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***As my years go by as a writer of genealogical columns and working now on the 19th year on this site, questions about photographers in the area abound. It's something I've wondered about often myself so .... here ya' go -- ENJOY!***

Note: This is an overview (and will hopefully be changing a great deal with new additions and information as time progresses) of photographers who worked in Montgomery County -- kbz.

Let me know if you can help with any on these folks -- Mary Jo Mensie asked me about them and I've often wondered myself so I just thought I'd make this page !! It might help someone identify photographs which is the purpose of the section!! Do you know more about any listed? More to list? PLEASE HELP !!! This may take years to finish up - my original idea was to just do the older ones but then I kept thinking of wonderful people I knew and appreciated who were photographers, such as Joe Boswell and Myron Banta, so I guess it will have about all the ones we've ever had but may take a very long time to "git 'r dun!"

Thanks to the Crawfordsville District Public Library for several of the images on this page! Note CDPL and I would like to have any pictures you so desire to share with us :)

BANNER -- Other than a name on the following picture from CDPL, I know nothing about this business -- picture is of John Keesee.

BANTA, Myron -- If I can find it, I'll put my picture that Myron took and his wife (one of my favorite teachers), Myrtle Pope Banta hand-painted. He was a photographer and jewelry owner/watch repairman in Waveland in the 1940-70s. She hand colored many senior pictures in that time frame. His photo business was referred to as "Myron's Photo Shop!" Lots of his pictures were in the Waveland Independent and Tri-County News. He was almost always there to take pictures at Norman Walker's recitals and photographed many weddings. See this 1964 photo of Mr. Walker's music students taken by Myron. P.S. I'm the grouchy one in the back row between the two guys (Darrell Wiatt and Bob Lewellen) with the wing-backed glasses (hey, they were in during that time frame) :)

BLACK, W.H. -- J.D. Gilliland who used to live in Waveland, Indiana sent me this one -- it is of Herman Gilliland who was born 21 March 1896 and died 9 February 1898. He is sitting up so this must have been right before his death. How amazing to have this picture. It is also to date (March 2013) the only one I have by photographer William H. Black. I assume Black lived in Waveland at the time of this picture but by 1900, he was in Waynetown, listed as "photographer" (born in Indiana September 1865 married for 9 years) with his wife Onie born June 1874 and two children, son Oris (b August 1891) and Moria (August 1894). It seems that WH Black and wife were divorced. He lived with his son in the 1910 census. He is probably the William H. Black, son of David Black and Catherine Cunningham, born in Fountain County, and was orphaned-out to Sebastian Stonebraker.

BOSWELL, Joe -- an amazing photographer, Joe mostly does fun things for friends nowadays (he's fab at sharing sports pics with all of us) -- much of his reproduction work was seen in the 1970s-90s in the Montgomery, Your County Magazine under the tutelage of Editor, Pat Cline. Joe had a studio in his home at that time, as well! Wonderful man. Great wedding photographer, also!!

BOWMAN -- unknown first name at present - in business in at least early 1960s.

BRAMBLETT, William R. -- According to the 1874 People's Guide for Montgomery County, William Bramblett was a "first-class photographer" and his work was guaranteed. He came to Montgomery County in 1873 and was gone by 1884 when his daughter, Cora was born in Minnesota. His photo gallery was over the Post Office (East Main) in Crawfordsville. It is known that in 1878, he boarded at the Nutt Hotel. Basically, little is known about this early photographer.

BRIER (James H. Brier, Brier's Studio) -- late 1930s at least but he was working as a control clerk @ Raybestos by 1956. This picture (thanks to CDPL) is of the Summer Carnival & Electric Show and is likely at the Square Corner Hardware, Linden, owned by Robert and William L. Royer.

BUCK, Thomas J. - Standard Photo Company -- Thomas J. Buck was born in Missouri 8-3-1859 and was the son of Samuel Buck who lived in Clinton County, Indiana. In 1870, Thomas was a farm laborer. Thomas married Sarh Ann Reichard Bishop in Crawfordsville (9-29-1882) by M.E. Bates, a local Baptist Minister. This couple had two daughtes, Maude and Bessie. In 1895, he owned his photography business in Room 6 in the Joel Block. In 1900, he was listed as a salesman and in 1910, back in his native county, he was a Christian minister. He passed away six years later on March 23, 1916 and is buried in Greenlawn Cemetery in Frankfort.

CAMERA CRAFTSMAN -- long-time photo place first at 227 E. Main and then 117 S. Washington. Existed from 1966-1996. Those associated with the studio were: B. Fred Butz; Mark Romesser; and Pat & Bob Cunningham.

CHAMPION -- name is sometimes seen as "Champion" and other times as Champion & Ficken. The three ladies in the picture below are unidentified. The baby is Zola Ingersoll, but I can not find anything about her to help date the photo, and thus, the photographer. The Champion was Allen Champion born probably in Decatur County, Indiana in July of 1852. He was a photographer here at least from 1880-1900. By 1910, he lived alone although he was married and had at least one child, possibly more, in Greensburg and working as a photographer. He died in Crawfordsville eleven days before Christmas in 1912. I'm still working on the Ficken. Anyone know? Thanks to Suzy A for the refurbishing of the last of the 3 pictures, Mary Ingersol - you rock, Suzy! It is assumed that Champion & Beatty is him as well with a partner (thanks, JD for this one)

Thanks muches to Dan Jolley for this nifty pic and cool look at Champions in
C'ville. Iva LeClare & Ethel May Goff about 1904.

CHAPMAN, Moses V. -- Moses was born in New York, son of David and L. Lose Chapman, in May of 1827. Most of his life was spent in Fountain County, Indiana where he was first a prominent cooper and later a photographer. He spent from at least 1878 - 1892 in Crawfordsville where his photography shop was on Main Street opposite the courthouse (upper floor over "10" E. Main). M.V. Chapman, Chapman's Photographic Gallery and Chapman's New Palace Gallery were the names of his photo business while here in Montgomery County. One of his specialties was to copy and enlarge old, faded photographs, which he advertised in 1878. He lived on the north side of Pike & Walnut Streets. Jay D. Gilliland sent me a couple from Chapman & Son - it is assumed this is him also but not sure at this point :) Thanks JD. You can also see a neat picture on the photograpers page of Fountain County for him and there is more information there, as well. Very talented man - thanks to Sue W also for sending an unknown young man who is probably a Peterson

CLARK, H.H. (Hiram H) -- Found one picture by this photographer, a young man who is unknown. Dan Jolley (on Christmas) sent me his great grandmother, Iva LeClare Goff's picture taken by H.H. Clark - thanks, Dan. Since she was born in June 1884 and looks to be about 6 months old (love that dress) we now can pinpoint a time frame for HH Clark to have been in business in our fair city from at least 1884 until about 1900 when he went originally to Elwood, then to Indianapolis where he continued his work in photography. He was the son of long-time Montgomery County residents, Squire Clark and Elizabeth Jones. I suspicion his grandfather is Hiram H. Clark, buried in the Hutton Cemetery here but not sure yet. Hiram, the photographer married Bertha Warfield on 14 Feb 1883 in Montgomery County. They were the parents of four children who mainly did not marry: Ethel; Mary; Raymond and Wayne. Would love to find more on this photographer and thanks so much to Dan for tackling information on him. See his obituary here: Clark, Hiram H. Thanks to Jay D Gilliland for more photos :)

COLUMBIA -- In 1922 city directory only so again, this may have been one that set-up shop, and then left soon after - 109 1/2 South Washington.

COUTANT -- Jodie Wilson, Crawfordsville Local History Librarian, wrote a wonderful piece on Nellie Coutant, in the Hidden History of Montgomery County, Indiana published this year, 2012. Nellie received a camera from a friend and off she went. Winning state, national and international competitions, in 1904 she was "too well known to be discussed," in the American Amateur Photographer, yet when she died in 1953, being a photographer wasn't even mentioned in her obituary. She grew up in Crawfordsville, lived at 705 South Water Street, and was the daughter of Chauncey and Isabelle Groff Coutant. She graduated at the top of her class from CHS in 1889. Although she didn't get rich as a photographer, she did indeed rack up some prize money as well as commissions. In 1900 she was listed as a "notary republic." After her brief but impressive photography career, she worked at the Supreme Tribe of Ben Hur insurance company. Sadly, much of her work has been lost to posterity and few of the pictures she did take had her name engraved as you see others had in the examples of the work here. She seemed to really like nature as it is seen in many of her pictures.

CRAWFORDSVILLE PHOTO & Hobby Shop -- was located at 113 S. Walnut in 1961. Had to be one of the first businesses with a double phone #. Adams 4-2358 and EMerson 2-1487

DAY & NIGHT -- This one was found in the 1914-1917 city directory at 107 1/2 E. Main - in 1909-1910 there was Hoskins & Swarat at the same place and Frakes in 1907 there. The building must have had very good lighting for picture taking. Day & Night was run by two brothers, Fred C. & WJ Kuhnle out of Lafayette. It was also known as Caron's. This photo is Grace Gilliland from Waveland, Indiana and is probably in 1914 (or '15), likely a graduation photo.

DEMAREE -- here is a picture of Harry Freedman who was a department store owner taken by "Demaree." The Demaree on his pictures were more of a light watermark versus some you see throughout this page. John "Carl" Demaree was born March 20, 1886 in Parke County, the son of Davis and Mary Galey Demaree. Carl was a barber (at Fern & Alex's) before becoming a well known photographer, but I don't believe he was in this profession long, probably about his last 20 years. City directories list him as a barber through 1934 and a photographer from 1936 on. His home was at 213 W. Pike Street but to date, not sure where in Crawfordsville his studio was. Since it listed no other addresses in the city directories, it is likely his studio was in his home on West Pike. Married to a Waveland business man's daughter, Edith Lucas, they had two daughters, Mary Elizabeth and Mildred Beatrice, neither of whom stayed in the area. A graduate of Waveland High School, he moved to Crawfordsville in 1922 and remained there. An active member of the Methodist Church and Masonic Lodge, Carl is buried in the Crawfordsville Masonic Cemetery. He died 9 March 1954 at his home.

DOOLEY -- Waveland, Indiana -- my wonderful brother, Larry B, found a cool picture from this studio - I had never heard of it and I live in this little 'ol place :) I do think this doll is creepy - big-time! The child looks like a boy, but is "Daisy Hunt" who is the daughter of John and Dorcas VanCleave Hunt. Daisy was born in May of 1883 so this dates the picture about 1885 or so. A Jerome Dooley is the only Dooley in Waveland at the time of the 1880 census but he is listed as a "farmer." How exciting -- another Dooley one (assume Gilliland boys - thanks JD) but still NO CLUE who the Dooley is.



DOYEL, Lee S. -- is listed in Polk's Crawfordsville City Directory in 1954. Problem is, I can find only ONE Lee Doyel in our area. The Lee I believe it might be (although he is found as a mechanic in every census and on his WWI draft information and WWII volunteer papers. IF this is the Lee Conan Doyel, son of Elza and Cynthia Whiteacre Doyel I believe it probably is, he enlisted at Ft. Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis on the last day of September 1942 after having spent a year in Guards. This Lee died in Bradenton, Manatee, Florida on the 9th of September 1978. In the 1940 census he was single but was married when he went to the service. The Doyel Photo place was on 1414 W. Wabash in 1954. How long it was there or if Lee Conan Doyel is the Lee who did the photography is not known. Obviously, I'm needin' some more work on that !! This helps .... a lot - thanks Kathy. "Karen, you list my uncle Lee Conan Doyel as a photographer-- you are right, he was a jack of all trades. I never knew his "shop" on West Wabash Avenue as a photography studio, but he had a fine collection of cameras -- and radios -- and recorders of all types (wire, wax, you name it) in the shop. In the mid-1950's, he took a job installing Musak (elevator music) in a number of buildings in Indianapolis. They built a home in Carmel, Indiana, and my aunt moved her teaching career to the Carmel-Clay school district, from which she retired in the late 1960's when Edie and Lee moved to Bradenton, Florida. I have photos he took of civic organizations in Crawfordsville, and of bands he played in, but none are marked with a photographer-imprint. Oh, yes -- he was a play-by-ear pianist and bassist, and apparently a darn good bass player. He invented an electric bass when he was in Florida! Kathy Lynch > Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2015 18:45:11 -0500" I've asked Kathy to send some of his pics she mentions :) kbz

EARLEY -- owned by William H. Early. His photo shop was early on at New Market, next at the Blvd. Mall and lastly at 127 E. Main. From 1967-1981 he was active on the photo scene. Here is a picture of his - Pete Metzelaar of Wabash College basketball. W.H. Earley was a private in the US Army during the Korean conflict and is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery. Born: 9-22-1930 died: 10-22-1977, still quite young. One of his specialities was wedding pictures and many can be found in the old Crawfordsville Journal-Reviews of the 70s.

FOSTER -- owned by Colin M. Foster in 1965-66 and located at 111 E. Market (Polk's city directory). Imagine this is Colin McKinney Foster from Fountain County whose parents were Paul Foster and Marjorie McKinney. Colin was married in Montgomery County in 1964 so must have began his business almost immediately upon starting out as a newlywed. Then again, it could be another Colin Foster.

FRAKES -- (Daniel F) -- was born 20 October 1872 died 19 May 1913 and is buried in Fairview Cemetery in Linton (Greene County) Indiana. He married in Greene 17 August 1892 to Deborah Priest. Daniel had a fairly rough life. The birth places of both parents were listed as "Unknown" in the 1900 census. He and Deborah lost a young son. D & D divorced in 1911 in Montgomery County. The family with their two daughters, Marjorie and Lola are found in Greene County in the 1900 census and Daniel is listed as a photographer. It is known that he is in Montgomery County in 1907 at least since he had his photography studio at 107 1/2 E. Main. They are also on the 1910 census here living at 410 Water Street and listed as a photographer. His daughters married here but Dan died 19 May 1913 and was taken back to Greene County to be buried in the Fairview Cemetery. Would love to have a photo of his to share with you, but alas just this little bit of info is all we know :(

FRANZLAU Photo Shoppe -- owned by William A. Franzlau -- located at various places in downtown Crawfordsville (115 1/2 N. Washington; 125 1/2 E. Main and 122 1/2 N. Green) - although he was still living here in 1942 it seems he was retired at that point. He may/may not be the same William Andrew Franzlau 1-23-1870 born St. Louis, Missouri died 3-10-1958 St. Louis - no stone marks his grave (Valhalla Cemetery Sec 20 Lot 185) - son of Frederick & Minnie (Kumdiede) Franzlau and "husband of Alyina." Although there are other Franzlau's in this cemetery, not sure as to the relationship, although Harry O. Franzlau 1885-1926 was a photographer and Louise Franzlau in the 1940 St. Louis (Ward 22) census, gave "photo finisher" as her occupation. See photos done by William A. Franzlau - thanks to CDPL. Since there are no obituaries (local) or marriages or anything putting him here other than the city directories, the William buried in St. Louis at Valhalla Cemetery, could easily be him.

FREEMAN, W.H. -- the photos below were taken by Freeman (Ladoga, Indiana) about


HENKEL Brothers -- located in Ladoga, Indiana this picture below of Samuel G. Smith and his (likely bride) wife, Nora Rains was probably their wedding picture in 1892. You'll notice the couple changed little in the other picture which was likely taken in the late 1900s. It is known that Simon Henkel is one of the brothers who was a photographer in Ladoga in 1900 (census) but he died later that year. Still searching for the other brother :) Anyone know anything on the Henkel Brothers or Rev. Smith please let me know :) Thanks kz & thanks so very, very much to Harriet W for this nifty look at history!

HILL, Dwayne -- Storybook House -- below, one of my fav places in C'ville - was taken it looks like in 1993. I'm not sure if Dwayne was an amateur photographer, worked for one of the newspapers or what but there are several photos on the Crawfordsville Dsitrict Public Library site taken by him.

HIRSHBURG -- Morris Wesley Hirshburg was a photographer on (123 1/2, later 210) East Main Street in Crawfordsville for many years from at least 1900 - 1930. Born in Scottsburg, Indiana, June 25, 1888, the son of John Morris and Maryetta Norris Hirshburg, his blue eyes, light brown hair, and slender build, along with his interesting personality drew people to his photo gallery. It seems Morris received his profression from his father who was also a photographer for many years in the GAR building at 8th & Main in Richmond, Indiana. The picture below, a representative of his work is of Lilian Goldman



HUGHES, A.S. -- Although I can find no photographs by him, I believe he may have been one of the earliest photographers in Montgomery County. Listed as a "Degarian Artist" in the 1860, he is 39 years old and he and wife, Martha (age 38) are both born in Ohio. They are not listed with any children of their own but they have two children listed as "domestic" (Sarah McCormick age 7 born NY and John Bailey age 9 b Ohio) in the census. The next year a large ad in the city directory showed Hughes working in "daguerreotype, ambrotype, melainotype and as a photograph artist." His rooms were in rooms opposite the courthouse on Vernon, between Washington and Green. "None cheaper and none better - pictures taken in all kinds of weather," is listed as his motto. He is listed as establishing his business in 1855 which is my proof to my idea he is the first photographer in town. In 1870, John Bailey is stil living with them and is listed as a shoemaker, A.S. is a photographer still. He is not in the 1880 census or our cemetery records, nor is she so it is assumed he moved on with his business.

JAMESON (JAMISON), Hugo -- owned and operated a photo gallery in the 100 block of East Main in Crawfordsville in the years about 1920-1935

- this is the only picture that CDPL has by him

"Whitesville School Grade 4, 1936." The people pictured are (from left to right): "Esther Manges (teacher), Gloria Zachary, Paul Massing, Betty Newlin, Bob Mangus, Irene Davis, Gras? Ward (last part of the first name is illegible), Joan Ray, John Beebe, Delores Davidson, Phil Zachary, Joe Zachary, Barbara Groves, Kenneth Pearson, Lorene Rozen, Donas Ward, Maxine Hays, Gayle Smith, ? Weir, Darrell Hipes." Part of this picture has been torn off (on the far right you can see only half of a boy's head, and the picture slopes down at an angle). This picture was taken in front of the brick school building.

KENYON, Wylie -- I have always been fascinated with Wylie Kenyon for some reason. His subjects in the 1870s were prominent people of the community (Hovey, president of Wabash; Elstons and Blairs). Wylie was born in Wayne County, Indiana 21 July 1822 and passed away in Crawfordsville on 14 March 1900. He married Mary Elizabeth, one of the daughters of Yountsville miller, Obijah O'Neal. The boy shown here is Henry Lane Wallace, who was born in 1853 (9 Feb) and looks to be about 10. The photography business at one time was called W. Kenyon's California Picture Gallery, but why California is yet to be discovered.

Note: Wiley was multi-talented and was a fabulous bee keeper - he even received a "Letters Patent" on a "new Bee Have" and the Crawfordsville Star on Feb 13, 1872 noted, "May he have sweet success!"

KYLE, J.W. -- although John W. Kyle's main job was wagon maker, he also made and sold frames. Along with this line of work, he took the pictures to go in those frames. He lived in Ladoga and was the son of John Kyle who was also a wagon maker. To date, no known photos exist of his work but bet there are some out there somewhere :)

LAWRENCE, Theodore C -- Lawrence must have done well as a photographer (or was a super money-manager) as he was only in the business a few short years (about 1878-1895 or so perhaps shorter) and was thereafter listed as living on his "own income." He also did some notary public business. Thanks so much for Suzy A for this one. She's always so helpful :) This may be one of the earliest of his photos and is of Suzy's great great grandparents, Aaron and Sophia Everson Thompson.

LAWSON -- This one has me STUMPED -- anyone be able to help. I know it was Lawson Superior Finish Photography about 1895 when Nellie Remley was married and it was Lawson & Ficken about 1889. I can't find any Fickens or Lawsons in the census records - may be able to find them in some city directories when I get to the library sometime - anyone help??? DO love the little guy's outfit don't you? Fred Shanklin at about age 8 (born 1871) had his picture taken by them so that gives about at least a 25 year span. They evidently were quite prolific as the CDPL has a great deal of their work preserved. The young boy with the dog is Charles Bennett Gilliland, born 21 July 1873 (thanks, JD for this great pic)

LAYNE'S STUDIO -- In the 1898 Atlas of Montgomer County, Indiana "Layne's Studio was on the 'ground floor' oppositite (sic) terminal station" in Crawfordsville. The studio was in existence until at least 1921. Here are photos taken by the Layne studio but they have no markings (CDPL has others, but again, without Layne Studios marked on them).

McCONNELL, J.W. -- in a Crawfordsville Weekly Journal article, June 16, 1853, J.W. McConnell notes that "All work signed, sealed, warranted, and delivered," by himself. His "McConnell's Miniature gallery" moved to "Washington Hall," on the 3rd story. Never heard of Washington Hall, boy, am I going to have to check thar farther. He purports that having the room is a big advantage and he is "now prepared to do work in the best style, of all sizes from half Place down and at all prices from $1 up!" As many of the early photographers noted, McConnell too said that the weather made no matter.

MARTIN, Bertram -- listed as a photographer in Darlington during the 1900 census - can not find him in the 1910 census but he dies in Louisville, Kentucky in 1916. Can't imagine anyone else would have taken these pictures of his parents.

MOODY, John A. -- some of you may have gone to John Moody to have your picture taken - I know I did when he had his business in the 1940-60s (perhaps earlier or later). He took photos in his home on the southwest corner of Green & Wabash (303 S Green). Although these two particular pictures do not have his "Moody Studios" on them, they are both awesome pictures, one of the Journal-Review carriers and the other of the Presbyterian Church in Crawfordsville. Also, the Crawfordsville District Public Library has well over 300 pictures of his and they would have those stamps on them. Many people you may know :) They are not however online but you can see them at the library. That place ROCKS!! Oh, and do you know any of the boys below?


NICHOLSON, John --Nicholson was born in Jefferson County Indiana on 12 July 1825 and had more than one successful career. First, he was a farmer , next he guarded prisoners in New Albany at the state penitentiary, he then worked as a carpenter making Windsor chairs (one of which may be seen in his photographs). In Columbus, and Franklin, Indiana, he painted signs and homes. In the the winter of 1851, he studied daguerreotyping and other photography skills then went with that work for the rest of his life. It was not until the end of May in 1879 that he took up residence in Crawfordsville and became one of its best photographic men. His gallery was on Main Street and went at least until into the 1920s at least, perhaps later. He was twice married and fathered 5 daughters and two sons who were in the business with him. Thomas, especially flourished with the business. It is said that he "took infinite pains with his work and dealt honestly and courtesly with his customers." Thomas married Wiley Kenyon's daughter, Anna. In the In the 1898 Montgomery County Atlas p 28, Nicholson & Sons proported to be the "leading fotografers" of Crawfordsville at 118 1/2 East Main. The ad read, "When you want a fotograf of any style or kind and a cheap price, give them a call." They listed several prizes at the county fair and state conventions that they had received. The photo of the baby boy with the dog is Charles Bennett Gilliland (born 2 July 1873) so this picture must be about 1874-5. -- Source: Weekly Argus News March 14, 1896 p 3 - John Nicholson has been elected VP of the State PHotographers' Association for the coming year! Same source: At the 2nd annual convention of the Indiana State Photographers held this week at Indianapolis, Nichols & Sons, of this city got two first prizes in Class A & B. They recured the same honors last year, it will be recalled. Their display of prize pictures are in Bischof's windows. Don't fail to take a look at them they are beauties.

Photo of boy is Walter Swan (again thanks to CDPL images) ; second his brother, Harry -- note one is printed "Nicholson and the other Nicholson & Sons" -- odd since they are in the same outfits and on the same prop. This would have been about 1885 and John Nicholson's sons would just be beginning their career in the business. I love the unidentified family with the "extra finish" and side view of the Nichols & Sons logo. The adorable "Shirley Temple" child is Janet (Snyder) Lambert who went on to become quite a famou children's author.

PERSONALITY -- Yep, we had "Personality" in 1946 at 105 1/2 E. Main according to the Polk's city directory for that year. John F. Wharton was Sales Manager so it might have been quite something as a photo place for its time.

PHOTO FASHIONS -- listed in the 1961 city directory, I guess I should know about this one as I was a teenager but do not know of it. Have to check it further unless some of you know - e-mail me if you do

RETTINGER's Studio -- In the 1898 Atlas of Montgomery County, in the Advertising Section there was a small ad for Rettinger's Studio and a picture of it - "Distance was no object - and they'd photograph anything, any time, anywhere !" The studio was in Darlington. In the picture below (CDPL) it looks like they have hand printed their name/place on the picture :) It may have been new about 1898 and remained in business until at least through the mid 1920s. From the Darlington Herald 3-9-1917 John Rettinger the photographer announces that the last day for penny pictures will be next Wednesday, March 14.


RIDGE Picture Gallery - David T. Ridge - see a picture by him thanks to CDPL - in business from at least 1870 through 1905. (Need to read CDJ 17 April 1905 - this may be the closing of the firm. It is also comical that in the 1880 & 1900 census both he is listed as a Tailor as his his son, William R. Even in 1870 when he should have been listed as a photographer, he is listed as a Dry Goods Merchant. According to this biography, David Thomas Ridge was only in the photography business from about 1868-1870 but he is listed as owning a picture gallery in the 1878-1879 Beasley's City Directory on the southwest corner of Main & Market Street. Here is an ad from the Crawfordsville Star newspaper August 1875. On his death record (#326 Indiana State Board died 610 W. Main, Crawfordsville, Union Twp, Montgomery County, Indiana) - Died April 6, 1905 of Senility. Married wife Elizabeth. Born in Waynesville, Ohio 2-29-1824 Aged: 81 Years 1 Month 16 Days. Signed Dr. SL Ensminger, Crawfordsville. Occupation: Merchant Taylor (sic). Died Crawfordsville. Father: Thomas Ridge b PA. Mother: Jane Campbell b. PA. Informant: Joel Ridge, Indianapolis. Buried April 19th at Masonic Cemetery, Crawfordsville by Undertakers: Carver & Carver


STALLARD, William A. -- lived in the Ladoga area and began his photography career quite young, (age 22) as early as 1870. He lived or at least was taking pictures in Waveland four years later and by the 1880 census, he was in Bourbon County, Kansas farming. He did marry Mary Elizabeth Stratton 26 April 1871 in Montgomery County before going west. It is my guess that there are few pictures taken by Stallard, so the three found at the Crawfordsville District Public Library are probably few of the ones in existence. It would be fun to chase down his six children to see if more are available!

Although I could not find any Stallard photos with his name on them, here is one he took - picture of George Corn and his wife and daughter. Believe it or not, here are two George Corns (both middle initial W) about this time, but I tend to feel from the dress and the child that this is George W. Corn born 20 Feb 1841 died 26 Sept 1917 and wife Hulda Jane Williams, with their daughter Valletta Lillian Corn. Valetta was born 14 April 1869 and looks to be about three, so this would be about 1872 a perfect time for this picture.

STANDARD Photography -- Listed in the 1895 Columbia City Directory, this was located at Room Six in the Joel Block. Thomas J. Buck (see above) was the photographer.

STONE - H.L. -- Stone's photography place was at the corner of Washington and Main Street in 1905-1906 according to the Crawfordsville city directory. I find no HL Stone in a census or any other place - HELP FOLKS :) My guess is that he was a passing photographer for someone else.

SWARAT (& Hoskins) -- Arthur Swarat, age 21 in the 1910 census living with his parents, William A. who worked in a wire mill and Hulda (both born in Germany) is listed as owning a photography gallery. I do believe his brother Edward A. is the one who "made" this card seen on the Crawfordsville District Public Library site, although he is also listed as a wire mill worker. This is under the picture on the image index page -- "Crawfordsville, Ind. 1911. Sent to Miss Elizabeth Officier, Anderson, Ind. 620 West 12st. (Crawfordsville, Ind. Aug 11, 1911. Dear Friend. Here is the card I promised you, I made it myself., a statue of Gen. Lew Wallace one of the men who put C'ville on the Map. Edward Swarat.)"

The Swarat parents were immigrants, father born in Germany, mother and the two oldest Swarat sons born in Russia. They were all naturalized citizens and lived in 1900 on Allen Avenue in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio. Edward himself was back in Findlay by the 1920 census, listed as an accountant but it's not known to date (6-24-2014) where his brother, the photographer settled. Their father must be passed by this time and mother Hulda (with youngest son, Walter) are both living in Wayne County Michigan.

To date, I find nothing on the Hoskins (6-24-2014 - please let me know if you know more about the Swarat OR the Hoskins, please. Thanks muches.

Note: Just found on findagrave the only Arthur Swarat listed Born: 1888 -- perfect as he is listed in the 1900 census as being born June 1888 and buried (Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion County, Ind Section 43, Lot 7087) Feb 3, 1912 - this might be why the gallery was only in existence but a couple of years :( Sad. Also, a couple of the Swarat brothers stayed in our county.

WALL, John -- listed in the 1926 Polk's City directory as having a photography business at 116 1/2 E. Main Street, Crawfordsville. In 1924 & 28, Polk's lists him as photographer at 802 Milligan Street. Seems like this business may have been very short lived. Anyone have any picture by him, PLEASE send 'em our way for this site :) It'd be greatly appreciated

WATERS -- Ladoga -- oh, goodness - no idea who this person is or who the children are (although they might be Wrays, Gillilands or someone pertaining to this family since the picture came from the Gilliland collection.

WELIVER, F.J. - in 1912 he is listed as having his studio at 210 1/2 E. Main Street and in 1914-15 it is located at 111 1/2 S. Washington. The only F.J. Weliver I can find is Frank J. Weliver, who was born in Crawfordsville 11 Jan 1882, the son of Aaron and Nellie Williams Weliver, married Sarah Elsie Earl July 7, 1902 and raised a large family, some of whom stayed in the area. In the 1910 census, he is listed as a "laborer," in 1920 a "laborer at the cement company," and in 1948 when he passed away, they talk about him being a retired grocer. Thus, I may have the wrong FJ Weliver, but still feel fairly confident this is the right man. PLEASE let me know if you know anything else about him. kbz

WILLIAMS STUDIO -- listed in the 1961 city director, it was located at 1114 Danville Avenue but not sure who the "Williams" was - have to research this one more :) Sorry. A photograph of the Alamo Sunday School building project (July 1950) is stamped as taken by K. Williams and H. Stillings of the Williams Studio.

A very exciting Christmas present for me was a note from Dan Jolley (Dec 25, 2012) -- he had this information to add to the Williams Studio question

In addition to being a police officer, Kenneth was also the proprietor of Williams Studio, which coincidentally was the studio which took my senior picture when I graduated from Covington High School in 1967. I have attached the photo I sent you previously as well as several more that include Kenneth’s police ID from 1950 and him in his guise as a photographer. All the photos other than my photo of Kenneth in his police uniform were found on and were submitted by a user named kenbobwill (maybe Kenneth Robert Williams?). THANKS SO MUCH DAN J :)

WILLIS, Abner Denman and his son, Nathaniel Parker -- A Montgomery County native, Abner Willis was born near Alamo on the 14th day of January in 1834. He was the son of Benjamin and Susannah Butts Willis. Starting out as a farmer, Abner went on to become a tinner and then a teacher before finally settling on photography. His first operation was a travelling photograph gallery which he operated but two years, then in 1866 came to Crawfordsville where he had his gallery until 1878. He then moved to Harrisonville, Missouri for three years (and remained with ties thereon) for just three years, returing to Crawfordsville again in late 1869 and having his gallery open until his death in December of 1898. He was an active Democrat, Christian, Mason and reader. He and wife Ellen are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. His son, Nathaniel Parker Willis was a brilliant man, graduating #1 in his class from Crawfordsville in 1890 and receiving the scholarship to Wabash College; however, he passed it up to enter into an apprenticeship in printing. A couple of years later, he became a mail carrier but did not remain with that long either. In 1892, his father was aging and thus Nathaniel "Parker" and his brother Lou helped their mother (see pic below "Mrs. Willis..." -- Suzy Albert also sent a picture that has "Ella Willis" on it and I believe this is Francis Ella Comegys Willis, wife of A.D. Willis who helped him and did some photographic work herself - thanks again, Suzy - the picture marked with Ella Willis is N. Ben and Lizzie Thompson Himes, Suzy's great grandparents and is about 1885-1889) ran the Willis Photography business. He was adept at displaying his work in exhibits (Indiana; Wisconsin; Illinois...), often taking home the best prize. His bad luck in relationships followed him, however as his first wife died shortly after their marriage, and his second wife jilted him. He discovered a liquor cure and wandered for awhile promoting it. He and second wife, Hattie Bell, divorced and she took their daughter, Mary Frances to Arkansas. Following to Little Rock so he could see his daughter, he secured a court date. While in the courtroom, Hattie's second husband, W.Y. Ellis shot and killed Parker Willis. At the trial, compassionate letters to his darling daughter were read and nary a person was without tears. Nathaniel Parker Willis' life was sad but his work lives on! It is obvious according to pic below that at one time the firm was Willis & McQuown but I have yet to find out about that. There are McQuowns in the area at the time but no particular person is known to have been involved in that business. Sometime after 1900, the business was renamed Willis Studio (see pic below). This photo is of Sarah Remley, taken in 1906. I adore this pic. The picture of the young man with his hand on the staircase is John W. Gilliland born 11 August 1871 (thanks to his descendant JD for this one :)

Source: Waynetown Hornet, Waynetown, Montgomery County, Indiana - Lew Willis, representing the William Photograp Gallery of Crawfordsville was here Monday and Tuesday taking order for pictures of all kinds. Mrs. WIllis has made pictures for people of this county for 20 years. Her gallery is on Main Street south of the court house and she would be pleased to have you call and see her work. - kbz

Thanks to Jack R for the great recrop of above :)

WISE, A.H. -- A.H. Wise had quite a thriving business in 1870. He was a newlywed (married December 7, 1868 to Lida Landsberry) with a small son. The problem is I can not find out what happened to him, nor his first name and nothing about his business, either. It is interesting the color in this time frame, however. Nifty. There are some pictures also with F. Wise's Fine Arts Studio and A.H. Wise Photography and Fine Art Gallery. Also A.F. Photo Fashion Studio, 115 N. Water, Crawfordsville. At this time, I believe they are all one in the same because of the time frame, plus there seems to be no other family by the name of Wise in the area then, but it could pan out to be more than one business. Have also included one of my all-time fav Montgomery County folks by Wise's Photographer -- Caleb Mills! Thanks so much to Suzy A for cleaning up this nasty pic - he's quite handsome NOW :) Stay tuned for any additions :) Sue also has a blog about her discoveries for this man :) Here is the mysterious front page

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