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Reunions School

ABBOTT, Nancy - insane

BANDEL, Mayor Fred - sick with typhoid

BRANDKAMP, (Wm) Edward - hurt on way to poor farm

BROWN, Theodosia - taken to asylum

BURRIN, Joe, Jr. - blood poisoning

BUTCHER, Amanda - insane

CAMPBELL, Gerald - polio



COOK, James (goes mad)

CRAIG, William (Dr)

Cronin, Mrs. - Source: Crawfordsville Star Jan 20, 1898 Mrs. Cronin, recently adjudged insane, was taken in charge by the authorities. She had 4420 sewed up in her clothing.

DAVISSON - Source: New Richmond Record 28 Jan 1915 Mac Davisson, who had his jawbone broken in the Fairmount basketball game two weeks ago, was able to be brought home from Lafayette Saturday. He is improving nicely and his friends hope to see him soon well again. Mack is able to get down town every day and mingles with his friends in driving time away. Except for his teeth being wired together and his lower jaw immovable for some three or four weeks yet, and in the meantime he dines on soup and semi-solid food, he seems little the worse for his very serious injury.

DEER -- Source: Crawfordsville weekly Journal 27 Aug 1897 p 7 The Deer Reunion which was held at the Shades last week was largely attended. John T. Whittington and family of Cayuga; WT Whittington and wife of Crawfordsville; Wm. Deer and family of Indianapolis; Charlie Deer and wife of Waveland proceeded from the old family home to the hotel at the Shades for dinner and were afterwards given a sumptuous supper at the home of Joel G. Deer. At a late hour all departed for their homes, to meet again next year about this time. kbz

DEWEY, Mrs. Bert (Elsie Bennett?)

DUNBAR, Mary -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 29 March 1895 White Church item: Mary Dunbar had the misfortune to get something in one of her eyes a few weeks ago. Two doctors have been consulted but it does not seem to be much better. It has become very painful. We hope it may be better soon

Fall, John - Cataract removed - 1896

Flu Info - 1918

GALEY, Etta - Scarlet Fever

GARDNER, Harry - burst appendix

GRAVES, Martin (taken to Central Hospital)

GRIMES, James - family has small pox

HALLETT, EP - insane

HAMPTON, Anna Butler - improves after operation

HYNER, Alice - declared insane

JARVIS, Gladys - appendicitis

JOLLEY, Lizzie - judged insane

JONES, Jennie -- Source: Crawfordsville review Aug 6, 1918 p 6 Jennie Jones, who was declared insane about 7 weeks ago is still being held in custody in the local county jail because of the crowded condition of the Central Insane Hospital at Indianapolis. The state institution is unable to care for any additional inmates at present.

KYLE, Roland (Mrs ?) - Source: Greencastle Star Press, Putnam County 8 July 1893 Mrs. Roland Kyle, of Crawfordsville, a bride, quarreled with her husband, took a dime’s worth of morphine and can not recover.

LINN, Curtis - insanity bout

LUTZ, Mary Q - sent to Asylum

McGILLARD, Jack - epileptic on street

McMULLEN, Child of Joe - diptheria

MARSHALL, Norma - scarlet fever - Source: New Richmond Record 28 Jan 1915 Norma, the 9-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Marshall, was found to have scarlet fever last Thursday morning. The child had been sick with cold for several days, had not been in school and it is possible that no other cases will come of this contagion. The Marshall home was at once placed under quarantine. The child has not been very sick, having the disease only in a light form.

MILLER, Ada -- unsound mind -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 11 January 1895 Tuesday morning Mrs. Ada Miller, the wife of Walter Miller, was declared of unsound mind and Charles Miller was appointed her guardian. Mrs. Miller is possessed of considerable property. - Kim H

MILLER, George - smallpox

MITCHELL, Morris - insane

MOORE, Francis (Mrs) -- Source: Waynetown Hornet, Dec 26, 1887 -- (in overview of year) -- April 30th - Mrs. Francis Moore goes crazy and tries to kill herself.

MORGAN, William - sick with typhoid

MYERS, Charles (Charley - taken to VA)

OBERSHANE, Robert - Crawfordsville Weekly Journal,Crawfordsville, 25 July 1874 Robert Obershane, living at the residence of V. W. Clark, a short distance northeast of town, was last day examined by a medical commission presided over by Esquire John W. Ramsay and pronounced a fit subject for the insane asylum.

PEFFLEY, John -- Source: Crawfordsville Review 13 September 1890 - John Peffley, a brick mason, fell from the roof of John Kneff's residence at Ladoga last Saturday and sustained a broken leg and some internal injuries.

PENN, Elizabeth Webb - cancer/face


RIVERS, Kate - thyphoid

SHAUL, S.G. - mail carrier - leave

SIDENER, (Mrs. Jeff) - declared insane

SMALL POX - Source: Crawfordsville Review Jan 1, 1918 p 1 Crawfordsville’s first case of smallpox in more than two years was reported by the physician attending Harold Flora, better known as Harold Miller, and a stepson of Henry Miller, living at 908 West Market Street. The physician pronounced the case as fully developed smallpox and the patient has been closely quarantined. All those who have been exposed to the disease and who were not vaccinated are being inoculated. The prompt action taken in the case seems to have removed any possibility of an epidemic.

SMITH, John H. - hips mashed - Shale plant

SMITH, W.M. - scratches hand - blood poisoning?

SMITH child/of Walter - in plaster cast - age 6 months

SOWERS, Oscar V - smallpox

SRADER, Dora -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 30 June 1899 - The item in regard to Mrs. Srader being taken to the asylum in Monday's paper was a mistake as to the name. It should have read Miss Dora Srader, daughter of Mrs. James Srader

STOUT, Mattie - insane

STUMP, Albert (lengthy article about his mother finding him in the county poor house after 16 years apart)

SYKES, Samuel - insane

THOMPSON, Alma (Alexander)

THORN (Mrs. John) - bug in 32 years

THORNBURY Dr (John R. - family) - bad meat

TRACEY, Roy -insane inquest

TROUT, Mrs. James & daughter

VAUGHAN, James - cancer operation

WALLACE, Lew - denies sickness

WEIR, William - family measles

WELLS, Alfred - Crawfordsville Weekly Journal,Crawfordsville, 30 June 1899- Taken to the Asylum Sheriff Canine and Deputy Barton Wednesday took Alfred Wells to the insane asylum at Indianapolis. Wells appeared in pretty good spirits, but was very quiet and gave no trouble on the trip over.

WILSON, Charles - throat tumor removed

WILSON, Henry - Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana Friday, Aug 9, 1895 "Number 13" news item Henry, the 17-year-old son of John Wilson is very low with consumption [tuberculosis].

WORK - boy - leg broken in football

YOUNG, D.K. - heart

YOUNGMAN, Robert - at Mayo's

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