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Reunions School


Armitage & Guinn

Ashby & Ashby, Ladoga - Dealers in stuff

Barton & Richardson Grocery
Bean Barber Shop (Ed then son Louis) - 2nd barber in is Carl Jolley - thanks Dan J for this awesome piece of history
Ben-Hur Fence - See Midstates
Ben Hur Terminal - - thanks to Lynn R for this nifty beautiful look at history :)
Big-Four Depot

Billman - Carriages

Binford (Joseph) Lumber - thanks so much Tom D.

Birch Brothers --

Bischof's Store - see Louis Bischof

Black Bear Hotel & Stout's Zoo (bar) - thanks so much to Chris Oppy --I found an article when the Black Bear Hotel burned in 1914 and was hoping to find a picture of the place before hand -- Chris sent this picture and this explanation : "Your article on the hotel mentions Ira Stout. Here's a 1903 or 04 photo of Ira Stouts other business called "The Zoo" in which you can see the Black Bear Hotel in the background. The Zoo was located two "doors" south of the Black Bear north of railroad and on west side of Wabash Street. This part of New Richmond was called "Smokey Row." During this era, bars were sometimes called "zoos booze joints, "temperance salon dive," or "club room." As you might imagine, alcohol establishments were quite controversial back then, there the New Richmond Record identifies an attempt to abolish the "shameful soft drinks joint" via a warrant was issued to it's owner for "illegal selling of intoxicants." However, the State prosecutor failed to appear before Esq. Ebrite so the case was cleared. The owner had been arrested" on a charge of selling intoxicating liquor to a minor and for selling in less quantity than a quart at a time without a retail liquor license." I'm guessing hotels were more acceptable than bars in New Richmond back then!" - Chris found another Black Bear - I love it - I'd sure stay there as long as the Stout Zoo wasn't too noisy :) Whoopee - here's yet another :) Thanks muches CP

Booher Restaurant - thanks to CDPL image database -- Cathy R. write this about the restaurant and its owner, Reid Booher -- Through the years, as I was told, that hobo’s would get off the train (I was told that his café was on the corner of Market & Green) and would come to the back door of his café. Apparently the hobo’s “marked” diners/café’s by the back doors that would feed them. My grandfather never turned away a hungry person, he always fed them but to make them feel worthy of receiving free food, he had them do a small task such as sweep the floor, the sidewalk, peel potatoes or wash some dishes. He didn’t want them to feel like beggars and by giving them a small task, it might make them feel some self worth. Here is a pic (also a CDPL photo) of Reid & his wife of 50+ years (their wedding pic) Leona Tribby

Breaks Store -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Review - Nov 12, 1881 -- J. Breaks, Jr. New Store, 26 N. Washington St, JEWELRY Rings, bracelets, neck chains, watch chains, lockets, seals, lace pins, ear rings, cuff pins, sleeve buttons, scarf pins, tooth picks, emblem pins, clocks, watches, thimbles, spectacles, canes, diamonds and silverware can be found in all the new stayles and at prices that cannot be beat.

BRITTON, W.P. - 1868 attorney ad

Burrin Drugstore - with Frank Burrin & Jim Robertson -- 2nd pic -- the center stand has hundreds of awesome post cards that Frank ordered of the town/Shades state park - thanks to his wonderful granddaughter, Marianne M, I was lucky to get most of them - you rock, MM :) -- picture 3 - Ray T. Sharp, who later owned his own drugstore right across the street.

Burrin Drugstore - 10% off coupon (this is nifty) - thanks muches to Bill M for this one :)

Burrin - 1911 ad for Haywood's Listerated Foot Tablets
Busenbarks (thanks, Scott)

Campbell Brothers Hercules Shirt Sale 12-11-1884 (Cville Star)
Canine Grocery, Waveland - ad
Captain's Table (Dining)
Castle Hall Shoe Store
Cheap Jake's Clothing (thanks Jerry T) - 1880 newspaper
Citizens Bank, Crawfordsville (thanks, Jerry T here is his explanation for this too cool ad -- $5 bill my dad received from the old Bank cigar store many years ago. Regretfully he sold it but here is a picture of it. The interesting thing about the bill is that is has Crawfordsville Indiana on the bill itself issued from the Citizens National Bank. 1929 was the year it was issued and it has the signatures of the cashier and president of the bank)

Coca-Cola Plant - Jim Walling on right - other man unknown pictures frm Joyce Bever - thanks muches JB :) Jim Walling driver for plant -- just how cool is this?

Coon, Hiram - Boot & Shoe - about 1878 - Pleasant Hill

Corner Book Store August 1875 C'ville Star
Country Club (old pic) & Water Babble
Cowan, E.H. MD (August 1875 Crawfordsville Star)
Crawford Hotel
Crawfordsville Airport - about 1965 - Carhop Karen Ingersoll Pritchett (& Jocko the monkey) - thank so very much to her daughter, Jeanna Anderson - love this picture
Crawfordsville Casket Company -- ad (Source: unknown - thank you, Ron-- basketball team (Source: Zach, Karen Bazzani. Crawfordsville: Athens of Indiana - via Lex - thanks buddy).
Crawfordsville Courthouse
Crawfordsville Seed Company

Crawfordsville Planing Company - (C'ville Star, 12-11-1884 p5)

Crawfordsville Post Office
Crawfordsville Public Library

Crawfordsville-Shannondale Turnpike Company (thanks to Jan B - this is awesome) and here's a short article I whipped out -- CSTC - kbz

Crawfordsville Wire & Nail
Crowder's Standard Station
Culver Hospital - 1st view
Culver Hospital - Different view
Culver Union Hospital

Davis, Syd - Attorney (1868)

Dennis-Shue Grocery - see Shue
Dickerson-VanCleave Groceries

Dickerson Grocery - probably the corner of Market & Washington - nifty pic - George W. Dickerson, Sr. is the first man on the right -thanks so much to Martha Harms for ALL of these awesome Dickerson pictures

Dickerson - SW corner of Market & Washington

Dickerson Grocery - George W. Dickerson, Jr. is the man in the aisle - this would be BEFORE 1904 - probably the corner of Main & Washington. Thanks MH :) So greatly appreciated

Dickerson - Lew Grocery - this began a mystery for Martha. Love her fortitude for getting it figured out -- see here (note, don't know why it came out small but if you scroll your wheel, it should get big enough to see quite nicely.

Dickey-Brewer Book Store
Doug's Diner (Waynetown Road)
Duncan, J.R. (MD) - August 1874 C'ville Star

Elston, W.F. - Attorney Ad in 1868

Elston Bank - 100th Anniv
Endicott's Cafe
Entre-Nous Coal Company

Farmers Review Newspaper -- Source: Farmers Review Newspaper, New Richmond, Indiana, March 11, 1932 (thanks to the Oppy family) -- Issued on Friday. Paul Mason, Editor; Fred A. Taylor, Publisher; Subscription Price $1.00 a year in advance. Entered in the New Richmond, Ind, Post office as Second Class Matter

Finley's Bakery --Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Nov 23, 1934 Finley's Bakery - Special Saturday only Butterscotch Layer Cakes 17 cents - something new in Crawfordsville, but this cake was created in the Fleischmann Research Laboratories and voted one of the best. Try one and be convinced. Phone 1815

Fisher Hardware - from Weekly Argus News June 22, 1895

Fosdick's Soda Fountain

Galloway & Kennedy, lawyers - 1868

Gas Station - C'ville - anyone recognize it?
Green Street - see Skating Rink

Grohoma -- John Wm. Gilliland and dog, Jack in a newspaper bleep for Grohoma - original picture used in the newspaper bleep

H.C. Gilkey Store
Harley, George D. - 1868 attorney ad
Harpel Seed Company (Osh-Kosh)
Hatfield Sporting
Hazel's Bo-Ka -- see Shewey
Herbie, the Clown (thanks CDPL)
Hills, R.M. (Feed Store) - Aug 1875 C'ville Star ad
Hoover Tin Shop Cville Star Dec 11, 1884 p 6 5 ad
Horner, R.M. (GMC dealer) -- post card
Hotel Ramsey
Hotel Stebbins (Cuppy .... in Waveland)
Hunt & Son (thanks Suzie - about 1940)
Hy-Tex Brick - Lester Utterback, driver - (thanks so much to Jim Hall for the photo)

Idle Hour Roller Rink
Indiana Match Company
Indiana Live Stock Investment Company - Cowan
Ind-Ohio Livestock Insurance
Interurban -- close-up of a car
Iron Fireman Coal Burner (Ed Mason)

J.H. Freeman Transfer Line (1888)
Johnny Provolone's Menu - 2013 (thanks Angie)
Jones Patent Ventilate - C'ville Star newspaper 12-11-1884
Journal Co.

Kelsey Brothers (1888)

Kennedy & Galloway, 1868 lawyers

Wylie KENYON, Photographer

KIRK Tile Factory - several great photos from Lynn Ream - thanks sooo much! - kiln -- article on the factory -- men working - mainly sons of John Kirk -- John Kirk, owner
KLINE, Mat - Watchmaker
Kritz Building, Waveland


Life-Time Gate Corp
Lion Gas Station -- scene 2 (see Gas Station)
Little Mexico - 2013 (thanks Angie) Menu - also thanks to Angie

Log Cabin Restaurant - Conoco Station - thanks Jerry Turner

Log Cabin Menu about 1955-56 - thanks JT - note the T-Bone Steak is $1.75
Louis Bischof Dept Store - Louis in ad -
inside 1- inside2 -- cool ad with Louis' pic on outside of building (ohhh, thanks Lynn R for this awesome picture/ad) -- beautiful inside display

Louis Bischof - Ladoga's Store (man, I didn't even know they had one - THANKS BB)

Lyon's Music - absolutely LOVE this guitar pic a friend (thanks, Bion R) found in Nov 2015 -- it's awesome!

Mahorney, Zach
Mahorney, Zack & son (Ironware)
Martin's Ice (thanks to Jerry Turner)
Mason - Edwin (furnaces)
McClelland, J.S. (Dr - Crawfordsville Star Aug 1875)
McNutt & Ball Drug Store
Menaugh, Clyde - pic - "the red headed druggist) - Wingate
Merchant's Delivery & Storage
Mid-States Wire
Miles, Albert -- pig sale 1 -- pig sale 2 - thanks so much to Connie W :)
M.J. Lee Tile Company (map - thanks Jerry)
Monon Railway 1882 Ad
MOODY, Foster M. - Livery - although this is at Frankfort, Foster's children were all born in Waveland - thanks to JD Gilliland
MOODY, Thomas N (Pony) -- Livery in Waveland - this would be where Donnie Linton lives now (across from the Post Office behind the old Coleman Store - thanks JD Gilliland for sharing so many wonderful pictures :) Livery - son Harry standing in doorway


Northup IGA - thanks Ron Keedy (Waynetown Road?)


Opera House (1881 Star newspaper) -- "The music-loving people of Crawfordsville must not forget Tuesday March 8 the suspicious date of the coming of Madama Emma Donaldi with her great concert company. This is the most expensive concert troupe of great artists on the road, consisting of Emma Donskii, the prima donna soprano, in her first appearance sincer her return from Italy; Mr. J. Levy, the cornet emperor of the world; Madame Chatterton Bohrer, harp soloist; Miss Abbie C. Shipardson, violin soloist; Charles Bonny, the English tenor; Filoto Greco, musical director. Popular prices of 50 cents. The reserved shed ? will be open at Goltra's on Saturday with two hundred choice seats at 75 cents. Get your seats early.-- Thanks Jerry Turner for this super find!


Patterson & White - lawyers, 1868

Patton, Charles - Grain Elevator (thanks to CDPL)

Perkins Farm Equipment Yard Stick - thanks Ron Keedy

Pierce, R.B.F. (attorney - 1868 ad)
Poston Brick -- Poston Paver -- Poston Block

Poston - Owatonna Minnesota National Farmers' Bank - bricks from Poston's built this -- several of our local companies (Midstates for one) also used the world-renowned bricks. Thanks to Ron Keedy for this interesting piece of history :) Ron also sent this picture of the several Poston workers

These several pictures of Poston's Paving & Brick Company employees are from Ginny Smith Platt - Ginny, these are soooooo appreciated! - kbz -- Herman Smith atop building -- Charlie Smith & Bill LaFoe tossing brick -- Charlie Smith (man alone facing pic) ;3 men with shovels : first man unknown middle Charlie Smith (Ginny's dad) and Herman Smith (Ginny's grandad)
Producer's Dairy (ad cup)


Quillen Standard Oil Kitchen Scraper - thanks Ron Keedy

R.M. Horner - see Horner
R.R. Donnelley & Sons
Ramsey Hotel - see Hotel Ramsey
Ransdell-Rogers - barbers

Ridge, David T. "Science Photography" - C'ville Star Aug 1875
Ritchie Cafe, Linden, IN (1953 yearbook pic)
Riviera Motel
Robb, John B., Ag Implements (via Frank
Rogers - Ransdell - see Ransdell
Rogers, John - cabinet maker

Ross Brothers - about 1865

Rost Jeweler - from Weekly Argus News June 22, 1895
Russell Grocery -- thanks muches to Jack's daughter, Melanie for this great pic - it is probably at the store on the corner of College & Mill but might be on the corner of Mill & Franklin

Service Master
Shades State Park - Hack
Shewey, Lester & Hazel's Flowers
Shue-Dennis Grocery

Sidener, H.E.

SINGER Sewing -- men taking lessons? Far right is George Dickerson, Jr.
Skating Rink - Green Street - 1888

Spencer, C.W. & Sons Hardware - thanks so much to Ed McGaughey - great appreciated :)

Stout's Zoo (New Richmond - 1904) - this was a bar - in the picture the Black Bear Hotel is also shown - it burned in ten years after this picture - thanks soooo much to Chris Opppy
Supreme Tribe of Ben-Hur and Temple
S&W (Stewart & Weaver) Service Station - see Waveland S&W Station


T & R Grill (piece of a key chain - thanks Ron K)

Thomas & Thomas (1868 lawyer - ad)

Turkey Run Inn (Parke Co) -- too cute :)


Uncle Smileys - 2013 - menu (thanks Angie)


VanDyke Auto Sales - thanks Jerry T - this is from the Crawfordsville Review 30 May 1916


Wabash Machine Works - see Birch Brothers

Warner - "One price Clothier Corner of Washington & Main Streets" - horsedrawn wagon - watering the streets of C'ville - horse is beautiful but is a shadow of himself :( This pic is probably taken on what today is Market & Washington (southwest side). D.S. Warner (I think it is L. S. for Leopold S.) was a charter member of the Clothier's of Indiana from Crawfordsville. -- this too may be the same Water Wagon but with something different (? Insurance or Insurance ?) - this is a really bad rendition of a parade? You can see the corner of the court house monument and really think the pic may be turned sidewagons

Waveland S&W Station (thanks Weavers) - I think that's who sent this cool picture - April 1972
Waveland Telephone Company
Waveland Telephone Office, about 1942
(I was born there --We lived in an apartment in the upstairs of the telephone office house.
Grandparents lived downstairs and slept
in a rollaway bed beside the telephone
switchboard and woke up if anyone
needed a late call. And the little room
to the right end of the Y-shaped-porch
was the entry to the little room with the
stable door inside. There was a phone
in it. You would go in ... open the top
half of the inside door ... tell the
operator the number you wanted ...
she would connect you ... then tell you ...
then after tell you what you owed for the
call. The little room was only 5' square
or so. Have a look at the door and
the side window ... still has Coal Creek
Telephone Company on the window
or door, I think -- this note by J.D. Gilliland
thanks so much JD :)

Weaver's S&W Service Station - see Waveland S&W

White & Patterson, lawyers in 1868

WIDENER - Auctioneer

Willis Grocery - C'ville (at Market Street looking down S. Washington - thanks Lynn R for this one :)
Winchell's Jewelry (opening 1950)


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