips, Frank. "Murderer Accepts Plea Agreement." . 10/30/2010. Good details tell the whole story of the night Rob Shute was high on drugs and the results of such.

Rucker, Hyacinth. "Man Gets 85 Years for Hammer Murder." WISH TV8.§ion=weblink&wrt_id=226. Not a lot different from the Crawfordsville Journal Review article above, but written with more flair and a few more details. There are also some interesting comments to read with this one including, "Kill Him As He Killed!"



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