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Taken from application papers in the basement of the courthouse in the 1980s -- they were all strewn everywhere - I thought they were destroyed which is why I was hurridly trying to get as many as I could but found out recently the Crawfordsville District Public Library has them (2016) online - whoopee -- http://history.cdpl.lib.in.us/naturalization.html

McALLIGOTT, John-- Born about 1815 County Cary, Ireland. Arrived in New York 8-4-1850

McAULIFF, Michael - Born about 1823 Cork, Ireland. Left from Cork arriving in NYNY 5-7-1855. Naturalized by signing an X on 10-9-1858.

McCABE, David - Born 1821 County "Carle" Ireland - no further information

McCANNA, Patrick -- Born about 1837 in Ireland. Came to US 5-10-1854 (no port given) Naturalized 10-10-1894.

McCANNEY, Peter -- Born: about 1834 Darry (sic) Ireland. Came to US in May 1852 (no port). Naturalized 10-10-1874

McCARTY, Cornelius -- Born about 1834 County Cork, Ireland. Arrive in NY NY 5-17-1854. Naturalized on 9-1-1855.

McCARTY, Daniel -- Age: 21. Born County Kerry, Ireland. Left Liverpool arriving in NY NY on 29 June 1855. Signed with an x on 11 October 1859 for naturalization.

McCARTY, Daniel -- Age: About 44 on 8 October 1870 when naturalized. Signed with an x. Born County Cork, Ireland. Left Dublin arriving in NY NY 21 April 1860. 1870 census Crawfordsville #313 - age 45 Day Laborer born Ireland.

McCARTY, Dennis --Born About 1825 Limerick, Ireland. Arrived NY 5-5-1851 . No further information

McCARTY, Jeremiah -- Born: About 1834 Cork, Ireland. Arrived 5-18-1853 in New York NY. 1860 Census Union Twp, Montgomery County, Indiana #1234 - Jeremiah McCarty age 25 Laborer born Ireland.

McCARTY, Jeremiah (one in same or diff from above? - pretty close but probably different men - added 1860 census to both to help signify a difference? ) -- Born about 1834 Cork, Ireland. Arrived 5-17-1854 in Nw York. 1860 Census, Sugar Creek Township, Montgomery County, Indiana census #19. Age 21 Laborer born Ireland

McCARTY, Michael - Age: 25 (1884) when signed own name to naturalization. Born "Kingdom of Ireland." Left County Cork, Ireland - no port given - to US 6 May 1884

McCARTY, Patrick -- Age 25 when naturalized 5 May 1874 (Attested by HL Applegate) born County Cork, Ireland - left Queenstown arriving in US (no port given) 24 June 1872. Signed own name

McCAULEY, Michael -- Born about 1831 in Meath, Ireland. Arrived in US at Boston on 5-3-1851.

McCAY, Nichols C. -- (may be Rev. N.C. McCay) -- Born: Kingdom of Ireland. Left Belfast, Ireland arriving in US (no port given) on 15 July 1881. Naturalized 8 Nov 1892. No signature

McCLELLAND, William S. Born: 1824 Renfrow, Scotland. To America June 3, 1850 - Port, NY. Naturalized Oct 14, 1845 ? (maybe 55?)

McCONNELL, Charles - Born in England. Left Liverpool arriving 10-9-1890 (no port) Naturalized 2-9-1894

McCORMICK, John - Born 1822 Longford, Ireland. Arrived in NY 7-89-1849. Naturalized on 7-10-1863 and is listed as a "soldier"

McCORMICK, Thomas - Age 60 - Born County Cavin, Ireland. Left Liverpool, England arrived in Philadelphia 9-16-1856.

McCORMICK, William - Born 1829 Mead, Ireland. To America 9-12-1853 (no port given) - Naturalized 2-9-1894.

McDONALD, Hughey - Age 27. Naturalized 10-10-1868. Born Shire of Inverness, Scotland. Left Inverness in 1858.

McGAUGHEY, Christopher - Age 28 - when naturalized 10-6-1866. Signed Own Name. Born in County Tyrone, Ireland. Left from Liverpool England arriving in May 1848 but no port given

McGILL, John - age 56 on 10-7-1876. Born Ireland. Left London in 1842 (no port specified). SIgned with an X.

McGINLEY, Patrick - Age 25 when naturalized on 10-6-1876. Born: Ireland. Left Liverpool arriving in August 1871. No port given. Signed with an X.

McGRATH, Cornelius -- Born 1834 in County Clare, Ireland. Arrived NY 11-6-1854. Naturalized 10-14-1856.

McGRATH, John -- Born 1829 County Clare, Ireland. Arrive NY August 1851.

McGRATH, Patrick -- born 1802 Limerick, Ireland. Arrived in Boston, Mass on Jan 1848. Applied for first papers (sent from Lawrence County, Indiana. Naturalized 10-5-1858 (File Box A16).

McGRATH, Thomas -- Born: Ireland. Left Queenstown arriving (no port) on or before 10 June 18767. Age 24 when naturalized. Signed own name.

McGRAW, Michael -- Born County Kildare, Ireland. Age 22 when naturalized 9 Oct 1855. Left Dublin arriving in NY NY 17 Oct 1850. Signed own name.

McGRAW, Patrick -- Born Limerick, Ireland. Left Liverpool, England arrived in US (no port) in US 15 Feb 1858. Naturalized 8 Oct 1870 age 55. Signed with an X.

McGRAW, William -- Born County Queens (later Leix) Ireland. Left Dublin arriving November 1847 (no port given). Age 49 when naturalized 9 Oct 1868. No signature.

McGUIRE, Edward -- Born in Tyrone, Ireland. Left Londonberry arriving in US (no port given) 14 May 1869. Age 23 when naturalized on 7 October 1872. Signed name with an X

McINERNEY, Martin -- Born: 1826 County Clare, Ireland. Arrived NY NY in September 1853. Naturalized Sept 14, 1860.

McINERNY, Patrick - Born: County Clare, Ireland 1827. Arrived in NY NY 14 May 1851

McKENNA - John -- Born County Kerry, Ireland. Age 28. Left Corn arriving in Boston, Mass - 17 Aug 1847. No signature. Naturalized 11 Oct 1856.

McKINNON, Hugh - Born 1857 in London, England. Left GLasgow, Scotland. Arrived in US (no port given) 10-22-1882. Naturalized 3-27-1888.

McLAUGHLIN, Nicholas -- Born: County Meath Ireland. Left Dublin arriving in US 1 May 1863 (no port listed). Naturalized 11 October 1864 - age 26.

McNAMARA, Thomas --Born Limerick, Ireland. Left Liverpool, England arriving in NY NY April 1856. Age 24 when naturalized on 1 Sept 1860. Signed by an "x"

McNAMARA, William -- Born 1827 Clare County, Ireland. Arrived in NY NY Sept 1, 1844. Naturalized May 7, 1855.

McNAUGHTON, Peter -- Born 1831 Moughan, Ireland. Arrived (no port given) in US May 7, 1847. Naturalized 7 May 1855.

McSWEENEY, Dennis -- Born: 1844 Great Britain. Left London April 1873. No port or time of arrival given. Naturalized: 10-11-1880. No further information.




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