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Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal, June 15, 1911

The funeral of Elder JJ Canine of near Waveland on Wednesday June 14 was attended by the largest assembly of people that ever met at the old church and a program that he had arranged was carried out. He selected the hymns to be sung, the scripture lesson to be read and had written his own autobiography. First Elder MM Canine led the congregational singing and read the autobiography. Elder J. H. Oliphant read the Scripture lesson from the 4th chapter, 1st Thessalonians and offered prayer. Elder JS Whitlock of Terre Haute spoke very feelingly of the Scripture lesson from Revelations 14:13. Elder Oliphant closing the services with other very appropriate remarks. Elder CL Airhart, pronounced the benediction at the grave. The songs selected by the deceased were: Amazing Grace; How Sweet the Sound, Go on Ye Pilgrims Here Below and I would not Live Always. Elder Canine had been in very poor health all winter but had gained quite a good deal of strength as spring came and on Saturday evening he and Mrs. Canine went to visit her nephews and niece, the Wilkerson children south of Browns Valley. On the road home Monday morning he was taken with cramps in the stomach. ON arriving home he took some medicine to relieve the pain and went to bed and on becoming easy went to sleep never to awake. About four Aunt Sarah who was in the room with him alone, noticed he was dead.

The following is the story of Elder Canine's life written by himself: J.J. Canine, born September 11, in the year 1833, in Montgomery County, Indiana on the farm where he spent his life, united in marriage with Sarah J. Foster the 23rd of March, 1854. To them 3 children were born, two sons and one daughter. The daughter only survives him (now Mary M. W. Oldshue). In my early life from 16 to 18 was an avowed infidel. I did not believe in God or any hereafter. I only believed that when man died he goeth to the grave and that was the last of him. But alas one day when alone one beautiful evening the sun shining bright, the thought came as if it were spoken if there is no God in heaven who causes the sun to move its regular bounds every day? the moon and stars to all their place? The winter and summer? The rain and snow to come down to water the earth to cause it to bring forth bread to the eater and seed to the sower? T he little spears of grass with everything in nature all looking beautiful? If there is no God in heaven who causes all this? Man can't do these things. Then and there I was made to see that I had sinned against God in denying him and his power, so I went to work under the law to try to please that God that I felt like I had offended in denying him. But in all my work it seemed to be a failure, so I felt like I was without any hope of a hereafter and while in that condition it appeared to me as a word spoken to me that God that protected Daniel in the lion's den can protect you. I then felt some relief of mind. But the question soon came up, will he protect me? I know he can, but will he ? This was in March when I was in my 20th year. So I was left to fear, feeling I know he can but will he protect me, until in the following September I received this message I believe from a higher power than man, one that never fails in any of his promises to wit: The earth shall soon dissolve like snow. The sun forebear to shine. Bit God who calls me here below Will be forever mine. I then felt like it was enough. I then thought that my troubles were all over. I then could sing that good old hymn, Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me; I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see." I was then made to see Jesus, the way, the truth and the life - Jesus the Savior of poor sinners of which I was one. I was made to know that I was a sinner. T hen I believe I had a Savior, one that was able to save me -- yes, one that had saved me, one that bore the cross for me. He atoned for my sins, he cancelled my sins, he shed his blood for me, for without the shedding of blood there he no remission of sins. He did all things well. He delivered me from the resigning power of the captivator. He said he will be forever value. I believe he is mine. Be on Saturday before the 4th Sunday, April 1854, I then my 24th year, I went to the church called Union of Regular Predestinarian Baptists of which Elder Jonathan VanCleave was their pastor and moderator. I tried to tell what I believed was the Lord's dealings with me. I was received and was baptized the next day by Elder Jonathan Vancleave. I have remained a member of said church the remainder of my life. I have always tried to hold my place the best I could, Jesus my only hope. Now, dear ones, you thou are left behind, go on, press forward, all your stations in life in an honorable way, so that when you are called to come home that you have nothing to regret. Praise the Lord with just such ability as you are in possession of Live in Peace. Comfort one another. "Go on rejoicing night and day, your crown is yet before, Defy the trials of the way, the storm will soon be o'er."

Source: Waveland Independent, June 11, 1911

"Uncle Jack" Canine died at his home north of town at 4 on Monday afternoon. He has been in feeble health for some months. In the morning he came to Waveland to see the doctor. On his return he went to bed. Shortly after noon he sank into a stupor from which he did not rally. Fun. serv. were held at his beloved "Old Union" by Elder Whitlock of Terre Haute, Elders Oliphant and Canine. By his request the singing was by the congregation. The body was placed in the family vault in the adjoining cem. The immense crowd in attendance was an evidence of the merited esteem in which he was held. The following obit. is form his own hand. "I was b. Sept 11, 1833 in Montgomery Co, Ind where I have lived during my natural life when at home, never moving but one time and that time was on the same farm, and the farm where I was born. I am now taking my second move to my little house -- the tomb. My third move will be when Jesus, the Saviour of sinners, will come again to gather his jewels, declaring that time was near when he should fulfill the mission which he came to do -- to lay down his life -- for he said, "I have power to lay down my life and I have power to take it again. But I will come again. I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am you may be also." There and then I shall awake in his likeness and be taken to that new house not made with the hands, eternal in the heavens. Then the work will be all complete when the spirit which gave me spiritual life but is now returned to the God that gave it, will return to resurrect this body that is sowed a natural body: it will be raised a spiritual body. It is sown in weakness, it will be raised in power. For this corruptible must put on incorruption and this mortality must put on immortality. Then we ..............(sorry part of this obit. is missing) ...survives. In Sept 1853, my God said he would be forever mine, and "forever' has no end. Therefore, He being mine, He is mine now; He will be mine when he will send His only begotten son to gather his ransomed children home for he said, "The ransomed of the Lord shall return," He redeemed them; they are His; He will come and take them all home again. In taking your last look at my lifeless body you can say in your feelings; "Farewell; he is gone to rest from all his labors: gone from sorrow; sickness; pain and death." Waiting the second coming of my Savior, Farewell!" .. Those attending the funeral from a distance were: Mrs. Jennie Spurier, Mrs. Herbert Miller, Lafayette; Howard Swisher; Mrs. James Davis, Frankfort; Mrs. Margaret McCrea, Mrs. Lillian Smart, Otterbein; James Canine, New Ross; Henry Foster, Rev. Jerry Goff, Catlin; Charlers McLaughlin, Covington; Mr. and Mrs. Ben DeBaun, Kingman; Mrs. America Adams, Miss Laura Elson, Rosedale; Mr. and Mrs. George Harshbarger, Ladoga; Mrs. Anna Cobb, Beford; Mrs. John Gobin, Danville; M/M George Thailkill, Advance; Mrs. Overman and son, Leo; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wymore, Marshall; Bennett Swaim, Mrs. Andrew Thompson, Mrs. Jennie Lydick, Charles Badgely, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Canine, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Canine, Drs. Taylor and Williams, Crawfordsville; Tom Canine, Wolcott; JH Gaebler, Rockville; William Canine, Clinton; Mrs. James Carter, Clearmont; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Canine, Ladoga; Rev. and Mrs. Whitlock, Ladoga; Elder Airhart, Roachdale; Elder Joseph, Thorntown.

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