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Reunions School

-- A --

ALARMS, Fire - 1907 (hope that is the right date)

ALARMS, Fire - 1919 - from First National Bank book

ANDERSON, Lula Crews Williams

ARMS Shoes

-- B --

BANTA, George
BILBO, Benjamin
BIRCH Foundry 1895
BOGERT, Sally == Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 28 Oct 1898 p 8 Last Monday fire broke out in the dive of Sally Bogert, in the north end and before the department arrived the house was a practical ruin. The inmates ran frantically about and managed to pul the half burned piano and their trunks out in the street. After the department had returned to the engine house the cruel, hungry flames broke out again, necessitating a second run.
BRITTON Millinery Store - The Columbia
BROWN, George - 1887

-- C --
CATLIN, Thomas

Catholic Church (St. Charles) - Source: Crawfordsville Star Jan 20, 1898 The fire at the Catholic Church Thursday morning caught in the altar from the furnace in the basement. The fire department did perfect work or else the loss would be complete. As it was the altar was ruined at a loss of 41,000, while the interior was injured perhaps twice as much more. The loss is covered by insurance, still the congregation sustains a sad loss that money cannot replace at any price. Repairs will be made at once as soon as possible.

CENTRAL SCHOOL - 1892 (wow, never knew this one)


Charles, St. - Academy -- see Indiana Printing
Coffin Factory Fire

Conrad, George - 1894

C'ville - downtown 1895 -- Source: Crawfordsville Star, June 4, 1896 There was a sort of an April shower about 5 o’clock on Thursday evening. In the midst of it there was a vivid flash of lightning that made every telephone bell ring and burnt out many electrical light transformers and telephones too. The deafening crash that followed caused many tradesmen to think their places of business had been struck and people ran out in the street to see what was hit. It was soon seen that a bolt of lightning had struck a heavy brick supporting column on the east transept of Center Church and while the bolt had not entered the church it had copped and hollowed out a great place four feet in circumference and then seemed to scatter in the air. The top of the rod was melted and turned down. The wonder is that the whole end of the church edifice was not knocked out.

-- D --

DETCHON barn - 1903

-- E --

1883 Articles

ELMDALE Church - May 1910

ENOCH, Charles

-- F --

Fink-McClellan Block - 1892

Firemen throughout the years

-- G --

GILKEY, Aaron - 1881

Gilliland - Lampson - Waveland - see Lampson

Greencastle's Champion Truck - 1874

GRIMES - McGilliard added in 1897


-- H --

HAMILTON, Jim - 1887
HANNA, Adam P. - 1903
HAYTEN - mill destroyed - 1897
HICKMAN - Mrs. - 1909

-- I --

INDIANA PRINTING - Feb. 1952 -- see pic below - thanks to Scott Mason

Indiana Printing - Feb 1952 -- picture from FB (Jeff McKinney? Mike Long?)

Indiana Printing & St. Charles Academy (thanks Jeff Mc) - an absolutely amazing shot

-- J --

JARVIS, Samuel N. - faulty flu

JONES, B.E. - new hotel after fire

JONES, Robert - 1864 - home burned

-- K --

-- L --
LADOGA - 1915

LAMPSON -- (Lamson) -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 28 August 1896 Waveland news – About 12:30 Saturday night the fire bell rang out and awoke the citizens from their slumbers to find Lampson & Gilland’s Livery Barn ablaze. The horses and rolling stock were gotten out, but the barn with the hay and corn was a total loss. The fire department did good work in saving other buildings. They moved into their new barn Monday and were ready for business. Samuel Shawl is tearing down the old building, preparatory to erected a nice dwelling.

LANE, Henry S. -barn

LAWTON, John - burned in barn fire


-- M --

McClure, JA - 1903

McIntire, Alice - 1903

Molony - 1918 - 706 Binford St.

-- N --

Naylor, Harry residence - 1899
New Richmond Hotel - 1914

Nineteen Hundred and one - Baseball park fire

-- O --

Orphan Home - Lyle & Reynolds - fun comment on so many watching in 1893

-- P --

PARIS, S.G. - daughter lights fire to look for coat

PAUL, George W - Source: Crawfordsville Review 8 May 1897 p 8 The loss by fire upon the residence of Geo. W. Paul has been adjusted. The sum of $482.08 paid for the loss.

PERRY, John - barn etc.

PLUM Street station house fire
Polk Milk Depot

-- Q --

-- R --

ROSEBRO, K.T. - home burns

-- S --
SMITH, C.D. - barn burns

SNYDER, Fannie - enveloped in flames

STAR SHOE STORE - Metz Proprietor


St. Charles Academy - see also Indiana Printing

-- T --

-- U --

-- V --

-- W --

WALTERS, Susan - home burns

Warner-Peck - Source: Weekly Review Jan 3, 1907 p 3- The wearing off of the insulation of one of the electric light wires in front of Warner & Peck's store caused a slight blaze about six o'clock last evening, on account of which the fire department was called out. The firest was extinguished without the use of the department. The electric light wire had been put up temporarilty to light the Christmas decorations that were in front of the store during the holiday trade.

Water Plant - 1918 - Source: Crawfordsville Review Sept 17, 1918 p 5 A coal shed at the water plant caught fire yesterday evening as a result of spontaneous combustion and the east end fire department was called to extinguish flames. The damages were slight, part of the roof of the shed being destroyed by the blaze.

WHITE - Drunkard Church - Darlington 1893

-- Y --

-- Z --

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