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Montgomery Murder & Massacre

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Milton Wineland was a spoiled, only child and murdererd his father and 1st cousin due to jealousy over what Milton perceived as being left-out of his father's will. What is a real shocker in this case is that Milton's mother offered $1,000 reward for Milton's return, DEAD or alive when Milton ran off to Canada killing the two men.

Technically, this murder took place just over into Parke County as the corn field where Milton did the dastardly deed was in Parke whereas the family lived in Montgomery.

"Frederick Wineland." This source has the account of the murder in nearby Rockville Indiana's newspaper. and emphasizes the "reward by Milton Wineland's mother for his apprehension."

"Frederick Wineland." Although the information is incorrect on in regards to Frederick (has his father's birthdate and that he died in Brown County (assume he means Brown Twp, Montgomery County which is incorrect as he died just over into Howard Twp, Parke County), nor does it mention he was murdered, this does show he is buried in Old Union Cemetery, just north of my old town, Waveland.

"1865 Parke County Indiana Newspaper Items." One article especially is new, that of the burglary of "Mrs. Winelands" house about the time her son was found. The reader gets a heavy stomach when realizing that some of the items stolen were the clothing of her husband, Frederick Wineland, and her nephew, Ben VanCleave's.

Phipps, Tim. Early Parke Couty Homicides. "The Wineland Horror." Although this is short and considering the topic, not at all sweet, it tells little new information other than Colonel Curtis who shot Milton Wineland for blood money was shot himself in November of 1869.

"Wineland." This proves the correct Frederick Wineland is buried in Old Union cemetery with the correct death date of 10 Feb 1865 and age 65 Years 8 Months 3 Days (born 7 June 1799)

Zach, Karen Bazzani. "It's Part of Being a Boy, Lizzie!" Unpublished fictionalized account of this murder, closely done to the original happening.

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