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Note: Several of these church histories were condensed from those in the Family Histories of Montgomery County, Indiana book. (Paducah, KY: Turner Publishing, 1988)

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-- A --

AME -- I believe this stands for African Methodist Episcopal - here is a nifty bleep about it -- Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal 11-19-1914 "Appeal to the Public " - The ladies of the AME Church on North Street will hold a fair in the interest of their church debt May 12, 13 and 14. The fair will open Thursday night with a chorus of 40 voices. Jubilee songs, solos, quartettes and duets will be the feature of the evening. Friday evening singing and a delsarte drill by nine young ladies. Solicitors are out canvassing. While it is embarrassing to call upon the public for help, as many have assisted ... rest gone - sorry - I would LOVE to have a picture of this :) Another article - Source: 11-4-1914 CDJ - The Arnett Mite Missionarry Society will meet with Mrs. Frank Keene next Tuesday night, at 208 West North Street. Miss Blanche Patterson will have charge of the singing. Scripture

Alamo Church of Christ

Alamo - 5th Sunday ? Church, 1920 -- I believe this is the same as the Alamo Christian Church, but do let me know if I am incorrect - kz -- several denominations met in the first church in Alamo. John and Mary Fishero gave the land for the First Church United which became the Christian Meeting House with trusteed Samuel McKinsey; Henderson Harve and Noah W. Grimes. Eventually it became known as the Alamo Christian Church. The church has been added on to several times with generous donations from church members.

Alamo Christian -- In 1837, when Samuel Truax and William A. Boise set-out the little burg of Alamo, they gave land for a school and meeting house. Several denominations used the first church house but finally the church became known as the Alamo Christian Church. The first minister here was Rev. Ewing. - this is about 1900 according to names listed - thanks to the Rushes -- CDPL photo - thanks

-- B --

Baptist Church - Waveland

Baptist Church - New Market - will get pic & info soon :) Sunday services in 2014 (Rev. Wallie Nichols) begin with Sunday School at 9 and worship at 10. Sunday afternoons bring Fun Kids Club (K-5) at 3 to 4:30 with the Teen Club (6-12th grade) following from 4-5:30. Wednesday night Bible Study. The Lord's Closet with clean clothes is free for families 000 call -- (Pastor Wallie 765-918-2745). pic above is from the great Crawfordsville District Public Library site :) -- Source: Obituary from a collection of Fauniel Hershbarger, a life-long Fountain County Indiana resident The New Market Baptist Church, Indian Creek Hill Cemetery and Culver Hospital have been named to receive $2,300 from the estate of Miss Helen E. Johnson, a retired school teacher who died last Sunday morning. The church is to receive $1,000, the cemetery $800 and the hospital $500. Named executor of the will dated Dec. 27, 1968, is the First National Bank and Trust Co. Miss Johnson stipulated in the will that Culver Hospital officials are to use the money for furnishings or equipment. Miss Johnson had taught school for 40 years, 20 in this county. - jlr

Baptist Church - Crawfordsville (with Christian one on same page from a C'ville early directory)

Bowers - EUB Church - thanks so much to Lynn Ream whose family were large business owners in this small but mighty town :)

Browns Valley Missionary Baptist - In 1874, the Browns Valley Baptist Church was built with 66 charter members. Sadly, the building was destroyed by fire just two years later. In 1900, the present day church had a belfry added. In 1980, Dee Rice, a member bequeathed the church in her estate and the roof was repaired and redeocration helped the church in its beauty. Walter and Ruth Taylor Penn left a large sum of money which aided in several people going into seminary, a new piano and various improvements. (shortened from a history by Mrs. Franklin Johnson) - this more current photo is a fairly new one - thanks CDPL

Browns Valley Christian - This church just rebuilt a new one in Browns Valley and I'll have to get a picture SOON :) This church structure is now the New Life Baptist Church. The Christian Church began in the year 1898 with 28 charter members. The first minister, WH Brown was paid $2.50 per sermon. The congregation actually met in Victor McCan''s drug store on Monday and Tuesday nights for a couple of years because their new church burned. In 1922, the group bought the Methodist Church building (shown here). It was purchased for $2,000., the Ladies Aid group paying $1000 down. The building has been added on to and improved in many ways. In June 1977, a scholarship trust fund was set up in order to help with college costs. Both Bob and John Cornell as well as Layton Sparks became ministers with aide from the church. As Leonard Sewell stated in a brief history of the church, "Work is still continuing for the Lord in Browns Valley." A better view of the church (CDPL has wonderful collections of photographs if you're looking for something). This is the church that built a new one on Highway 47 just outside of BV north about 1 mile.

Byron Wesley Methodist Church - although this was just a mile or less into Parke County from Montgomery I put it in because of so many area folks attending there. Quite active in the early 1900s up until about 1970 -- this was a remembrance of a nifty historian, Gene Burns, a fabulous artist.

-- C --

Center Grove Church -- no picture sorry but here is information on the church and the area from the Beckwith history -- The Free Will Baptist church was formed in August, 1833, in the cabin home of William Mikles, three miles south of east of where Darlington now stands, at the place known as Center Grove. The families who enlisted in this work were William Mikles and family, Thomas Mikles and family, Joal Mikles and family, Abraham Naylor and wife, William Sutton and family, and others. This society was constituted a church by the ministration of Rev. J. B. Austin and Rev. Swim. These ministers were probably the first of the denomination who preached within the bounds of this township. At the same meeting when the church was organized William Mikles was ordained minister in the church, and served in this capacity for several years. This society never built a house for worship ; they met in private cabins of the members until the Mikles school-house was built, when they removed their services to this place, which soon became known as the Baptist center for this part of Montgomery county. After many years of prosperity the society declined, and on the organization of the Christian society, which was rather an offspring of the same, they disbanded and have never since been known as a Baptist society. The church of United Brethren was organized in this township about 1857, in Sec. 12, and built their house of worship near the line dividing Montgomery and Boone counties, known as the Brier Creek Church. Among the prominent men of this society, in the first years of its history, may be mentioned William A. Endicott and James Vale, who are now dead, and William Booker and James Cooper. The church is at present under the pastoral labors of Rev. Gleze. The presiding elder is Rev. New. This society has been zealous in its efforts for the general good of the community. The same year (1857) in which this house was built, another society was formed, and a house built near the center of the township, at Center Grove. This was connected with the former as one pastoral charge for a number of years. About 1864 or 1865 the Center Grove building was sold to the Unitarian Christian Society, the members removing their membership to the first, or Brier Creek Church, as the distance between the two places of worship did not justify the continuation of both bodies. The members of the United Brethren church, in Franklin township, belong to the Brier Creek Society. The Unitarian Christian church was organized and a house of worship built in 1856, three miles southeast of Darlington. This society had a commanding influence in the community among many of the leading families of early settlers, and dates its origin to the labors of Rev. John Ocane and others, who were the founders of the denomination above mentioned, for their rise was identical and associated with the same causes and influences. The distinctive causes giving rise to the church under consideration were of more recent origin in this vicinity. During the rebellion dissensions arose which resulted in a division of the society. In 1864 the church building, which had become a bone of contention, was burned, and the society left destitute of a place of worship. That division known as the " Union party " made provisions for a new house. It was built in Darlington during the summer of 1870, in which they reorganized and continued their church services. That part of the membership that remained at Center Grove purchased the church building belonging to the United Brethren. This house stands in the neighborhood of the one burned. Here the members still worship.

Center Presbyterian Church - Crawfordsville -- now the Wabash Avenue Presbyterian Church this church was organized June 20, 1824 by Isaac Reed, a Prebyterian missionary. Along with Reed as minister, congregationists were Williamson and Miriam Dunn; Hugh and Mary Linn; James Miler; John Cowan and Drusilla Kerr. James Thomson became the first official minister. Dunn donated a lot on the northeast corner of Pike & Water Streets which was the sight of the first building. In 1838, a split created two churches, the First Presbyterian Church and the Center Presbyterian Church, located on the NW corner of Pike & Washington Streets. Center Church was closely related with Wabash College, several of the ministers also serving as president of Wabash. In late April, 1921, the two congreagations reemerged and the church is now known as Wabash Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Christ Evangelical Lutheran -- Sorry, no pic as yet but I'll get one soon - go by there all the time. This is one of the newer congregations in Montgomery County, having organized in September 1956 with 112 members. Rev. John C. Stacy pastored this church for many years. In November 1961, the new church at 300 W South Boulevard was built and a few years afterward, this parish became three-way, including Phanuel Lutheran in Wallace and Darlington's St. James Lutheran. In 1968, however, Rev. Stacy's soul (:) church became Crawfordsville. Rev. Stacy, Charlotte Hotopp Zachary, along with others took off on a community ministry launch. Not long afteward, the Christian Nursing Service, FISH and Hospital Chaplaincy were in existence and I think are still in existence some 30 years later. The building used today was finished in 1979, Easter Sunday its first service. CEL still thrives today.

Christ Scientist - Crawfordsville - northwest corner of Wabash and Grant - this was a home originally but this church was here for quite some time -- the building was torn down in October 2016 (or early November) - thanks CDPL for the phonto

Christian Church - Crawfordsville - prepared for the Swan-Steele wedding (inside - gorgeous) Sept 1904 -- Christian Church - C'ville on West Wabash Avenue - along with the Baptist Church on ame page of an early C'ville directory

Christian Church - Crawfordsville built 1833 (shown here in 1870) - First Christian was built on this same spot - corner of Wabash and Walnut 1888

Christian Church - Waveland - Waveland's Christian Church with Rodney Coffman as minister dates back to November 1867 when two churches (Bank Springs and Antioch) were combined. Some of the materials from the Antioch church were used to build the one seen today at a cost of $5,000. The formal dedication however did not occur until December of 1890. The church has Sunday school rooms, a nice kitchen, a church library and much more to offer. I noticed the other day when I drove through town it has a nice metal roof. Another shot with different entrance -- list of charter members still living in 1907

Christian Union Church --Waynetown --- The day before the end of the year in 1867, a meeting held at the Wesley Church functioned at an organization of the Christian Union Cnhurch. This church was built on Road 60-0 West, one mile south of State Road 136. In 1938, under the leadership of Oliver Schendck, Edgar Henthorn and Carroll Barnett, the churchmen built a basement with a furnace, kitchen and class rooms. Various improvements were made and the church is quite active in present-day (2014 - thanks Eva)

Christian Church - Crawfordsville - In 1826 four miles SW of Crawfordsville, a young Tennessee-born minister, Michael Coombs and his wife held church for those who loved Christianity. He held church there from 1826 (June) until 1833 when a small 40x60' church was built. By 1889, the present building was erected. A chapel, basement rooms and educational facilities were added. Rev. Paul E. Million was one of the longest-timed ministers from1947-1962. See photo at top or click on the name Christian Church-Crawfordsvile to see pic of the church.

Christian Church - Ladoga - LOVE the stick(ish) people

Church of Christ - Alamo

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon Church) -- The Mormon church rests at the top of Covington Hill at the intersection of Oak Hill Road and is not an old congregation in the county. Beginning in October of 1967, the Seiperts, Thomapsons and Hansens were the original families. The first Sunday meetings were held in the little house on the lawn of the Lew Wallace Study. Swinford, Savoldis, Lewis', Klines, and over 100 families havae been active in the church. Several young people have been to many countries on missions.

Crawfordsville First Baptist Church - see First Baptist Church - Crawfordsville

-- D --

-- E --

Elmdale Community -- built 1889 - still church today

-- F --

First Church of the Nazarene -- The tent service which launched the First Church of the Nazarene took place in June of 1920 under the leadership of the McHenrys, bringing forth 34 charter members. Rev. Mertie Hooker was the first minister. First holding services in the mission hall at 310 N. Grant Avenue, the group bought the Presbyterian Church on the corner of Pike & Water Street where they worshipped until 1931. Under the guidance of Rev. Grant Barton, with $1.41 starting the project, the group purchased a lot and began the long provess to build a church. Dedication took place more than 7 years later. In 1957, the home next door was bought to use for educational purposes. The church still thrives today.

First Christian Church - corner of Wabash Avenue and Walnut Street. New minister, Peter (wife Abigail) Harper came in May 2014.

First Presbyterian - Crawfordsville (believe this is the one corner of Wabash & Washington - let me know if not :)

First Baptist Church - Crawfordsville -- on Sunday, July 11, 1915, a "House Raising Day" was held - to "assist us in making this the greatest and best day in the history of this church." The reason for the day was to build a much needed church edifice. The Trustees were: G.W. Deere; W.L. Hunt and A.P. Morris, with pastor Barney Antrobus. See the program here. The group of men in this picture may be those who worked on the edifice above - thanks to CDPL for these pics. This is a drawing of the current church which is on the Lebanon Road (drawn by Mary Early Johnson, CDPL librarian) - I assume the drawing of the various First Baptist Churches was also drawn by MEJ too. The church had a radio program for several years with ministry and singing.

First Methodist Church - Crawfordsville

First United Methodist Church - Methodism began in Montgomery County in 1825 with Circuit preacher, Rev. James Armstrong. By 1835 a congregation could support a preacher who was Rev. J. Miller. The first church was where "Wabash Road and Water Street" crossed and was added on to several times. Oyster-ice cream suppers were prominent fund raiser. In 1857, a new church was built, the debt paid for before the Civil War began. A Ladies' Aid Society and men's Foreign Missionary Society were added to with the Women's Foreign Missionary Society and the Home Missionary Society and still later, the United Methodist Women. In 1939, the Episcopal was dropped and in 1969 the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren merged to form United Methodists. This particular church chose the name, First United Methodist at this time with two other Methodist churches becoming The Trinity United Methodist and Christ United Methodist. There have been four churches on the site at 212 East Wabash, the last in 1976. A two-story parsonage stood just west of the church for many years. The church members look forward to the Bicentennial anniversary in 2025.

Freedom Church -- Early member, Elizabeth Hannah said, "Now, we have Freedom" thus the name of the church. Located in Brown Township just 5 miles north of Waveland (corner of County RD 650 and State Road 234) the beautiful cemetery sit across the highway overlooking the church. A permanent meeting house was established in December 1837 - a log cabin, 24' x 36' and in May 1838 a lot was chosen on Caleb Conner's land. 78 members strong by January 1842, by December 1850, the church roll totalled 169. This particular building (later improved much) was dedicated in August of 1883. "Uncle Billy Miles" (William J.) was an aide in the remodeling done i 1921. He went across Illinois over muddy roads to get seats for the church. He was a member of the church from February 1865 to his death in August 1928. The church had its first Vacation BIble School in 1961 and Freedom has remained active in this sense. The church is referred to as, "The Light House on the Corner." In 2014, the minister is the Rev. Jim Ranard.
Source: Waveland Independent June 2, 1933 At the Freedom Homecoming the brass quartet from the Waveland band: Donald Douglas; Ben Canine; Imogene Canine and Wilmer Sharp gave several numbers and Imogene Canine rendered a cornet solo accompanied by Mrs. Ben Canine.

Fremont Street Baptist Church - other than the picture from CDPL's collection, no background info

Friendship Baptist Church -- 2014 - Pastor Chris Horton. Youth programs, bible study.

-- G --

Garfield Christian Church -- Organized on the 1st day of February, 1878 (at Binford Station - later to become Garfield), the church originally was named New Union with elders E.D. Simmons and L.W. Hutts. Early members were Binfords and Coxes. The existing church was erected in the year 1883 with the first service on the 1st of December. Thanks to parishioner Maybelle Vannice the church was able to remodel heavily in the late 1960s.

-- H --

Haw Creek - view 1 (thanks Bill Boone) --formed 2nd Sunday November 1835 - GT Harney; M/M Wm Rogers; M/M Joseph Pruitt; M/M William Kyle 1st in church records." Records for the church from 1837-1938 are gone but known family names active in the church were: Ashby; Billingsly; Bymaster; Blaydes; Cuningham; Hobson; Long; Keller; Gill; Glover; Payne; Himes; Payne; Scott; Shackelford; Wallace; Zimmerman.

Haw Creek - view 3

Haw Creek - view 2 (thanks Bill Boone)

-- I --

-- J --

-- K --

-- L --

Ladoga Methodist - anyone know information about this one? Thanks Bill Boone for the great pic :)

Ladoga ME Church -- (corner of Franklin & Taylor)

Liberty Chapel - Another long-time church, Liberty Chapel began in April 1835. Ed Quick let the group meet in his log barn for the first five years. The first church sat on the cemetery ground but in 1880 was built across the road from the cemetery. A vestibule, basement, and other improvements were added. In 1835, the elders were: Samuel and Sarah Low; Edwin and Abigail Quick; Adam Thomas; James Vail and Samuel and Elizabeth Potts. Roberts Chapel Church (Richard Breaks, William Hund and William Lowe, first trustees) along with Clarks Chapel which merged with Roberts joined the Liberty Chapel group. Their dedication was in May of 1949. Several of the ministers have been from the Indianapolis Seminary. Liberty Chapel is still in existence today.

Linden-Kirkpatrick United Methodist -- Methodism in Madison Twp, began as early as 1829 with the Ebenezer Church erected in the early 1830s on what has been known for decades as Wilkin's Corner. This church was moved into the town of Linden in 1867 and the name was changed to the Linden Methodist Episcopal Church. IN 1892, the present church was built on the same spot. In 1949, Kirkpatrick and Linden merged together, and in 1968, the name added United becoming the Linden-Kirkpatrick United Methodist Church.

Linden Baptist Church - - September 1936 brought Carlyle (Scotty) Scott back to his hometown of Linden to begin a new course for those interested in the New Testatment. The church first carried that name but in January 1940, then the Linden New Testament Baptist Church, and finally in 1984 the Linden Baptist Church. Manyhave gone on missionary trips.

Lutheran -- see Christ Evangelical Lutheran



-- M --

Mace United Methodist Church - People in the Mace area are mainly from Virginia and Ohio and worshipped in their homes or listened to circuit riders until long into the 1840s. In 1854, a small chapel was built near the present church, the ground having been donated by John Linn. Large revivals were held every few years and by the late 1870s there were over 130 new members from the revivals alone. In 1893, the church was used as a town hall and the present church was built at the cost of $3,000. The first VacationBible School took place in 1942. Many faithful ministers led the church and special gifts and memorials helped keep the church going.

Methodist Episcopal - Crawfordsville --

Milligan Memorial Presbyterian Church -- Thanks to Ron Keedy for a picture of the placque. Now, if I could just get him to take some inside pics :)

Yeah, Ron - he did send me a few inside ones taken at Christmas in 1991 - preacher, Ron Elly - thanks RK --

Mt. Zion --Source: Fredricksburg (Mace) & Mace Station (Linnsburg) and Vicinity, Montgomery Co., IN 1823-1969", by Crystal Pauline Randall Walters in 2004 at the Crawfordsville Library -- Page 22 & 23 - Describes Mt. Zion Methodist church as first being built in the 1840's of logs. In 1853 it lists members who agree to pay the sums attached and annexed for the purpose of erecting a new commodious house of worship. The builders contract read "I William Misner Jr., agree to build a meeting house at Mt. Zion for $171.50, for framing weatherboarding, sheeting, shingling, cornish, two doors, eight windows. floors, p??? (may be paint) "two coats of paint, putting glass in windows, twenty four lights each, material all found, good workmanlike manner. $25.00 to be paid when frame is raised, balance by Christmas next, December 1854. House to be done in good time for plastering this fall 1854, Frankfort, Clinton County, Indiana." Services were held in the church before it was finished. It was on Darlington, Indiana circuit, which included Salem, (two miles south of Darlington) William Misner Jr. was my great-great-grandfather. Bonnie Harper -- thanks muches Bonnie for sharing -- I'll try to get a pic of the church SOON :) kz

-- N --

Nazarene -- see First Church of the Nazarene

New Market Baptist Church - see Baptist Church - New Market

New Market Christian Church -- In 2014, the "He-Brews Too" Coffee House is open every Wednesday morning from 9-11 a.m. in the old Annex.

New Market Methodist Church -- Spring of 1872 brought Methodists living in the New Market area and the few members left of the Old Finley Chapel Church together to create the new organization called New market United Methodist Episcopal Church. Trustees were Joseph White, Levi Byrd, W.T. Hicks, William White, A.J. Shular, Joseph Witson and John White. Joseph White, their circuit rider preacher left the NorthWest corner of Scott Twp (downtown New Market, southeast side) to be used only for the purpose of building a worshipping place. Many conversions and changes later, the biggest undertaking was the two-story education center. That dedication did not take place until the Summer of 1965 with Rev. Walter Porter at the helm. Current minister is __________. I will get a picture soon

New Richmond United Methodist Church - Highlights for the Methodist of New Richmond include the original building in 1835 called The Old Brick Church. A frame building replaced this church in 1853. A frame church was erected where the present church is in the year 1888 costing $3400. Rev. James Loder was then pasture with the building being completed under Samuel R. Tribby and Rev. George Switzer dedicating it. Brick was added to the outside of a church built in 1918. Rev. John Sayre, chaplain during WWII went to the service of his country. Several projects took place for remodeling and the like. In 1973, Pat Payne, then a member of the church created the "I Am a Methodist," stamp. Mission work has been done by many members.
Several articles here on this church

New Ross Christian Church -- This church dates back to 1865. Portions of the 2011 building are well over 100 years old. The lovely church bell seen in the picture was added in 1883. Several repair and remodel jobs have been carried out. This is one of the higher percentaged churches with ministers and mission workers developing, such as Oscar Kelly; Forrest Graves; Ed Bamish; Paul Eddingfield; Floyd Rhoads; George Markey; Robert Sparks and Jean Poland.

New Ross United Methodist -- The New Ross church stems from a log cabin church back in 1830 called "Brown's Chapel." Rev. Thomas Brown and wife, Susannah came from Lee Co, Virginia to begin such church. In 1859, the log church was replaced with a framed one under the directorship of Rev. Joseph White. The beloved Rev. Brown died the next year (July 8, 1860) and was buried in the churchyard his beloved Susannah joining him in a few years (July 25, 1871). The graves were neglected in the ensuing years and with agreement of Rev. Brown's other churches he had nurtured, he and Susannah were removed (1983) to the Montgomery Cemetery at Lizton and clean, repaired monuments then marked their graves. Some of the parishoners decided they would like a church in town (New Ross) and the church grew so quickly, that in 1877 a new brick church was built at the cost of $3,000. At the 1989 writing of Family Histories of Montgomery County, Indiana, (Paducah, KY: Turner Publishing) the church was at a peak with Rev. Jeffrey Barnes as pastor.

-- O --

-- P --.

Potato Creek Methodist Episcopal Church - Sunday School in Darlington 1931

Presbyterian Church - Waveland - this current Waveland Church basically is a combination of the Presbyterian and Methodist and is called the Waveland Covenant. An interesting service was advertised in the Waveland Independent, June 20, 1907 -- Next Sunday at 11 o'clock the pastor will preach. In the afternoon Prof. J.M. Coyner, Ph.D. who 50 years ago was one of the professors in the Waveland Academy will give a lecture - Woman's WOrk for the Salvation of Women in Utah." In the evening at 7:30 he will speak on the subject, "The Morman Hierarchy, the bitter foe of American Christianity." The lectures are free and everybody is invited.

Presbyterian Church - Ladoga

-- Q --

-- R --

Roberts Chapel -- Source: Weekly Argus News Jan 6, 1900 p 1 The Methodist congregation of Roberts' Chapel dedicated their handsome new church Sunday with fitting ceremonies. The edifice has just abeen complete at a cost of $4000 and is perhaps the largest and best appointed country church in the county. Dr. Bassett of Lafayette delivered the dedicatory sermon. - kbz

-- S --

St. Bernard's Catholic Church - Crawfordsville - the first resident priest was Father Edward O'Flaherty, 1st church built of Virgin timber from the area at the corner of Walnut & North Street in 1859. Five years later, the Catholic school was established. The cemetery began (Calvary) in 1872. On the corner of Pike & Washington the large church of red brick and stone was built in 1876. The present day church was built in 1958. Try their webpage, too :) In 1970, the school closed but has been revamped a couple of times since then.

St. Bernard's Catholic Church - corner of Washington & Pike before it was burned - picture 1874 - note the tower was later shortened & note the power lines and interurban lines - inside this church in 1957

St. James Lutheran Church -- This is a picture of St. James Lutheran taken around 1962. The church was located three miles east of Darlington. It was razed around 1966. A commemorative marker and cemetery are still there. I lived across the road from 1961 until I went off to college in 1968. Regards, Ron Schoen - thanks so very, very much, Ron -- this is awesome.

St. John's Episcopal - Green Street just north of Wabash -- oldest church in Crawfordsville

Sally Milligan Guild - Waveland Prebyterian Church Ladies' group -- Source: Waveland Independent newspaper, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana 29 January 1942 The Sally Milligan Guild of the Presbyterian Church was entertained Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. R.M. Harbeson. Mrs. Elizabeth Peck conducted the devotional services. Miss Helen Kelso gave the program on "China." The nominating committee appointed was Mrs. Harry Machledt, Mrs. Jake Glascock and Mrs. Mike Grimes. The program committee was Mrs. J.M. Milligan, Mrs. Frank Burrin and Mrs. H.H. Grice. A social hour followed and lovely refreshments were served by the hostess. -- kbz

Shannondale -- about 1920 - CDPL photo (by David Palmer Shannon) (note that Georgia Shannon marr Charles V. Jones 7 April 1921 played piano for the church from age 10 on - and never used music just played by ear)

Smartsburg Christian - June 17th - looks like it'd be about 1905 according to the people on the program

Sunrise United Brethren Church - 1st BSA troop for church in July 1928

Sugar Creek - Primitive Baptist -- assume in or near Darlington -- organized in 1823, one of oldest in Montgomery County

-- T --

Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church -- After multiple meetings in 1894-95, the interest of those in the west part of Crawfordsville shined forth and the Trinity Church began. A plethora of money making projects paid for not only the $7500 original building but additions, renovations, and a new church built and dedicated in Febraury 1959. I loved the comment the historian wrote in the 1988 Family Histories in regards to the important of and history of the church: "The intellectual, moral and religious influences are all beyond human calculation."

Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church - quartet for lack of a better time, about 1930 - anyone know - men are: George Walters; Art Risher; Lester McClamroch and Wm. Roberts -- thanks soooooo much to Mary Jo M. for these three quartet pictures -they're so awesome!!!!!!!

Trinity Methodist Church quartet - different view - William Roberts; Lester McClamroch; Art Risher and George Walters

Trinity Methodist Church quartet, plus pianist Nell Swank Shortridge

-- U --

Union Chapel UB Church - On 1/2 acre of land in Sec 29, Twp 18, Rg 5West, four men (Samuel Demoret, Sam Jr, John Busenbark and George Surface began the building of the United Brethren Church with a one-room rectangular, wooden structure. A belfry called the people in for worshipping. The corner stones were from Alexander Weir's quarry. Rev. Samuel Swek (Zuck) was the first minister. Ano Gunkle of Crawfordsville was the first convert. In 1927, the building received a total remodelling. The church had its glory days but in 1965 was disbanded -- Bev Rice gives directions: East of 400 W on 450 S. It set approximately 4 houses 20160 beside 3rd house in weeds -- east on 400 W on the north side of the road.

-- here is an article on its inception -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Star Dec 8, 1887 -- "Bal Hinch" A great many of the people of this vicinity attended the dedication services of the United Brethren church on last Sunday. Bishop Keppart preached the dedication sermon. They lacked $13.50 of having the money made up and they made up by subscription and cash $40.23. - -THANKS Bob, Chris & Bev for all the help - and thanks to Cheryl J. for the pic of the inside- love it :)

Union Vespers - Waveland church together -- Source: Waveland Independent newspaper, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana 29 January 1942 The fourth Union Service was held last Sunday afternoon at the Presbyterian Church, this time with all four ministers and a large number of visitors present. Rev. Hartling delivered the sermon, while Rev. Elmore led in prayer, Rev. McBrayer led the responsive reading and Rev. Hessel conducted the singing and benediction. Mrs. Hessel played the piano. The next Union Service is planned for February 15 at the Methodist Church with Rev. Elmore preaching the sermon. - kbz

-- V --

-- W --

Wabash Avenue Presbyterian Church -- One of if not the oldest churches in Crawfordsville, this church served many of the

Wabash College Chapel (thanks, BB)

Waveland Baptist Church -- this church was built as a Presbyterian, used as a Methodist and also a Baptist. Different view -- you might see this church below as one of the others.

Waveland M.E. (Methodist Episcopal - see Waveland Covenant for more information on this church - another one of the newer Methodist Church but before it was remodeled with the new big, front steps

Waveland Covenant United Methodist Church -- In September 1965, under the guidance of Rev. Walter Porters, the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches of Waveland formed the above church. Methodism in Waveland went back to a circuit rider preaching at the McCormick home just north of Waveland in the year 1825. It was not until 1842 when this organization was deeded property from John & Lucinda Milligan in order to construct a church, this church being a rough, wood structure replaced by a brick building in the late 1860s. The first parsonage was presented to the church in 1878 by Andrew McCormick. In 1828, the Waveland Presbyterian Church organized and church was held November 28th. One of the three founders of Wabash College, Rev. James Thompson headed-up this group. Strict discipline reigned with the first churches in this area. Although a small group in 2012, wonderful folks still attend and put forth effort for the community / church.

Waveland Christian - see Christian

Waveland Presbyterian (after adding on front -- see other above)

Waynetown Christian - see Christian

Waynetown Methodist - CDPL - need to find out some info on this one :(

Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church (Wesley Chapel) -- 1st church made of logs - erected 1845 - new church (built at cost of $5,000) dedicated January 5, ? (not sure of year) - article on that dedication

White Church --July 4, 1915 -- just before the 2nd curve of the S-turn on the Colfax - Linden blacktop in Montgomery County. This is thanks to Lynne Ream whose father was born very near this church. Thanks L :) Awesome pic ! - Also, this is information from the "Towns" page -- 22 Oct 1897 CWJ-- Names in the CWJ 1897 listing are Sylvia Harshbarger, Mrs. Margaret Caves (who was listed in Kirkpatrick) D.C. Campbell (Sugar Creek - section 10 in 1895 --- ?? 1897)- thanks to Suzie. Jerry Turner sent an article from the Weekly Argus News of 10-28-1899 with names such as Rettinger; Cobb; Cook; Campbell; Dunbar. -- Source: Gospel Messenger Offering 1888 Bro. T. C. Dunbar, of the White church, Montgomery Co., Ind., under date of Feb. 19, writes: "Bro. Michael Flory came and opened a series of meetings on the evening of Feb. 1, closing the 17th; in all delivering twenty-three sermons. He did not shun to declare the whole counsel of God, neither is he ashamed of the gospel of Christ. As an immediate result, eight precious souls were buried in baptism, to walk in newness of life. There are three more applicants, which will make eighteen added to the church during this winter."

Whitesville Christian -- very active church in 2016

Woodland Heights Christian Church -- Woodland Heights is one of the newer churches in Montgomery County, Almost 200 people attended the ground breaking ceremonies for the church in May of 1965, the church being designed for 500 seating. The church was dedicated the day after Christmas that year. Revereance Don Sharp from Hoopeston, Illinois lead the church to its formation. Today, 2012, the church is still thriving. On May 4, there was a 50th Anniversary service. I'll get a pic soon :)

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Young's Chapel -- I don't have a pic of Young's Chapel (does anyone? But, here is a little history. Young's Chapel is a spin-off of the Crawfordsville First Christian Church. One hundred and sixy years ago, on November 5, 1853, the Willis and Champion families decided a church closer by would be good and created Mount Vernon Church of Christ, which is now known as Young's Chapel Christian Church. It wasn't until November of 1871 that a church was built on the present site (previously had met at Mt. Vernon School but a fire destroyed that building). This is when it became Young's Chapel in honor of the first minister, William Young. Because of a large influx of members, a new building was built in 1905, with the cost about $5,600. Over 400 attended the dedication. Overhauls and additions have been made, but the church is basically the one built in 1905. Dorman Winger in 2013 is minister. What a great return since Dorham and wife, Carolyn were members of the church 50 years ago. Hamm, Kessinger, Shelton, Rush, Crum, and Elmore are some of the names associated with the church throughout the years. (Information taken from: "Church to mark 160 years, by Bob Cox." Crawfordsville Journal Review Nov 2, 2013 p 1.


Yountsville Community Church -- A fire broke-out in this church in November 2011, and devastated the whole county. I'm not sure what the status is, however. The church was founded back in 1832and the date of the church itself is nearing 175 years. Ancestors of some of the present day parishoners date back to the original group. Sending prayers their way -- read about the church burning in the article below and check The Paper of Montgomery County to read more. - picture of burning

Yountsville Church Burns

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