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1874 List of Drs. & Dentists available then

-- A --

Abrams Coal

Adkins' Milliner (Mrs. Bion Adkins in New Ross

Aholtz, John - flour mill in Waveland (Sept 1874)

Allen Brothers - dry goods - 1875 ad

American National Feed & Mineral

Arc Theater - March 1918

Argus News

Ashby & Ashby (Elevator; Lumber Yard; Grain, Seeds, Hay, Feed... - 1913 Ladoga - thanks BB

Athens' Dairy - 1959 Crawfordsville City Directory

Auman Motors, Waveland - began 1949

-- B --

Baker & Parrish Garage

Baldwin, D.H. - piano trade

Banner - Bill Bowers

Barnes, I.H. - Tailoring

Barnhill - Templeton - 1st ambulance/hearse in county

Barnhill, Hornaday, Pickett -- 1912 stove ad

Barr, Chine -- Remodels Cafe

Bass . -- Source: Saturday Evening Journal 17 April 1886 p 1- When Dr. ML Bass died, his pill department became the property of Lew Fisher and Wm. Sanders. Marion Small was acting as agent and continued to manufacture pills on his own account. Suit was instituted to enjoing Small from making these pills and the court has decided that he must desist therefrom. How the jury decided that the pills were an infringement on the Bass patent is not known. They must have tried 'em

Ben Hur Bakery (Review 1-28-1916)

Ben-Hur Garage - C'ville Review 1-9-1917)

Bennett, Carrie -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 15 April 1893 p 5 Mrs. Carrie Bennett wife of George Bennett formerly of Pleasant Hill has graduated in medicine, surgery and dentistry and intends to travel and practice.

Bennett, James Jr. -- Barber

Berry, Julian - Dr - comes to town - 1895

Bilbo, Ben - lumber

Binford, A(mbrose) W.

Binford, George

Birch Brothers Ad Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 15 Jan 1897 p 5 Yountsville news item - Mr. Birch, the competent foundryman of Crawfordsville has been superintending the improvement made in the boiler department of the woolen mills. JP Hanley, the new superintendent has just recently placed upon the market a fine line of stylish cashmere for spring suitings. Prospects were never better for a large output.

Birch & Birch 1917-18 Calendar -- Calendar front battery (thanks to Birch family - it's a bit crooked but you'll get the idea :)

Bischof, Louis -- 1913 Ladoga Ad - 1-3-1907 (Weekly Review) Underwear Sale (what a hoot) - see also Culver Union Hospital

Blair - seed store

Bonnell - Ice - see Laymon ...

Brainard, Bill - see Snyder-Petro

Britton, Chalres - Animal doctor 1895

Britton - Milinery store -- Source: Crawfordsville Star, March 24, 1893 p 1 Mrs. Dock Britton is opening a millinery store in the room vacated by Levinson, first door east of Elston Bank.

Burrin, Tom - moved to Waveland

Burroff, William -- inventor

Bushong, Carson - rabbits

-- C --

C.W. Spencer - see Spencer

Cadwallader Shoes - 1875

Campbell & Harter -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana 7 November 1874 p 1 The death of the late JP Campbell makes it my duty as surviving partner to collect all outstanding claims immediately in order to make settlement with his estate. All persons knowing themselves indebted to Campbell & Harter, either by note or book account, will please call within the next 30 days if possible and settle. D. Harrter (sic) – transcribed by kbz

Canine, Ben C. (Apex Dealer & More)

Canine, G.W. - sorghum sales

Canine -- Cabinet Manufacturing

Canine, H. Rice - 25 years at Gregg's

Canine, W.W. - unsettled accounts - grocery

Carman & Harris - Hardware... (Ladoga 1913 - thanks, BB)

Carnes, Billy - czarriage trimmer goes to Ottumwa, Iowa

Carpenter - new Grocery - 11 Dec 1876 (Saturday Mercury poss 1875)

Carrick - see Cox-Chesterson-Carrick

Chapman (photo) Gallery

Chesterson - see Cox-Chesterson-Carrick

Citizens State Bank of Ladoga

Clark, William - running Magnolia Mills

Clark & Carroll - Saddlers

Clements, A.S. - Insurance beginsCoca-Cola Bottling Company

Clipper - 1895 ad (might be my fav ever)

Clodfelter Motor (about 1939 - ad in County Directory)

Cloverleaf Dairy - 1959 ad in City Directory

Coleman,H.P.. (Dr. Veterinarian)

Coleman, W.A. - tailor

Comella - Fruit Dealers

Commercial Club - Waveland

Cook, Oscar - moves business

Cosby, Leonard - new garage

Cottage Hotel - WP McIntire, Proprietor - 1913 Ladoga Vest Pocket Directory - thanks BB

Cowan; Charley - Source: Crawfordsville Review 11 May 1889 p 5 “Round Hill” – Charley Cowan says he will commence corresponding for a county newspaper in the near future in order to get a chance to advertise his broom shop.

Cowan, Florence - The Style Shop

Cox-Booher Hardware - (Darlington)

Cox-Cafe (from Darlington Library's wonderful newsletter - Butch Dale)

Cox - Chesterson - Carrick - merge

Crabbs, Reynolds & Taylor

Crawfordsville Casket Company

Crawfordsville - Darlington Turnpike - see Turnpike Companies

Crawfordsville - Fredericksburg Turnpike - see Turnpike Companies

Crawfordsville - Shannondale Turnpike - see Turnpike Companies

Crawfordsville Dollar Days

Crawfordsville Drain Tile Company

Crawfordsville Foundry

Crawfordsville Match Factory

Crawfordsville Music Hall - 1-17-1913 - Mutt & Jeff - thanks so much to Jerry Turner

Crawfordsville Ready-Mix Company

Crawfordsville Sale Company

Crawfordsville -Shannondale Transfer Company (Hiram Mote, director)

Crawfordsville Vulcanizaing -- see pic below (building now where Chad & Julie Hess' have a realty firm on the corner of Green & Market -- Crawfordsville Review 12-31-1918 p 7 - Trucks - Auto License - Skid Chains - Alcohol - Anti Freeze - Crawfordsivlle Vulcanizing Company - CA Westfall, Proprietor

Crawfordsville Wire & Nail -

Culver Union Hospital -- various articles

Cunningham, Con

Cuppy, Ed - spruces up his restaurant

Curtis, Lorenzo & E. B.

-- D --

Darst, Louis - Principal

Darter, J.J. - Elevator

DARTER, Scott - Grocery - Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana 7 November 1874 p 1 The new grocery, produce and feed establishment of Scott Darter on Washington Street, two doors south of Pike, is now in full blast. Everybody knowing the enterprise of Mr. Darter, it is unnecessary to say that he is occupying four large rooms, and is fully prepared to deal in all kinds of groceries, vegetables and fee that he pays the market price and sells all goods at the most reasonable figures.

Dellekamp's - closing

Distilled Water & Ice ...

Dollar Days - see Crawfordsville Dollar Days

-- E --

Eagle Hotel -

Ellis - see Webster & Ellis

Elston & Company (vs. Elston & Son)

Englewood Inn

Eshelman Laundry (sometimes with Clayton Snyder - othertimes, just Eshelman or EH Eshlelman) --Source: CWJ 30 March 1894 EH Eshelman and Clayton Snyder have leased the old creamery building and will next week start the Ben Hur Laundry there.

Ewbank, Webb - steer

-- F --

Farmer's & Merchants' Bank -- Ladoga 1913 - thanks Bill Boone

Farmer's Produce - 1959 Ad in City Directory

First National Bank -- First National Bank Cover (below - thanks to the Birch family members)

First National Officers of 1919 (again thanks to the Birch family members)

Fischer, Lew -- property at death - downtown C'v

Foxworthy, JF - sells grocery to partner

Fouts, Eli - Palace Shoe Store

FRY, Cash (JC) - Sunday Star 9-25-1884

FRY, T.W. - Drugs, Paints ...

-- G --

Garfield Elevator (Nov 1913)

Gauld's Pharmacy (March 1918)

Gill - Hardware - L:adoga 1913 - thanks BB

Glover Ice Cream article by kbz - page 2

Graham - Fannie - 1st MC female lawyer

Graham's Department Store - thanks to Jerry T - this is awesome - shows pictures of the heads of the departments :)

Graham's Busy Store (same as above but an article about price wars with Warner/Peck's)

Gregg's (SH Gregg's Hardware)

Groceries - 1901 - close businesses on Sundays

-- H --

Hadley, George W - Grocery

Hanna - Kritz - dissolved

Hannan's Invalid Liquor - 1875 (cute)

Hardee, John -Palace Shoe Store

Hayman, E.O. - Men's Clothing - 1913 Vest Pocket Directory - thanks BB - Ladog

Henkel, Robert - Livestock Journal

Hollingsworth's - Opera House

Hoover Tin Shop - June 14, 1883 (C'ville Star) - #2 Ad (below)

Hotel (Crawfordsville) Barber Shop

Houlehan - Quillen Paints (Crawfordsville Weekly Review 1-3-1907


-- I --

ID&W Railroad - Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal 4 Feb 1892 R.B.F. Pierce, trustee and general manager of the Indianapolis, Decatur & Western road, left for NY yesterday afternoon, expecting that before he returns something definite will be known as to the future of the ID&W.

Insley, J.J. - stable - see also Walkup - Insley

-- J --

Jackson, Geneva - appointed librarian

Jeschke Wire & Specialty Company (thanks to Mike Long for the photo)

Journal - 1877 - struggles

Junction House Hotel - Tomlin

Junction Restaurant - article by Jerry Turner - thanks JT

-- K --

Kahn, Levi - Men's store opens 1871

Kellar, John - building wrecker

Keller House - 1875

Kelley - Hughes - Shoes

Kesley & Brother - Grocery (1868?)

Kennedy, Campbell - fruit grower in West

Kenyon Photography - Saturday Mercury, 11 Dec 1876 (5?)

Kingsbury, James G - Book Store

Kramer - Meat - 1884



-- L --

Ladoga Bakers (Karl Ullmayer) - thanks BB

Ladoga Club Directory (OES; IOOF; Masons...) - 1913

Ladoga Meat Market - 1913 - (thanks BB)

Ladoga State Bank -- 1913 (thanks BB)

Laymon, Bill - Cafe - 1875

Laymon - Bonnell - Nash - Ice Company

Layson, John - candymaker for Goltra

Layne & Thompson Grain

Long, Lant - appointed to head Distilled Water Ice ...

Lyle, Reynolds & Benjamin

-- M --

McALLISTER, Reason - sells ice business

McCawley, Joseph - Tailor 1832

Mack - Staples / Groceries - JT Mack & Co dealers in staple and fancy groceries and provisions Hughes’ Block No 30 – Having fitted up new rooms and filled them with new goods, to be sold exclusively for cash at small profits, we cn do well by our customers. JT Mck & Co

Magnolia Mills - run by Wm Clark

Match Factory - see Crawfordsville Match Factory

Maxwell, Fred - beef

McClelland, --Fannie Source: Saturday Evening Journal 17 April 1886 p 1 - Fannie McClelland has taken out physicians licence under the 3-year-clause. She is a graduate of the Central College of Physicians and Surgeons...

Midland Railroad - Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal 1 Feb 1892 The authorities of the Midland road stated Saturday that the road would resume operations today and the citizens of New Ross, Ladoga and Waveland will again hail with joy the rumbling of the daily hog trains. Great is the Midland.

Miller, Billy - cab driver

Monon Hotel -- Source: Jewish Post, Indianapolis, Marion County Indiana 2 July 1943 Greetings – New Monon Hotel Strictly Modern Nicely Furnished 127 W. Green, Crawfordsville Phone 473 - from a FB message 8-17-2018 -- it was originally opened on August 18, 1927 and later condemned in 1977 but it has been remodeled and today it is the home of the Backstreet Brewery. Not found much written about the hotel except it was one of the finest small hotels in the state.

Monon Railroad (there are also some articles in the Michael Gerbrick obituary regarding it)

Montgomery County Coal Company (start)

Montgomery County Farm Bureau

Montgomery County Shippers Association - 1923 invoice to RE Schleppy (nifty - thanks John Cowan)

Montgomery Motor - about 1939 - ad in City Directory

Moy, Willie - Green Street Laundry

Muhlheison Bourbon etc - Sunday Star 9-25-1884

Murphy, Milton - Ben Hur Diary

Music - Hall - see individual ones and also try News - Music - Source: Crawfordsville Review 2 April 1892 p1 Music Hall Hotel and restaurant – Farmers can get a first-class 15 or 25 cent meal Finest lunch in the city Vansandt & Hale, Props.

-- N --

Natural Gas

New York Shoes in Ladoga (see below) - great ad

Nash - Ice - see Laymon ...

New Richmond Broom Manufacturer -- Source: New Richmond Record 13 Dec 1900 p 5 Another winter will see another new industry added to New Richmond. A factory for the manufacture of brooms, and which will give employment to several idle men during the winter months. Mr. E. C. Campbell is the promoter of the new enterprise and has given out these as his intentions. Mr. Campbell is himself a regular professional broom-maker, every winter making many dozens of brooms of a most excellent and durable quality for his own immediate family use and that of a few of his neighbors. Broom corn raising everywhere proves a most profitable branch of agriculture and it will be an easy matter to get all the broom corn needed for the new factory in a small area of country close adjacent to New Richmond. One farmer here who cultivated only a small plot of broom corn on hi farm this year reaped such a profit out of it that he expects next year to play five acres. With this new enterprise practically installed, New Richmond will give employment to several more day laborers during the winter months and the growing of broom corn will be a source of very profitable agriculture with our farmers. - k

Nicholson - Photography

Nutt Hotel - new mgmt - reopens 1894

-- O --

Oglesbee, Charles - builds race track

Oldshue, John & Ed -attends meeting

Ong, John - moving grocery - Iowa

Opera House - see Hollingsworth's

Osburn, O.L. - Road bids

Owsley, Eliza - Butter business

-- P --

Peabody, B.B. - stone quarry

Perkins sells to Walkup -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 14 Jan 1898 p9 “New Richmond” news -- Last week F.M. Perkins sold his store and livery barn to RC Walkup of Crawfordsville, the new firm to take possession at once, but later, owing to some misunderstanding, the sale was declared off.

Peterson, A.K. - grocery

Peyton-Rutter Insurance

Pleasant View Resort - Stebbins

Poston Brick

Prewitt House (Hotel)

Producers Dairy - 1959 Crawfordsville City Directory

Purcell-Watson -Carriages

-- Q --

Quillen - see Houlehan

-- R --

Rapp, W.C. - Vehicles

Railroad Fares / Time Table out of Ladoga - thanks BB - 1913

Raymond's Furniture Place - 1875

Richardson House (Hotel) -- Richardson changes to Clifton House (C'ville Journal 1 April 1869)

Ristine House -- Source: Crawfordsville Review 18 November 1854 p 1 RISTINE HOUSE by C. VanZandt, in assuming the management of this favorite Hotel, formerly kept by Henry Moury, the proprietor assures his friends and the public that it shall be so conducted, as to retain its standing as one of the best Hotels in the country, and no pains will be spared to make it a home for the traveler. His stabling is commodious and he will have a careful hostler to attend to it.

Robb & Mahorney - stoves

Robbins House (hotel) revamped - 1899

Ross & Robertson

Rost Jewelers - sell bicycles 1898

Rutter-Peyton Insurance

-- S --

Sanitary Cafe

Sayler Auctioneers

Scaggs, George - Grocery (Sunday Star, 6-26-1898) -- Source: C'ville Daily Journal 20 July 1892 p 3- The partnership in the grocery business which has been existing between A. L. Tomlinson and George Skaggs has been dissolved, Mr. Tomlinson purchasing the interest of his partner. Mr. Skaggs for the present, at least, will remain with the establishment, so no charges in the clerical force will be made. - kbz

Schleppy, Rol E. 1923 - see MC Shippers Association)

S.H. Gregg - see Gregg

Shannondale Tranfer Company - or Crawfordsville-Shannondale-Transfer Company - see Hiram Mote

Sharpe - Hoffman - Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal, 21 July 1892 p 4 - WF Sharpe, the Architect, has taken as a partner Fred Hoffman, who has been his assistant for the past year or two. Mr. Hoffman graduated from Wabash College in 1891 and promises to excel in his chosen profession. - kbz

Shean & McDaniel (9 Nov 1876) - Groceries

Shue, John - Grocery

Skating Rinks

Sloan (Henry) Grocery (Sunday Star 9-25-1884 -- the best LUCH counter in the world (giggling - kz)

Snyder & Petro Butcher Shop - Bill Brainard meat cutter

Snyder Drug Co. (thanks BB -- 1913 Ladoga)

Sowers, T.N. - sells Saw Mill

Spencer, C.W. Hardware

Sperry Mill (1887?)

Sportsman's Shop

Stanley, John - Insurance Agent 1913 - thanks BB

Stave Factory


Stoner, Frank - Waveland baker

Sunday Star ad in the SS 7-3-1893

-- T --

Talbott, H.H. (Mrs.) - milk business

Tevebaugh - Candy (1878?)


Thomas Grocery - Linden - Source: Crawfordsville Indiana (Montgomery County) Star, Dec 21, 1875 O.D. Thomas the grocer of Linden keeps a full line of family groceries, and is selling low for cash. The people in that vicinity should bear this in mind and be governed accordingly.

Toll Roads - see Turnpike companies

Tribbey - Source: Crawfordsville Review 11 May 1889 p 5 Darlington – John Tribbey, our broom maker, has made himself an incubator which works to perfection. He put in 96 eggs and hatched 85 chickens. Mr. Tribbey is making arrangements to raise 1,000 chickens.

Tru-Lay Block Company


Turnpike Companies

-- U --

Upton, Bert - business trade

-- V --

VanCamp, Ed - Expans canning factory

VanCleave, B.F.- livery

VanCleave, Henry - Jeweler & Optician - 1913

VanCleave, Lester - Indy Star

VanCleave, Lowell - radio

VanCleave, MM - Source: Crawfordsville Review 18 November 1854 p 1 Cabinet & Chair Factory – MM Vancleave Having procured additional machinery, I am prepared to manufacture furniture together with all kinds of turned work, which will be constantly kept on hand for sale either by wholesale or retail, consisting of Bureaus, Tables, Stands, Safes, Lounges, Bedsteads with screw rail, iron rod bottom or square rail and tenant finished or unfinished, chairs finished or unfinished, Bedposts of every kind, Table legs, Bedpins, Wagon and Buggy Hubs, Neck yokes and Broom handles; all of which will be sold cheap for cash lumber or country produce at my Factory which is situated east of the Depot and near the Woolen Factory in Crawfordsville.

VanSickle, Jeweler -- Source: Crawfordsville, Indiana, Star newspaper Dec 9, 1873 p 3 Vansickle, the Jeweler, and dealer in all goods properly belonging to his line of trade is sparing no pains to make his store one of the attractive points of the city during the coming holidays. When the stock is all in, there will be but little wanting to enable him to meet the wants of all, “both great and small.

Veach & Pinkerton (farm supply)

Voris & Cox - (Weekly Review 1-3-1907)

-- W --

Wade, Clyde - Wingate News

Wade Monuments - Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana 7 November 1874 p 1 I.F. Wade, H.H. Wade Wade MARBLE Works No. 13 Green Street, Crawfordsville, Ind American and Italian Marble Monuments, Tombs, Headstones, Tablets, & c. of latest designs. -- Also Scotch Granite Direct from the Quarries in Scotland When peddlers tell you that they have finer Marble, do better work, or at lower prices, just remember that they are peddlers and are paid for their talk. Come and see.

Walden, Guy

Waldrip Brothers -- - Source: Sunday Star, Dec 5t, 1898 p 2 - THe Waldrip Brothers have quit the Standard Oil Company and taken an agency for a big Cleveland firm and will stay here to operate it and supply all their old customers

Walkup - Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal 20 July 1892 p 3 - The partnership of JJ Insley & RC Walkup in the livery transfer business has been dissolved. Mr. Walkup will hereafter have charge of the business and will conduct it at the old stand at the old price. -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 14 Jan 1898 p9 “New Richmond” news -- Last week F.M. Perkins sold his store and livery barn to RC Walkup of Crawfordsville, the new firm to take possession at once, but later, owing to some misunderstanding, the sale was declared off.

Waltz, W.P. - gives up farming - goes to grocery biz

Warner - Peck Store -- an article written by yours truly - KBZ -- explaining department store wars in Feb 1901)

Watson - Purcell Carriages

Waveland Bakeshop (Earl McNutt)

Waveland Banner newspaper

Waveland Call newspaper

Waveland Independent

Waveland Saw & Plaining Mill Company

Waveland Telephone exchange - Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 12 June 1896 p 3 Evan Shelby, of Linden, went to Waveland on Tuesday to organize a telephone company and exchange. He has the promise of 30 subscribers to begin on

Waynetown Tile Company

Webster & Ellis - robbed

Weil, Tilly - meat business

Weliever & Booher - dissolved

WEST, Judge - cigars - Source: Crawfordsville, Indiana Sunday Star newspaper, Nov 21, 1903 Smoke Judge West cigar … 3 or 4 more Odds & Ends notations … Smoke Judge West cigar (and on & on)

White & Reeves, Attorneys

Wilhite, J.A. - Oils & Gas - thanks BB

Wilcox Brothers - livery ---Source: Crawfordsville Indiana (Montgomery County) Star, Dec 14, 1875 The Wilcox Brothers keep first class livery accommodations – none better and the farmers will find their stables the place for feeing and care of horses at fair prices. Go see them, when you want your horse fed.

Williams, Bill - rabbits

Willis - Photography - Willis Gallery - see also Photographers -


Wilson, Jessie & Olive - open bakery

Wray & White Grocery

-- Y --

-- Z --


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