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Appolonian Band 1837 +

-- B --

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Argus 13 March 1883 D.H. Baldwin & Co. want to trade a piano or organ for two good driving horses, suitable for driving to a light wagon.

Band - two bands 1894

Source: Waveland Independent, Friday, 7 July 1899 -- The annual musical festival under the management of Professor Manley Booe, the wire fence artist will be held at the Shades on July 23rd.

Source: Crawfordsville Daily News-Review July 19, 1900 -- The Big Store Band will play at the Local Union Social.

Source: Cville Daily N-R July 27. 1900 -The Big Store band will give another of its popular concerts on next Sunday afternoon at the fair grounds, assisted by the New Richmond band. Lee Harter, the clarinetist of Covington band will play a solo as will also Master Lewlie Spence of the same organization. Young Spense is only 14 years old but is a saxaphone player of great ability. He will render a solo entitled, The Holy City. Everyone should lend their presence to the concert and show their appreciation of the city band, which is a credit to our city.

Source: Waveland Independent, Feb 25, 1927 -- A Los Angeles California paper, speaking about a recent meeting of the Lions Club in that city says: R.S. Bowers, talented singer, rendered two selections that delighted the members." That's our Brainy!"

Binford, Sam - buys piano for granddaughter

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-- F --

Fiddler's Contest - 1903

Frank Wilhite Band -

Source: Crawfordsville Star, Dec 15, 1881 p 9

Howard Wilson died at his mother's residence corner of High & Market Streets on last Friday evening with consumption, aged 23 years. Howard had been in gradual decline for some time, but until within the last 5 months continued to set type on the newspapers of this city. He was an industrious and faithful employee. The funeral was held at home on Sunday afternoon by Rev. Hays, pastor of the 1st Presbyterian Church. The pall bearers were fellow-typos out of the Journal office. The deceased was laid out in his military band suit, cap in hand, and was escorted to his last home in the Masonic's cemetery by his fellow members of the Frank Wilhite Band.

Source: The last issue of the Boston Leader had this to say of the musical talent of our city:

Crawfordsville Star, Feb 2, 1882 p 3
"Music in Crawfordsville is on the adavnce, the town being the home of some of the best musicians in the state. Among the vocalists of the town are: Miss Eva Cumberland; Mrs. HB Carrington; Miss Carrie Krout, the Hoover Sisters, Mr. John B. Rice and the Galey Brothers, also the Wilhite family, six in number, who have been the foremost exponents of brass band music for 40 years. Mr. Frank Wilhite is the leader of the Wilhite Band, which consists of 16 men and a drum major. Mr. Frank Wilhite is an excellent composer and arranger of band music. The Crawfordsville orchestra, lead by Mr. Chas. Rutledge, is composed of six men."

-- G --

Goltra, Charles - concert for poor

-- H --

Hollingsworth's - see Various Music Venues

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-- M --

McClelland's Hall -- 1863 Grand Concert

Mitchell, Harry - tuner - Source: Crawfordsville Star, May 16, 1878 p 1- Harry Mitchell, the practical paino tuner, can always be found at Townsley & Gilbert's Music Store. Prompt attention to all calls.

Music Hall -- (Argus News 1-1-1900 - Music Hall Wednesday night, NY World's Latest Musical Comedy Farce - Kelly's Kids 35 & 50 cents)

Music Hall orchestra formed - Johnny Bell; Chris Schweitzer; Ivay Carr


-- N --

-- O --

Opera House - see Various Music Venues

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Argus 13 March 1883 Opera House - on Tuesday Feb 6 -- Original Nashville Students in their plantation melodies and popular songs. The Nashville Students Have Few if Any Equals. Reserved Seats at Hollingsworth's.

Source: Daily Argus, Thursday Feb 8, 1883 - Elliott Barnes' Great Amerian Play - Only a Farmer's Daughter - played 150 nights in NY. Acknowledged by the entire world as the handsomest woman on stage with a great cast including Lillian Gerard, J.F. Brien, Emma Frank and La Petite Gilroy, the greatest living child actress. Reserved Seats at Hollingsworth's.

-- P --

-- Q --

-- R --

Ream, Martha - Music Conservatory

Rescue Fire Company - see Various Music Venues -- Source: Argus News, Thursday, Feb 22, 1883 -- Rescue Fire Co. Grand Ball for the benefit of the company. Music by the Rutledge Orchestra. Floor Tickets $1. Gallery Tickets 25 cents.

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Argus 13 March 1883 p 1 The Rescue Fire Company will give a fireman's dance and banquet on February 22. All the necessary arrangements are being made to insure a pleasnat time to all who attend. The boys deserve to be well patronized by all the city for the objective is to get money to replenish their treasurery, which is to meet any necessary expenses that may occur. There is always expenses attached to be defrayed by members and people should see that the company is helped.

-- S --

Sagerfield, Christine - Music Conservatory

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-- V --

VanCleave, Wallace

Various Music Venues

-- W --

Waynetown Cornet Band - 1882

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Yountsville Opera House

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