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IF you have any group photos, PLEASE send 'em our way :) Karen Z

-- A --

-- B --

Baseball game - about 1930 or so -- likely in the Crawfordsville area - was in the Dickerson family photos (thanks so much to Martha Harms for sending it our way. Just wish we knew more about it :)

Blanton, Dan - Dapper Dan Singing group made up of his family -- have been singing together for about 10 years in 2018 - haven't heard 'em yet but heard they are VERY good :) Thanks to Naomi Wertz for the great picture

Boy Scout Troop 325 -thanks so very much to Teddy Alfrey who has some of the coolest pictures in C'ville :) Some in the group are: Laurel Gerald (Mr. G), Bill Hobbs, Larry Gerald, Don Hoffa, Scott Yano, Dave Vancleave, Robert Vancleave, Tom Bell, Randy King, Teddy Alfrey, Bob- Vancleave, Chester Clemins, Terry Alfrey, and others. If anyone could actually name who is who I'd love it :))

Browns Valley Band (circa 1890) - thanks to JD & Charlie for this neat pic -- this is the same band/year but a picture vs. a newspaper article, not as good a picture, though, i don't think :)

-- C --

Crawfordsville Band - 1902 ?

Crawfordsville City Council - about 1932 (ANYONE know any of these people -- on the board the names are: Barker; Claypool; Hutchinson; Meister; McIntire and Price - of course there are more than twice that many people at that table - I'm assuming the one in the middle is the judge ?? ) Love to have this picture identified :) thanks - kz -- thanks so much to Mary Jo M who thinks her great grandfather may be the 3rd one over

C'ville Fathers - about 1945 -- thanks sooo very much to Larry Barragree for giving permission to use this one :) LOVE IT -- here is what Larry says about the picture and hopefully we can find out more of the folks -after all, it wasn't so long ago :) --- I don't recognize anyone except Marion Kirtley, back row in uniform. He was a Major, and this must have been sometime during WW2 as he obviously is in uniform. Roger Gardner said his maternal grandfather is the front row extreme left, name was Bob Sumner. From Larry: "The photo was captioned Clark Jones, Mayor. I just might take this to my neighbor Bob Rogers who is a retired banker, Elston Bank. Bob graduated CHS in 1947 so he may recognize many of them." They were obviously the "city fathers" of that era. The picture was taken in the front of the old Crawford Hotel on the northeast corner of East Main and North Green. Not many of these people are known but Dr. Marion Kirtley (back row, 4th from right in service cap); beside him (right side) is Dr. Castor Wilson; Judge Howard Sommer 2nd on right front row; John Berry 3rd front row left. Jack's grandfather, Felix Willis is 5th on the left 2nd row. Jones (front far right by Hirshburg photo kneeling in light coat); and above Bob Sumner. Dave Gerard 2nd row with hat in his hand; Dr. Byron Lingeman 3rd on right 2nd row. Sad that these are "our fathers," of Crawfordsville and so few known. . Jack Wyatt says this is the Kiwanis Club in front of the (East Green side) Crawford Hotel. Thanks to Jack Wyatt,for recognizing several. Greatly appreciated!! -

Note: Clark Jones was mayor of Crawfordsville from 1948-1952 - I do not believe that Dr. Kirtley was in a reserve unit so I'm thinking 1944-1945 (possibly when Dr. Kirtley -- fourth from right back row with service cap on - came home for a visit for the election of 1944 or as he returned after warin 1945) and they were working on a committee to elect Clark Jones. Jones was at that time, I believe, Clerk-Treasurer of the city so a step into the Mayorial position would be perfect in the 1944 election which is what I really think this is. Jones is on the far right facing the picture front row. Believe his brother Frank is by door in the back. PLEASE HELP US IDENTIFY THE PICTURE & THE FOLKS:) THANKS - kbz -- other mayor pictures of Jones can be seen in the Crawfordsville District Public Library's image file -- Clark Jones -- picture two - probably during his Mayorialship

C'ville 1948 Scout day - from CDPL imagine file - this is probably one of the first public official happenings under Clark Jones' reign.


Crawfordsville Journal-Review Staff

ff -1897

CHS - Cadets, 1917

-- D --

Darlington National Guard Officers 1938 (thanks to Butch Dale and his amazing Darlington Library newsletter


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-- F --

-- G --

Girls' Basketball - super site of Bill Boone's

-- H --

Haw Creek Band - about 1890 - thanks BB

-- I --

IOOF - Crawfordsville, perhaps -- George Dickerson, Jr. 2nd man on right - thanks Martha Harms so much for this and other cool Dickerson pics :)

-- J --

Jaycee's Soap Box Derby -- this was on Grant Avenue (north of the cemetery) and held every year for several decades - thanks so very much to Colin Thompson for this great photo

-- K --

-- L --

Ladoga, WWI vets 1919 reunion (awesome - thaks so much Bill B :) - anyone help identify ??

-- M --

Methodist Church Basketball Team - about 1923

Mt. Vernon Trip - 1917

-- N --

New Market Fire Dept. - thanks Saylers & Rices :)
Names for New Market Fire Dept:
Kneeling front row, L- R: Danny Rice, Jack Eskew, Jim Keller, Dave Myers, Don Miles,Eugene Layne, John Etter, Charles Larew. Standing
2ND row, L-R: Meredith Busenbark, Casey Powers, Robert Sayler, Gresham Willett, Bob Frame, Jim Sandusky, unknown
3rd Row, L-R: Unknown, Chief Creed Hampton, Harold "Red" Lewellen, Art Rice
On Truck, L-R : Ralph Sayler, Charles Sayler, unknown.

1952ish ?

-- O --

-- P --

Peffley Reunion Advertisement, 1910 -- picture alone (1908)

Pefley Reunion ? (not sure of family only marked 1939)

Same photo as above (Pefleys?) - same group

-- Q --

-- R --

Remley Reunion, 1927

-- S --

School Bus Group - 1937 (thanks Dan Jolley)

Shooters Group -- this is likely at the Waveland Conservation Club either the one we knew in the early 50s or another. Probably a very early Skeet shoot. NOTE the dog holding "the purse," literally - the puse had the winning $ in it. This is from JD Gilliland and might possibly be one of the more fun pics on this site.

-- T --

Terry Reunion, 1909

-- U --

Unknowns - please help identify - some individuals, some groups

-- V --

-- W --

Waveland Band - early to late 1930s -- This picture was taken on the occasion of a Farm Bureau Picnic. Members shown are, front row left to right. Donald Douglas, Myron Banta, Wilmer Sharpe, Jack Hester, Bill Shubert, Lowell Spencer, second row, John Machledt, Ralph Weltchel, Paul Emmert, Imogene Canine (Moody), Betty Lou Fullenwider (Banner), Margaret Specer (Lee), Elizabeth Ginn, Dick Milligan, Bob Fullenwider, thrid row, Ben Canine, Sam Armstrong, Sam Priebe, J.D. Blacker, Joe Burrin, Mr. Summer, Director; J.M. Milligan, John Milligan, Bob Bonwell, Roy Mitchell, Bill Williams, Photo by T.S. Banta -- Front row L-R (facing picture): Donald Douglas, Myron Banta, Wilmer Sharpe, Harold "Jack" Hester, Willis Sheets, Lowell Spencer 2nd row: John Machledt, Ralph Whilchel? (not sure on this one),Paul Emmert, Imogene Canine, Bettie Lou Fullenwider Banner (my dad's sister), Margeret Spencer, Elizabeth G??????, Rol Milligan, Robert Fullenwider. 3rd row: Ben Canine, ? Armstrong, Sam Priebe, J.D. Blacker, Joe Burrin, Fern Sumner, Director, Milford Milligan, Robert Bonwell, Roy Mitchell, Wm Williams -- this is a tad different so wanted to put both in - might even be a different picture described within a year or so and playing somewhere else - this list from Dave Fullenwider :) Thanks DF

Waveland Brownies November, 1961 (thanks to Peggy Stewart and Kathy Weaver, two of our cute little Brownies - I loved Scouts - hope these girls did too - kz)

Waveland Champion Spellers - 1st Row, left to right, facing pic - me, Karen Bazzani, Don Brewer, Shirley Crooks, Rita Allen, Joanie Patton, Tresha Cox. Back: Mary Harvey; ? Overpeck; Helen Jean Patton; Norma Mitchell; Don Evans; and Doris Grimes - love to have ? Harvey's and Mrs. Overpeck's first name, as well

WILLIE WIATT FAMILY SINGERS -- love this -- Wanted to share this awesome picture (thanks Darrell Wiatt). This family played at various happenings (funerals, reunions, church) for several years. This picture was taken in the summer of 1937 at their Uncle John's 50th wedding anniversary. Name: Willie Wiatt (their father was William F) Family Singers. Pictured from left to right (facing photo) is Wanetta, Isaac, Leo & Dave and their mother, Mabel Rice Wiatt. Wanetta, Isaac, Leo & Dave all attended Waveland School with Wanetta graduating in1928 and Isaac in 1934. In addition, Isaac was the SS choir director for over 30 years at Freedom Baptist church. (he is Larry; Glenn; and Darrell's dad). LOVE to see other musical groups from our very talented area singers/dancers/instrumentalists :) Thanks Darrell !

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