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Lee Wells, age 11, died protecting his youngest brother, Willie, just six months, as their father, Alfred pelted rocks and other debris at them. This was after father, Alfred Wells, had thrown his boys down a partially dry well. The Wells family lived near Darlington, Indiana as the new century of 1900 was nearing. Alfred, his wife, Mary Deck, and their four sons, Willie and Lee above, as well as brothers, Roy and Harry. The latter two boys miraculously were saved, but terribly injured. Alfred Wells spent the rest of his life in the insane asylum, while Mary tried to cope with losing not only him but two sons, as well.

"Wells, Alfred/Albert." A collection of area newspapers that go from the time of the deaths the first of June, 1899 through August 25th when Alfred (often incorrectly referred to as Albert) Wells is referred to as a "hopeless imbecile."

Zach, Karen Bazzani. Montgomery Murder Mysteries. Unpublished. Zach's fictionalized accounts of the first 13 murders in Montgomery County are all based on facts, as is the sad story of the Wells' boys. Zach became interested in the early murders of Montgomery County when she typed-up the accounts of the plight of two dead Wells' boys and two with ruined lives.

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