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News - CRIME INDEX -- Murders, Robberies, etc.

Note: For lack of anywhere else (with no names) to put this, thought I'd share it here :) Tooo funny

Source: Saturday Mercury, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana 11 December 1876

A poor, dilapidated wretch who was put to work on the street with a ball and chain attached to his leg, attempted to run away from the Marshal last Monday. He was captured, however, before he got very far and another ball was chained to his other leg. Giving up the idea of running as hopeless, he took revenge upon the municipal government by throwing mud at the city building, until returned to the lock-up.

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Reunions School

1891 -State Penners from Montgomery County

1891 - Feb term - 41 indicted

ALLGOOD, Floyd- bad check

ARMSTRONG, Wm - attempted murder on wife

ARNOLD, Harry - assault/battery

BALDWIN, Elijah - slices wife's throat

BARKER, Charles - catches horse thieves

BARNHILL, Eva - stolen goods

BERRY, John K (burglary sent up in 1888)

BIAS, Junior - larceny

BOGART, Sarah -prostitution

BOWMAN, Moses - tries to steal children

BOYLAND, Jeptha - hurt -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 7 Jan 1888 p1 On Monday, Chas. E. Hays assaulted and damaged Jeptha G. Boyland in Francis’ saloon, while the said Boyland was therein collecting a bill. Charley was arrested, fined an spent the night in jail. Boyland was not hurt, but the Justice thought the peace and dignity of the state had been damaged one dollar’s worth. The fine has been paid and Hays is again free.

BROWN, Jettie - bad babe

BROWN, John D. -- Source: Crawfordsville Star, Nov 2, 1875 p 1 John D. Brown, whose wife was shot at his home March 9th last, in this county was arrested by Officer Compton last Friday morning and taken before Esq. Ramsay for preliminary examination on a charge of murder. The examination commended in the afternoon and was not concluded till yesterday morning, resulting in the commitment of the accused. We learn however, that a new hearing is to be granted him, and that the case will come up today before his Honor Judge Thomas.

BURTON, Charles - burglary

CALL, Fred - murdered

CAMMERER, E.C. - loses life in fight

CAMPBELL, John - Murder

CAMPBELL, Wm. - Perjury

CHANDLER, Wm. - burglary

CLANCY, Michael - murderer

CLARK vs. DWIGGINS - sues for tombstone $

COOMBS, Charley - manslaughter - indicted

CUNNINGHAM, Ellen - not guilty of wrongful chiropractic services

DANEWOOD, James - bad check

DANIELS, Georgia - poisoned

DRURY Children against LARSH

DUNBAR, Taylor - murdered - see Buck STOUT

ELLIS, Gladys - steals $ - sent to women's prison

FARLOW, George - murders Walter JOHNSON

FISHER, Peter - letter to the people

FOLLICK, Alice - chicken theft

FREEL, Ernest - Source: Crawfordsville Review Sept 6, 1907 Ernest Freel, the lad picked up by the police near the Match factory for loitering was taken back to his home in Frankfort this morning by his father. The lad was out of Plainfield reformatory on parole, but Supt. EE York telephoned to Marshal Prewitt granting permission to have the father take the lad to Frankfort.

FREEMAN, Andy - yells rude names at ex

GALEY, Marsh - robbed

GARRETT, Johnson - burglary

GASTINEAU, Newell - horse thief $ for marriage

GERBRICK, Lucy - state - go be good or you're in the Reformatory - Mrs. Gerbrick's children taken - girls fighting

GILLAN, Perry - rape of Poor Farm victim

GREENLEE, Boy - sent to Poor Farm

HAM, Nehemiah

HAMILTON, Lydia - dog bites

HAMPTON, Fletcher - grand larceny

HAMPTON - LEEKE - big goings-on

HAYS, Bill - see Scarlet Women - out

HEATH, J.A. - mistreats son Joe

HEATH, Squire - Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 16 August 1895

Last Friday in the circuit, court suit for damages was brought against Squire S. Heath, of Alamo, by the widow and four minor children of Thomas Mikels. who died August 6. The complaint alleges that Mikels was a good provider and a fine husband when not drinking, but that, he was unable to control his appetite. It charges that the defendant, who is a druggist at Alamo, knew all this and had been warned against selling Mikels any liquor, but that he heeded not and sold Mikels as much as he wanted that on August 3 and at times previous thereto he unlawfully sold him liquor in less quantities than a quart: that in consequence of drinking this poisonous liquor Mikels was taken sick and died on August 6. from the effects The plaintiff ask damages of the defendant in the sum of $5,000 with all proper relief. --thanks Kim H

HIRSHBURG, Roy Norris - from C'ville - murdered in Richmond IN

HOFFE, Otis - assault/battery

HOWE, Charles - petit larceny

Johnson, Arthur - feeds Lewis Lye to Jake Wolverton's boy

JOHNSON, Charles - Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 30 August 1895 p 8 Marshall Grimes received word several days ago that Charles Johnson, the colored man, who stole Bernard Cooper’s wheel here had escaped from the insane hospital at Indianapolis. The superintendent stated that Johnson was not insane but had merely been feigning. Marshal Grimes kept quiet awaiting developments and Tuesday learned that Johnson had been captured at Cincinnati. After his escape from the hospital he stole three more wheels. He will probably be returned here for trial - kbz

JONES, Louis - Petit Larceny

KANE, Tom - chooses jail/fine

KERNOODLE, William - larceny

LARSH - against DRURY children

LIGHTCAP, Nancy - arson

LONG, John - larceny

McCOMAS, William - forgery

McJUNKINS, ELias - murder

MITCHELL -- shot

NEAL, Grover - trial for shooting Perl Bowers

NICHOLSON's Photography - Source: Crawfordsville Review 29 June 1895 - John Peter, the clerk of the Commercial Hotel at Greencastle, who decamped with $115 belonging to Nicholsons, the photographers of this city was captured at Minneapolis and brought back to Greencastle for trial.


O'Neil, Tommy -- creative shoplifting

PETTIT Murder trial (much in the newspaper - just didn't type it all) -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 1 April 1893 p1 The end of the great Pettit murder case is drawing near. Messrs. George P. Haywood and AB Anderson, attorneys for the State in the Pettit case March 29 sent to the Supreme court at Indianapolis their brief in answer to the appeal of the defense for a new trial in the celebrated cause. The appeal covers 238 pages of printed matter and is a voluminous and complete review of the case from the State’s attorneys. An early consideration is expected in the Supreme court. It is the custom to consider State cases at the earliest possible moment as the appellant is always imprisoned, of course, during the court’s deliberations, and if he is not guilty in the judgment of the court, of if he merits a new trial, he should not be obliged to suffer the delay which necessarily attends judgment in many civil cases. A verdict from the court may be given in a month.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 3 Nov 1893 p.1

After the death of W. F. Pettit, W. M. White, the stenographer in the trial, wrote to Mrs. Laura Shields, the sister of Mrs. Pettit and asked what disposition he should make of the ring taken from Mrs. Pettit's finger at the Disinterment. He received the following reply WEST MONROE, N. Y., Oct. 28, 1893.— WM. M. WHITE, CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. DEAR SIR:—Yours of the 25th inst. received last mail. May I add to the obligations I owe you by asking you to contradict in the Crawfordsville papers the statement that Pettit was buried by his victim. Warden French notified Pettit's relatives in Oswego (not hers) of his death, with a request as to the disposition to be made of his remains, Without notifying her family and with the assurance which is a noted characteristic of his family they ordered the remains sent to West Monroe. Receiving a letter last Saturday night that he was dead and the remains would reach this place Sunday night or Monday morning, I immediately telegraphed them that we would not permit the interment here. The remains were placed by the side of his father in Oswego. Believing in his guilt as we do we could not do otherwise. A.dine has always lived with us and will continue to do so. I will be pleased to have you forward the ring us a memento of the sad past. Yours truly, LAURA E. SHIELDS.

PIERSON, Harry - trial deadlocked?

PRATT, Willie - Crawfordsville Review 6 Sept 1890 - p1 -- "Willie Pratt, the Waveland boy, who has been in jail charged with stealing $2 from his stepmother, was brought into court yesterday morning and pled guilty. Being over 17 years of age the Judge sentenced him to one year in the penitentiary but recommended a petition be presented to the Governor asking that the sentence be commuted to one year in the reform school.

RANKIN, Jack - Elsie - disturbing the peace

REED, Fannie - too frisky

ROGERS, Charlie - Larceny

ROGERS, George - Larceny

Scarlet women - OUT in 1892

SHAFER, Adam - burglary

SHULAR, William - manslaughter

Sick Woman Robbed (unknown)

SMITH, Charles N - ex baseball player here murders daughter & sis-in-law

STOUT, Joseph - "Buck - hangs for Dunbar murder

SUMMERS, Leroy - defrauded newspaper carrier

TAGUE, Joseph - shot

TEETERS, Levi - larceny

THOMAS, James - murdered in NM

VanCAMP, Bessie - see Scarlet Women

VanCLEAVE, E. L. (Dr.) - re. an abortion

VAUGHN, John J - assault / battery

WAVELAND Depot burned -- arrested Barton Baker; Amos Hawkins; Milton and Mary Pursley; Joseph Russell Sharp

WEBSTER, Hugh - robbed

WHITMER, Joseph - beaten in Indianapolis

WILSON, Bert - larceny

WOLVERTON - boy of Jake's - fed Lewis Lye by Arthur Johnson, bully

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