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-- Waveland (Brown Twp) Album --

Many of the photos/clippings are compliments of Mike & Sharon McClure Cook - Mike received them from various people in the area. Thanks to Mike Hopkins for one of my favs, the Deer's Mill one with the general store (grocery) showing. J.D. (David) Gilliland has been a great help in providing some unique ones (the Chautauqua, Shades ...). My great brother, Larry B sent me several. Ron Keedy is a recent contributor, as well. Others came from Marianne Burrin Marcussen - see her grandad below --- and Kathy Weaver Dominguez sent me several --thanks EVERYONE so much for sharing them :) KZ --

Note: it looks like some of these are from books but I don't know where/when ?? Sorry

ABOVE PICTURE - 1920 businessmen of Waveland - thanks so much to Jay D G :) Left to right: Frank Carrington; John Gilliland; Harry Moody; Sant Moody; Sam Grimes; Earl Gilliland; Frank Howard; Sherm ? ; George Davis; Paul Moody (on back of picture it said to Lou (Gilliland) from Winnie (love to know who she is). See below their lady's pic - LOVE IT !!!

-- C --

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-- A --

Aerial View, 1972 (thanks to Kathy Weaver for this one, too) Note: this one came out looking awful but the scan I have before putting up to the net isn't too bad - if someone is really interested, let me know and I can send it to you - the old newspaper scans are very hard to get to lookin' good :(

Aikman, John -- see Chicago & Western RR

-- B --

Bank - robbery investigation

Bank - vault after robbery

Bank Sketch & information

Bank - about 1960 (thanks so very much to Kathy Weaver Dominguez for this and many on this page)

Bank - about 1917 (with Charles & Ted Johnson and Helen Shanks) - thanks to JD Gilliland for this one!

Banta Store (or is this Sharpe's?)

Banta Store, front with grocery prices -- so sorry, this one got nixed in a process of resizing photos - sure ould love to have it back if anyone nabbed it or has one :) kbz

Baptist Church -- Baptist Church Sunday School circa 1962 A Sunday School class at the Waveland Baptist Church (uptown where the Sisters Flower Shop and earlier the Hotel and a restaurant for several years) - circa 1962-63 - Thanks to Dave Fullenwider who is the smiley face on the front row - he's a hoot. Great kid ! Also, pictured (thanks Dave) - Gloria Lane back row and Thelma Smith (who owned the Smith Cabins near Shades) 2nd Row: Don Eatkin; Gary Eakin; Leland Miles; Don Barker; Ruth Grimes. Row 1: Deborah Grimes (daughters of Minister, Bill Grimes); Terry France; Dave; Shirley Miles.

Baseball 1908 team (identified) -- most towns in that time frame and up until about 1930 had baseball teams - usually young men out of high school (as are most of these) who had enjoyed playing together if there was a HS team and carried on for 2-5 years until marriage or service or jobs changed their ways ! Probably the best of the pictures -- This group is: front row: Albert Huston; Ben Canine, Chester Crooks, Guy Spruhan; Herb Lough - Back: Badger McCall; Moore Moore; Raymond Hanna; Murray Thomas; Herbert Vancleave and Frank Burrin -- as an intersting note, Guy Spruhan went on to coach the 3 major sports at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington VA, coached in Salem HS and Salem College, volunteered in WWI as an Engineer.

Baseball - County co-champs - 1963 - thanks to Bill Boone (my bros are in there)

Basketball County Champs - 1955 - GO HORNETS :)

Bluff Mills -- this was an area past the turn-off to the Shades State Park -- it is basically the higher region of Deers' Mill area -- here are some articles pertaining to it - thanks mostly to Jerry Turner - he's great sending me things of all of Montgomery County

Browns Valley Band - thanks to Bettie Simpson and Sally Simpson (via JD Gilliland) -- left to right: ? Gilliland; Jess Carrington; Billy Vancleave; Les Carrington; ? Fisher Galey; Jeff Davis; John Goff; John Foster; Walter Davis; Charlie Williams ; ? Charlie Gillialand

Browns Valley Elevator (this is not the elevator there in 2014 -- this elevator was at the railroad tracks. This is in 1960. The present one was built later much farther back from the tracks. Thanks to my wonderful Waveland FB friends for info on this one :) and especially Patty Lewellen Mason for letting me put it on here :)

Browns Valley Baptist (small, white) and Christian (brick) Church - 1960- Patty Lewellen Mason took these pictures for a Bible School project. These are AWESOME ! Additional information - this more Hard-Shell Baptist church was within a quick walk of the more traditional Baptist Church (still standing, not pictured) They only met maybe once/month there - no bathrooms or running water, just the "hard shell" of the church. The Christian was just that for many years and may have been a Presbyterian at one time. It still stands but is -- Thanks PLM

Burrin Store with Jim Robertson & Frank Burrin (like Sharpie's who had SPECIAL treats, the kids went to get Green Rivers at Burrins' - yum - also made a great deal of runs there to get my grandad's horehound candy -yuk) -- see photo at top of page -- again, this one got nixed during an overhaul of the site (trying to make it smaller as some of these pics were HUGE -- so, if you have one of these, that'd be GREAT - then I could replace it - thanks, kbz -- THINK THIS IS THE ONE

Burrin Store with Ray T. Sharp (father of Wilmer Theodore Sharp - see next column - so, as the picture
shows, the Burrins & Sharps were together at some point,
but in the 1960s Burrin & Sharp both had drug stores)

Burrin Store -- thanks so very, very much to Marianne Marcussen, Frank's granddaughter for most of these awesome Waveland post cards. YOU ROCK, MM!!

Burrin Pharmacy - Waveland, Indiana - note the huge round stand of Post Cards -- see order below :) - this is sooo nifty -- several of those post cards are on here thanks to Marianne Burrin Marcussen

Burrin - 10 cent coupon - thanks for Bill Metzger for this one - greatly appreciated.

Burrin ? - Lady in car - sure LOVE to know who she is

Burrin's Order for Waveland area Post Cards (nifty)

Busenbarks - thanks muches Scott - neat picture -- Scott's dad, Paul is the boy surrounded by Flora Payton Busenbark; Emma Risk Payton (in chair) and Nellie Poole Busenbark

Business Men - fish galore ! - this was taken in 1898 and from left to right (thanks Sharon for the names - JD for the photo) -- Fred Stubbins; Chalores Johnson; George Dillman; Bill Harshbarger; Dr. Kent Straughan; Garrie Dillman, age four at one of the cottages at Pleasant View, west of the current Shades State Park

Business Men - about 1920 - thanks so much to Jay D G :) Left to right: Frank Carrington; John Gilliland; Harry Moody; Sant Moody; Sam Grimes; Earl Gilliland; Frank Howard; Sherm ? ; George Davis; Paul Moody (on back of picture it said to Lou (Gilliland) from Winnie (love to know who she is).

Business Women - wives, sisters, etc of the men above -- The pic is inscribed…to Lou from Winnie….guessing this is Winnie Clements (Mrs. George) Davis Far aunt Grace Gilliland Front row in black with glasses about 3rd from right…Winnie Clements Davis (Mrs. George) Just behind her on the..3rd-ish row also with glasses is my grandmother Louisa Gilliland Behind Winnie’s right shoulder on 2nd row is Uncle Sant’s (Sanford’s) wife… (2nd) Catherine Wilhite Moody A photo of her much later with Sant is below for confirmation.. As always and in all things..wish i knew more… Thanks for your work, which is repeatedly remarked on by my cousins and myself. jdg

-- C --

CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) Camp - Shades (I believe this is 1938) -- Fred Bazzani, First Aid Attendant -- Group of CCC men and their names (sorry, the pic didn't come out too great but much better than nothing :) My dad, Fred Bazzani - is in the back row -- first one in white -- John Reynolds, local Waveland man -- Floyd Walden, local man -- three photos above came from this page in the CCC book -- sure glad my daddy kept this book, and my hubby scanned it :) Thanks you two !!

CIRR - Round Table (nifty) - CIRR train in Waveland (thanks to Dave F for this one :)

Canine Brothers Elevator/Mill

Carrington, Frank -- a group of about 12 men with most named. Unknown as to what group they belong to but would say it's likely the Methodist Church. All I have obituaries for mention the ME Church. My first thought was Masons but the building they are leaving seems more like a church and not all of them seemed to be Masons. -- thanks JD Gilliland - he is awesome sending us goodies :)

Charles Patton Grain Elevator -- here is what Peggy Stewart Knepper thought about this picture -- I'm not sure but this Grain Elevator could have been on or close to where I grew up at 201 S. Cross Street, Waveland, Ind.. My parents owned the house on the hill to the creek where a railroad use to go through. My parents said before they bought the house back in 1945 the house was a stop for the train. There was also a cement "like" pool in the back yard by the house and the sidewalk in the front yard had a sidewalk all the way to the S. Cross street that had a circle walk half way down it. Following the creek going east, our family use to call "the hillside" had what we called " horses " we played on. They were made of cement, they might have been maybe 4 or 5 foot tall at one end and about a half foot shorter at the other end, from one end to the other it was smooth swayed "like a sway back horse", and was maybe a foot wide. My parents said these "cement horses" was part of the railroad that came through their land by the creek. I hope this will help and is the answer to your question.

Chautauqua - Introduction Page - July 17-August 1, 1909 -- Shades State Park -- this is the Chautauqua at the Shades State Park - there was one in Waveland proper at one time, also a few years later. A Chautauqua was a big affair with people coming for miles around to hear speakers; see performers and camraderie with friends. So lucky to get a copy of this thanks to Englander (who grew-up in Waveland and whose father was Superintendent of Shades in the 1950s) Jay "David" Gilliland - thanks sooooo very much :)

Chautauqua --This page tells about what there is at the Shades

Chautauqua -- Daily Programs -- July 17 - August 1

Chautauqua -- Police Protection information; charges for meals ...

Chautauqua -- Program & Speakers -- WJ Bryan; Kigo Inui; Rev. Dunston

Chautauqua -- Joseph Griffis, Indiana Tahan; L.B. Wickersham, Reverand; Edward Amherst Ott, Lecturer/author

Chautauqua -- H.V. Adams, Lecturer; Florence Maybrick, killer ... or not ?

Chautauqua -- Musicians -- Doubt Brothers & Sisters; Mason's Jubilee Singers; Chicago Ladies' Orchestra

Chatauqua - Reader, Mrs. Osceolo Pooler; Entertainers - Edwin Brush, Magician and rogers & Grilley (Harp & Humor) -- sorry, this one in the process of being made into a jpg vs a png lost a part of the bottom :( SORRY

Chautauqua -- Pit Parker, Cartoonist; Noah Beilharz, Monolist & Funmaker; Brenton Company, travelogues; Ash Davis, Cartoonist - note: I had trouble loading only this one - you might have to refresh to get it to completely load :) Sorry

Chautauqua -- Hon. Arthur Peck; Dr. Ernest Hofsten; General Information (camping, etc)

Christian Church -- note the neat sign on top - Christian Church erected 1880 - awesome ! This church is still standing and is well taken care of by the Coffman family - greatly appreciated !! This is probably after the entry was changed but not long after the above pic

Chrstian Church Source: Crawfordsville weekly Journal 9 Jan 1873 p 3
Waveland -- The friends of the Christian Church had a large tree on New Year’s eve, loaded down with such things as sacks of flour, meat, sausage, sugar, coffee, tea, lard, chickens (alive and dressed), canned fruit, potatoes, greenbacks, shoes, dresses, etc. all for the benefit of the poor widows and orphans of the village and vicinity. There was a sack of flour for every widow in town. How pleasant it would be if such trees would bring forth fruit more frequently. In our joy and mirth we forget the poor and bestow most of our gifts to our friends. Mr. Morris, pastor of the Christian Church, deserves much praise for taking the lead in this noble enterprise.

Chicago & Western Indiana/ Chicago Eastern Illinois RR -- Enginer, John Aikman; Fireman Cyrus Dillon Bailey. Bailey became an Engineer after and served the RR for many years - Summer of 1907

CIRR - Railroad Station (anyone have this original pic??)

CIRR RR Roundhouse


Top Row: Russell Sharp, Henry Loudermill, Tip Lough, Wint Goslin, Hezekiah Zachary, Emery Cuppy.
Seated: Hiram Pratt, Pony Moody, Arch Scott, M.O. Sullivan, Dick Rusk. Picture taken in front of Fisher Building

Clore, Doren - see Kritz, Frank

Cross Street - South of Green in 1900s

Cross Street, 1913 - sorry, not a very good pic

Cross Street North of Howard 1900s

Cross Street, Colored

-- D --

Davis, George -- see Frank Carrington

Deere Dink (this name is what the picture was tagged --anyone know what this is -- former Wavelandite, JD Gilliland and I think this is what may have become Charlie Moore's store and if so, then this is more a general store vs. a restaurant as I had thought ! Thanks JD) JD noted that the thread box and stools are where he remembered them so agreed, this is the prelim to Moore's store which was below the Masonic Lodge (still there)

Deer's Mill

Deer's Mill - old home across Sugar Creek from the Haskett's home - 1/2 mile up the creek from the bridge - there was no road or path to it - thanks for this nifty photo, Kat D! Note from J.D. Gilliland "I don't know the Haskett house, but think it might be the one where Gary Dillman once lived, to the upriver end of the valley where 234 turns north again. Bunk Haskett…can't remember who he was, but something dim makes me think he worked at the Shades when we lived there."

Deer's Mill Bridge - thanks so much to Jeanna A, a new buddy on Old School Waveland facebook page :)

Deer's Mill in winter with old grocery (general store) on hill - thanks muches, Mike Hopkins

Deer's Mill - see some good history in an autobiography of Fay Welch under Shades - history

Devil's Inn - this is one of the cabins at Shades State Park (from the Crawfordsville District Public Library site) that were used by visitors - would love to know more about the cabins - how many; who built them; when were they all gone ..... :) Do know that there were two I believe when I worked there in 1964-1966 -- contact me if you know more about them - thanks - KBZ

Dietrich Building (gun & sporting goods)

Dietrick, William Alexander - see Garland Dell Mineral Springs below

Dillman, Mabel Lough - (see Post Office)

Dillman, Norman - in ad set-up (cute)

-- E --

-- F --

Fire Department - picture and article regarding the purchase of the 1947 truck and firemen of that period. Others I remember on the department were: Bob Fullenwider; Charlie Moore; France boys (?); Busenbarks; Milligans ... (anyone else remember any, please let me know :) kbz

Football Team about 1906 (may be some or all of the ones in pic below which is 1907 group - may or may not be connected with the school - sure wish I knew some of 'em :)

Football Team playing - about 1905-06 - another scene - same time

Football Team - 1901 - may/may not be connected with the school

Football Team - 1905

Football Team - 1907

Football Team - 1910

Football Team - 1911 & who they are (ahhh, to have that for all of 'em :(

Football Team - 1912 ? -- & who they are :) Love it when they're tagged -- love the post card note too from "Chine" - only Chine I ever knew who lived in Waveland was Chine Barr but I would think this was too long ago for him -- well, he would have been about 20 so guess it could be him - FUN!!

Football - Alamo & Waveland -- about 1920 - anyone know from the cars?? Note: The pic said football, but pretty sure it is baseball !!

Frisz, Joseph W -- (thanks JDG) - this man was overseer of the Shades State Park for several years - the Crawfordsville District Public Library has many photos (see Shades on right for just a portion) of the place in that time frame (1915 +)

Fullenwider, Bob and Chester Hester (again, scan is awful - well, not the scan actually, it's not too too bad about 80% better than what it looks like on the web) -- again, thanks to Kat D - also if you click on the pic you can actually see their faces better

-- G --

Garland Dell Mineral Springs (pre-lim to Shades then Shades State Park - this is a letter written by William Alexander Dietrick to his son on Garland Dell letterhead Jan 27, 1890 - what a great find - thanks so very much Don Coling - you rock, buddy!! page 1 -- page 2 -- photo of Bussard's Roost with Garland Dell on it - from Crawfordsville District Public Library image file - I can usually get a picture cleared up but the tape pieces would not come out of this one :( It's still nifty !! Oh, I LOVE THIS -- a poem about the Garland Dells - from Jim Hammer :) -- and Don Coling just sent me Wm. Dietrick's picture -- whooopeee, tonight has been so much fun 9-5-2016 must be my lucky day - kbz

Gilliland, Harold (Heck) and Brad -- thanks to Jay D. for this one - this is when Heck was superintendent of the Shades (dressed in his uniform) - 1949-1952 - the house behind them was the supt's home

Gilliland, John W - home & family - in country near Browns Valley - about 1897

Gilliland, John W. -- My uncle, John Gilliland, harvesting sorghum with a single row corn picker… Assuming this is after the war as he had a big farm sale and sold most of the farm equipment before he went off to the war.. I can remember about 1949 when he was picking corn by hand. Don Linton…(hi Don if you are still around), was one of those hired hands. cheers jdg

Gilliland - John - Earl - Sherman -- see Frank Carrington

Green Street, Waveland - this is just east of the present-day library - 3 of these 4 homes are still standing :) Neat to see them then & now -- ahhh, if only they'd have taken the other side of Green Street, I'd see my house :( Darn

Grimes, Sam -- see Frank Carrington

-- H --

Halfway House (inn during 1830s + on West side of Waveland - memorial stone on old Waveland Road) -- Halfway House rock -- inscription on rock : A bronze plaque 16 x 20 "Half Way House Lafayette to Terre Haute 1823-1911 Site of the Half Way House or sometimes known as "The Wm. Moore Tavern: for years it served as a tavern, hotel, trading post, civic and political center of the Community in the pioneer days. Gen. Wm. Henry Harrison made frequent stops here during his travels." This was filled out by Remley Herr in the Indiana Historical Bureau, Historic Markers Project, Historical Markers in Montgomery County (IN) binder - CDPL - also added on the rock was "Donated by the Waveland Lions' Club (no date but I'd guess in the late 1950's early 60s - thanks to Jerry Turner for the picture :)

Harmon, George - cleaning his grocery store windows - I adored George - one of my favs in Waveland when I was growing-up there in the 50s and 60s (19 that is) -- kz -- thanks muches to Kat D

Chester Hester - see note on Bob Fullenwider above

High School (first Waveland HS -- built behind the present school house which was built not long ago -- the one I know and attended is is below) kbz - thanks brother, Larry B for this one, too. ON the back of this post card it reads, "This is the school building I attended school. B.M. Spencer" - anyone know who he is? (or she?) Another black/white view of the old High School and a colored one - same photo as this one --

See also the Alumni page - there are MANY more from Waveland and other schools on that page :(

High School & Gym (although this is marked June 1912 the gym was not built until the late 1930s (through a WPA deal) so I'd say this is like 1937-38 -- one below is similar and near the same time

High School in snow - around early 1930s

HS & Gym

HS Class of 1906

Holland, Deere & Milligan - grocers about 1900-1925 ? -Pictured left to right - John Holland; George Faust ? Leverett? and Sid Reddish

Home 1 (this is the large, beautiful home on the corner of 59 (Main Street) and Jackson Street - northwest corner - Dee & Rich Young have lived there for many years and still do in 2011

Hotel Stebbins

-- I --

Inskeep, Richard

IRON BRIDGE -- near Waveland on Sugar Creek - no clue where this was or where it went :(

-- J --

-- James Robertson Building -- see Robertson

-- John Deere 1959 tractor - see Whitecotton, Don

-- K --

Kritz (K of P Hall) Building (that was one beautiful building until recently torn down - what a shame) - better view (thanks for the clean-up, JDG) -- another one slightly different coloring but same pic

Kritz Building (World's Fair Store) - article from paper

Kritz, Frank, Charles Patton; Gilbert McClain; Doren Clore

-- L --

Liar's Bench -- Thanks again to JD Gilliland for this super picture (you can even read the labels in Charlie Moore's store window). My gpa' used to sit on the liar's bench. Lots of "discussions" and probably fish stories told there :) Left to right -- Charlie Moore; Hubert Loudermill and grandson; George Woodcook; Bill Shular (my gpa's best friend so surprise my gpa' isn't there); Nellie (Henry "Nelson") Miles and "Old" Harmon. This pic was sent to "John" who was probably John Gilliland who was in the service - so timeframe is likely about 1942-44.

Lions' Club - Tribute to those who served in the Armed Forces - this aggrevates me somewhat as there are several others (including my father and grandfather - my father lived here over 50 years and my grandfather was born and raised in the area - and there are others, as well plus some were born here, lived here through high school and gone the rest of their lives - not really contributing to the community much or at all) not included; however, I knew most of them on here - they are well deserving and loved & appreciated 'em all - just wish all who served from the area were included :( Must be my band wagon, sorry :) kbz

-- M --

McClain, Gilbert - see Kritz, Frank

McDuffy Cabin - thanks to Dave Fullenwider for catching that I had not noted where this was -- I BELIEVE (not 100% but about 85% sure) that this sat on the property of Lawrence Servies about half way down on the north side of the road going out of town on Highway 59. I vaguely remember it - just an old dumpy place when I was about 4-5 and went with my gpa' to Lawrence's for strawberries and other items he sold. It was long gone by the time I was 13 and did a paper route. - kbz

Machledt, William (Bill) thanks so much to Betty S for this one - I remember Bill well - he ALWAYS had a cigarette in his mouth. I adored his wife, Jeanie.

Machledt, Bill, Jeanie and Freddie - probably Christmas, 1950

Machledt & Servies Furniture Store -- see Sharpies (store on left)

Methodist Episcopal Church -- Green Street - about 1910 ? - this building is still standing but it is not in good shape at all - another view - this had all kinds of orange spots on it - I cleaned up several but still some - sorry :(

Mason, Harriett

Milligan Building -- better view (thanks, Larry Dean)

Milligan, J. "Kenneth" - MUFFY - thanks Betty S for this :)

Moody - Harry; Paul & Sant -- see Frank Carrington

Moody - Thomas N. (Pony) - Livery -- the livery barn in this pic was in the gap< which is still there, just to the east of where Gabby Brooks had his shop (.just opposite the Waveland mural) (on the north side of e Green St., if you don't remember Gabby Brooks' place ). There is still (2013) a concrete pier standing behind the little garage of the first house which would have been the ne corner of the barn. Thanks so very much to Jay D. Gilliland for this COOL picture of yesteryear! -- son Harry standing in doorway

Moore's Store - 1956

Music Students - NR Walker -- "Tri-County News, Waveland, Indiana Sept 3, 1964 p 1 -- A program of solo and ensemble music was given by students of NR Walker, Friday, Aug 22 in the Waveland Christian Church. Appearing on the program were Roxie Bowers, Karen Bazzani, Marjorie Feltner, Margaret Feltner, John VanHuss; Terri Wright; Robert Lewellen; Debbie Wiatt; Tammy McAnulty; Joe VanHuss; Jessica Grimes; Carol Miller; Debbie Bronaugh; Judy Banta; Karen Chadwick; Rita Branstetter; Darrell Waitt; Debbie Foxworthy; Cathy and Linda Niles. Photo by J. Myron Banta & thanks so much to (Jay) D (avid) Gilliland - this is so much improved over the one I had.

-- N --

-- O --

Odes (Wolverton; Whitehead)

--Opera House -- See Milligan Building above

-- P --

Patton, Charles -- see Kritz, Frank

Pennsylvania Railroad Station (bottom of North Hill - this may be when it was just built) - another - same pic - lighting different -- see also Vandalia

Post Office - (Mabel Lough Dillman circa 1918)

Post Office - thanks Karen at the Post Office :) About 1928 - old car in front

Post Office Workers - 1961 - Fred Bazzani; Tressie Simms; Bob Myers; Wayne Simms; ?

Post Office - Wayne Simms (from Kat WD - the scan was excellent but this doesn't look so good - SORRY - we tried)

Post Office - 1961 Dedication

Post Office - old one - in center of Cross Street, west side - thanks, Kathy!

Presbyterian Church and an older one -- this and one below are before the church added on this front

Presbyterian Church & parsonage - nice pic from Jeff S - thanks bud - same as above but different lighting

-- Q --


Thanks to Lyle Hannah who put this nifty (very different view from anything I've ever seen) view of Waveland on the Waveland Facebook page

-- R --

Rafferty's -- see Wave-Inn

Railroad History -- great explanation from the book (pictures also) Ghost Railroads of Indiana (out of print) retold by Greg Crum - thanks so very much Greg :)

Railroad Station - not sure if Waveland's or not but with Waveland pic so imagine so - it does not look like the ones I remember however but could have been the first one built as the RR came through - kbz

Robertson Building (built in 1898 - James
W. Robertson) --

Round Barn (not in Montgomery County but near)

-- S --

S & W Marathon (ahhh, I remember this well - thanks so much to Kathy Weaver Dominguez for this)

School children, about 1956 - out to lunch

School hack ? - from Scott Busenbark - this was likely in Alamo vs. Waveland but has Waveland people in it - the 3rd person over (1st fem on left looking at picture) is likely Scott's g g grandmother, Emma Risk Compton Payton

School #5 -- on Durham property - Scott Busenbark sent this with the info on the back (Raymond Busenbark's picture & explanation) . "On the back he wrote, "This is the old #5 School building out North & West of Waveland when I went to school before we transfered to Waveland School."

Servies, Larry - definitely a town father of Waveland during my growing-up years. I think my mother, Kate Smith Bazzani may have interviewed Larry for this article. I've tried more than once to get him to let me interview him for my Around The County article in The Paper of Montgomery County and he won't let me :( Sad! Such a great man.

Service Men - WWII ? Pretty sure my father, Fred Bazzani is in middle front row next to the man dressed in a suit - think the Navy boys near him
may be Morgans) -- Same picture - gray scale

Shades CCC Camp -- see CCC

Shades Chautauqua -- see Chautauqua - this is a SUPER find - thanks so much to Jay David Gilliland for it :)

Shades - some history - in autobiography of Fay Welch - again, thanks to JD - he has sent the coolest stuff ever for the site. Page 1-2 ; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7- 8; 9-10; 11; 12-13; 14; 15-16; 17-18; 19-20; 21-22; 23; 24-25; 26; 27-28; 29-30; Pictures - Extra - Pine Hills information

Source: Weekly Argus News, Crawfordsville, Indiana April 17, 1897 p 4 The hotel at the Shades of Death will in all probability be in charge of a Crawfordsville man this season. Scott Steele, who formerly ran the old La Veta hotel in this city is in consultation with Wm. Detrick, of Waveland, today in regard to assuming control of hostelry. Mr. Steele in conversation with an Argus News man said that the deal had about been perfected and that unless some unforeseen circumstance should arise, he would be found in charge of the summer resort.

Shades -- see also Garland Dells (left side of page)

Shades - Entrance (old with the double entry) - thanks to Bob & Mary Gooding for this awesome picture - this is how I remember the Shades, how I went to work at the Inn during 1965-67. - kbz

Shades - road to - just north of Waveland where the Maple Ridge cemetery is about to go up that hill

Shades - articles (Governor comes - record attendance) -- 11 more articles about "Save the Shades

Shades Inn - I think this may be when the inn was being built - just finishing it up - there is a tent there (probably where workers stayed or had tools); possible tools on the porch and benches stuffed together to put along the porch when finished. - LOVE THIS PIC :) - kbz

Shades leaflet with prices - mid 1940s when Fabian Frisz was operator of the Shades

Shades Devil's Fireplace (Devil's Backbone in our time) -- Devil's Backbone - CDPL link - Devil's Kitchen, which I think is also the Devil's Fireplace - CDPL Link - CDPL Devil's Punchbowl -- another Devil's Backbone view

Shades - Indian Hiding Place -- (thanks to Kat D)

Shades Pavilion - thanks to Jeanna A for this one - I love it and have such fond memories of working at the Shades and hanging out here in this awesome old place with the great dance floor, ping pong tables ....

Shades Inn -- thanks again to Kat -- I worked in this building when I was a teenager. My very first cup of coffee I served went in a guy's lap. At first he was mad but I must have handled it well because we were best of buds before they went back to Chicago a few days later. He even told me I'd make a super waitress someday - since I married into the restaurant business, good thing!! kz -- another view via CDPL site abt 1925

Source: Waveland Independent newspaper, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana May 12, 1905 The Shades Hotel has been painted a modest combination of red, white and blue, and looks so much like an excursion steam boat that you fully expect to hear the whistle blow and the mates cuss.

Shades Inn, different pic - good there are other pics of this because this scan did NOT come out well - SORRY but I thought I'd leave it on just in case it looks better on someone else's computer :) kz

Shades -- most of Shades 1953 workers (thanks to Jerry Joiner Nordmeyer - awesome pic) -- here are the few named- if you know any, PLEASE let us know. Left side of picture standing, white shirt: Don Handley. Behind him is Ralph ? on picture but Delores T F & I think this is Blaine Tracy - ; in plaid dress, Ruth Morgan Joiner; blonde woman we think is Margaret Durham Demaree & man with arm around her ? (Mr. Demaree - don't think so but) ??? and ? ; right of them in plaid shirt is manager of Shades at that time, but name unknown as of now; behind him ?; Rowan "Keith" Morgan; David Allen; Jean Zachary; her sister Sharene Zachary; Unknown man looking over shoulder and unknown lady and boys (boy with hands in pocket is Wally Metzger - woman beside him (in front) is Dorothy Metzger) and older man (see note below) . Sitting on left end of couch is J.P. Morgan; next to him with white blouse and small tie is his cousin, Jerry Joiner Nordmeyer; woman in black dress unknown; Gwen Morgan next to her; Helen Handley holding ?; ? and man on far right (older)- Note: he is definitely (identified by family members -Homer Weaver - thanks Linda, Sandy, Kat :) .

Shades - people gone crazy hanging on trees and such on cliffs at the Shades - perhaps a 1925-35 time - CDPL photo links -- Another CDPL photo - 3 women visiting the Shades, ccan you imagine walking those trails in these clothes? Another CDPL photo showing a nut on a branch -- NEVER heard of this one - Dumpling Rocks & Cincinnati Bluffs - CDPL link - think this is the bridge north of the Inn going back into the park - I walked across this or one in its place (it seemed bigger) many times to go hiking after working for hours at the Inn in 1964-66 when I waited tables in the old Inn - KZ -- boys stop for a drink at one of the springs in the Shades - Buzzard's Trail -- The Jolly Six area with three people enjoying the view -- #18 - Spring of Beauty in the Canyon -- Hemlock Falls at the Shades -- Sugar Creek at the Shades - CDPL link - I think someone has tried to put a copyright type thing on this but it would be long outdated I'd think - anyway enjoy the Creek pic - it's awesome -- may be an early boat rental on Sugar Creek -- J.W. Frisz -- nifty pic of him - he was the overseer of Shades for many years -- Shades Inn -- on the left, facing the picture was a meeting area, dining area and kitchen; to the right were the rooms - not really sure how many there were but I'd say at least 15 - anyone know ?? I stayed in one on the higher level back side toward the Pavilion a couple of times when it was late when I got off work - the Overpecks, overseers at the time in the mid-1960s tried to keep one room open in case the girls needed it. View of the Inn from the Lagoon - oh, my I ice skating there many many times - what fun - someone always provided hot chocolate but no clue who or how :) This is what the entrance to the park looked like (on right viewing picture there was a small souvenir shop and the left looking at picture was the gate to pay plus the old Pavilion with one major wonderful dance floor :) Ahhh, memories ! Another Entrance View -- Unknown place at Shades State Park - is it the old entrance? Is it the way into the CCC Camp? What is it ???? ANY IDEAS :) -- Gatehouse -- actually, I had above entrance on the left side but CDPL said connected to the Pavilion on other side so think I'm right after all unless they changed it around which very well could be as one summer I worked there this part was a storage area for uniforms and such -- Dance Pavilion - this was soooo awesome :) == Souvenir Shop (not sure I've ever seen a pic of this - cool - memories :) == Souvenir Shop, backside -- Game Room in the Pavilion -- I've never heard it called, "The Stand" but it is here -- 1925-1930 era ? Or, earlier? -- Entrance with incoming folks and outgoing folks - I've seen it this busy, too -- The Shades Hack -- Leo Frisz driver and another year/different hack "to the Shades" (thanks JD) Another Shades Hack picture also sent by JDG -- The Speed Wagon, hack to the Shades State Park - boy is Clyde Marshall, marked 1913 - he'd have been about 14 -- he was the son of Cyrus -- the woman driver may be his mother, Susan Miles Marshall -- Hauck Family at the Shades - John; Walter; Pat & Helen -- CDPL photo - rather fuzzy :( -- Frisz family - the family almost all worked at the Shades for many years -- the father, Fabian Frisz was the main caretaker; J. W. Frisz stands behind his daughters: from left, Blanche Frisz, Helen Frisz Hauck, Ethel Frisz. -- Another Hauck Family picture; From left to right: Pat Hauck, Jean Hauck Clark, Helen Frisz Hauck, J.W. Hauck (standing), John Hauck, Joan Hauck Forester .-- I know Pat a little and most of the Forrester and babysit for JW's son, Tom Hauck's children for a few years when they lived in Waveland - great family :) Many long-gone :( -- On the CDPL site, this says this is Fabian Frisz but he doesn't look old enough to be to me -- Steamboat Rock -- Indian Trail -- please don't ask if this is THE Indian trail where Indians walked in the area - no clue - this would have been 100 years later so who knows?? -- Mansfield Sandstone at Shades State Park -- there was much sand and limestone in the area -- Bridge over Ravine -- this bridge was replaced more than once -- Spring of Beauty (by McCormick's Photo Studio - CDPL -- LONG before my time - not sure if this would have been a place to stay, if it's a maintance shack .... ?? Wish someone could tell us -- Upper Falls (and yep, there was a lower, much larger one) -- NOTE -- You can search the CDPL image database here - it's awesome but yep, there are a few they don't have I do and a whole lot they have I don't :) We like to share !!

Shades - Bridal Veil (thanks thanks thank Kat)

Shades -- see also Gilliland, Harold (Heck) - dressed in his superintendant's uniform

Shades - Post Card - very nice one, thanks JD Gilliland :)

Shades Pavilion -- backside - thanks CDPL & Pat H

Shades - road -- showing the hotel in a distance and the road to it with a buggy heading out of the hotel area - this is before the nice entrance by the hotel with the Pavilion and Gift shop was built - photo CDPL - thanks guys - you are great as is Fab Frisz's granddaughter, Pat who gave these photos to the library

Shades - Lonesome Pine (thanks again to the Crawfordsville District Public Library's GREAT photo collection for this one :) KBZ

Shades Punch Bowl

Shades Scene 1 -- Scene 2 -- these two photos from Bill Boone and he says they might be Turkey Run SP vs. Shades --

Shades - Trail Map (thanks Jay David G for this one:)

Shades - Pine Ridge, I love this place :) - CDPL link - CDPL link to Spread Eagle Cabin - COOL

Shades -- Hack -- from the Waveland Depot to the Shades State Park - note the children playing and the women who have already gotten into the wagon - also a CDPL photo - post card from M.L. Photo Company, Chicago, Illinois

Shades -- (sorry not great pics) -- Rock River post card - back side

Sharp, Wilmer Theodore (in his Drug Store.
I loved to watch him twitch his ear -- he'd
do it for an extra nickle -- it was worth
every one I spent - kz). We called him
Sharpie and everyone loved him !!

Sharp's Drug Store (I soooo remember
those Cherry cokes and marshmallow sundaes - an everyday after school treat and I was SKINNY then too - go figure - kz - newer view I think)

Sharp's Drug Store - Ray in front of it (this is Wilmer's father - this photo is thanks so much to Bob & Mary Gooding

Sharp's Drug Store - about 1950 or so - Wilmer is probably the one in the middle but may not be :)

Sharp, Virginia Banta

Sharpies (as per above store -- thanks again to Kat WB)

Spring of Youth - at Shades State Park - a part of the Crawfordsville District Public Library collection -- when I worked at the Shades in 1964-1966 I never remember seeing this and we walked on ALL the trails many times - what energy - worked from 6-9 for breakfast; trail until 11; back to work from 11-2 for lunch then sometimes I'd walk home (about 4 1/2 miles) or sometimes I'd work supper from 5-7 or so -- geez, I can barely walk in the other room now :) KBZ -- another shot of the Spring of Youth and, the Spring of Youth works for Paul Frisz

Stebbins Hotel -- see Hotel Stebbins

Spencer hardware - Cub Scout display (thanks Kat W B - about 1960ish)

Spring -- any of you Wavelandites know for sure what this is - it looks to be the old Spring on what is now State Road 234 after you would have passed through the bridge and on around to the north - it was on the right maybe a mile on the right side before the Girls Scout camp ... OR ... is it in the Shades State Park -- I think it's the one I used to drink out of when a kid though on SR 234-- right or wrong ?? Thanks to Jeff S for this one :)

Street Scenes -- probably a pipe dream - could have probably just listed the few right here but would love 50-60 more :) kz

Sugar Creek scene - Shades (Bluff Mills)

-- T --

Telephone Company - see Wolfe Building - see also Waveland Telephone Company -- this particular picture is of the telephone company most of us will remember. For quite some time it was ran by Harry and Edith Evernham (shown here) - thanks so much to JD Gilliland, their grandson for this cool photo :)

Tex Terry - although Tex lived in Parke County (Coxville) he spent some time at the Vance's Cafe and other places in town in his huge car with steer horns on the front - what a hoot - thanks to Kat D for this one. Leona Miles Fox wrote this to me : "He is also buried in the Coxville cemetery. I remember him and his wife He owned the Coxville tavern AKA The Long Horn and when he had it you could go in and the walls were covered with pictures of people from Hollywood him and his wife knew and all of them were signed. I loved looking at the photos in there.." Thanks kiddo and here also is Tex's findagrave site if you'd like to find out more about this interestin' fella! .

-- U --

Union Block of Uptown Waveland

-- V --

Vandalia Railroad (with train & folks) - see also Pennsylvania RR

More Vandalia pictures (thanks MM) -- one with people boarding

Vandalia 2 (thanks Kat D for this one - I love it) -- I barely remember the train station but a little - I was born right at the end of 1949. Hmmmm, now I'm totally confused. This looks exactly like the one I have marked as Pennsylvania RR. Was it a different one - the PA one for awhile - my guess - or WHAT? Anyone know anything more about these stations. Also, anyone know what the big T-thing is on the building? It looks broken in this one and fixed in the one marked Pennsylvania RR - was it some way the signaled when the trains were arriving or is it broke??

-- W --

Wave- Inn -- early 1950's -- JD Gilliland sent me this one -- I LOVE it - Some are identified --Do believe his dad, Heck is under the "Wave-Inn" sign. ".Rafferty’s on occasion of a big family Sunday dinner out… guessing early ‘5o ’s ? various members of our family..Uncle Joe in foreground…looking like Al Capone…Grandma G just left of him..Genave and Martha and Gertie to the right of him"

Waveland Hot Rod Race Track - June 1949 -- thanks so very much to Chuck Davis who came today (6-30-2013) to bring me 3 pictures of his mom & my mom when they were young - I saw these in his photo album and he let me scan them for you all to enjoy :) They were taken in June of 1949. - the race track was behind my grandparents' home (Howard Street - behind George McCarty's as well -- you went down to it past McCarty's and came back up the hill between my grandparents (Carl & Hazel Smith's) and the OLD Banta Watch Shop -- Picture 2 -- Picture 3 -- Picture 4 -- Picture 5 -- LOVE to know who drove this #7 car - looks young -- Picture 6 -- Note all the people on the hills watching -- I think Carol Presslor Coffman told me that her father had something to do with it. I know it was quite the excitement for many years in the little town. Thanks CD - 1949 - article

Waveland Academy (there are others below - some same pics from diff sources) another picture -- and another

**Waveland Academy - full view (there were two main buildings for classes and a couple of homes for those teaching)

Waveland Academy (thanks to my awesome brother, Larry Bazzani for this one !)

Unknown Home -- IDENTIFIED -- not sure where this is but assumedly near Waveland - might be the pretty white house after the Shades entrance on the left as you go into the trees to proceed on to Deer's Mill - where the Cox girls grew-up - let me know if anyone does know :) IDENTIFIED -- this is the home where Lyle Hannah's grandparents lived back where the (Jackson Street) Waveland Academy used to be - this is one of the buildings. THANKS LYLE :)

Waveland Academy ( yet another view)

Advertisement below comes from the Parke County Whit, 15 Nov 1850

Waveland Band - 1920s -- This picture was taken on the occasion of a Farm Bureau Picnic. Members shown are, front row left to right. Donald Douglas, Myron Banta, Wilmer Sharpe, Jack Hester, Bill Shubert, Lowell Spencer, second row, John Machledt, Ralph Weltchel, Paul Emmert, Imogene Canine (Moody), Betty Lou Fullenwider (Banner), Margaret Specer (Lee), Elizabeth Ginn, Dick Milligan, Bob Fullenwider, thrid row, Ben Canine, Sam Armstrong, Sam Priebe, J.D. Blacker, Joe Burrin, Mr. Summer, Director; J.M. Milligan, John Milligan, Bob Bonwell, Roy Mitchell, Bill Williams, Photo by T.S. Banta --

Front row L-R (facing picture): Donald Douglas, Myron Banta, Wilmer Sharpe, Harold "Jack" Hester, Willis Sheets, Lowell Spencer 2nd row: John Machledt, Ralph Whilchel? (not sure on this one),Paul Emmert, Imogene Canine, Bettie Lou Fullenwider Banner (my dad's sister), Margeret Spencer, Elizabeth G??????, Rol Milligan, Robert Fullenwider. 3rd row: Ben Canine, ? Armstrong, Sam Priebe, J.D. Blacker, Joe Burrin, Fern Sumner, Director, Milford Milligan, Robert Bonwell, Roy Mitchell, Wm Williams -- this is a tad different so wanted to put both in - might even be a different picture described within a year or so and playing somewhere else - this list from Dave Fullenwider :) Thanks DF

Waveland Bank - see Bank

Waveland Brownies, November 1961 (thanks, to two of the Brownies, Peggy Stewart and Kathy Weaver for this one - their picture was in the paper because they had made a box to put in the bank so people could put gifts for the mental hospital patients - great idea)

Waveland Buildings from Crawfordsville Journal Review - no date given -- thanks to Betty S for this one :)

Waveland Football team - do not think this is school related and most of their outfits don't match - LOVE it and the dog too which I assume is their mascot :) Thanks to Sally MS and her wonderful mom-in-law, Bettie S.

Waveland 1921 - 7th grade graduates -- names on back but none identified are John D. Blacker; Genave (Geno) Gilliland; DP Myrell; Josephine McCreey; Volta Edwards and Mary Amoure - these may be the teachers

WHS - 1927 Baccalaureate - thanks to my wonderful Simpson girls

WHS - 1927 School play with characters/players - thanks Sally (& Bettie - RIP)

--Waveland HS -- see HS

WAVELAND - a bit of history from 1874

Source: Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana Star newspaper, June 9, 1874 p 2
On Thursday last we made a flying visit to the thriving town of Waveland, this county, mainly on business, and as railroad accommodations are few and far between- between Crawfordsville and her neighbors – we were permitted, not forced, to remain in town something near 24 hours, during which time by making ourself “numerous,” had the pleasure of taking by the hand pretty nearly the entire population. We felt sorely grieved while there, to learn that we were suspected of being a candidate for office. We found everything astir in and about town, building, brick making & c, and trade very fair in all its branches, considering the scarcity of money. The improvements in the way of buildings are numerous a new grist mill, a saw mill, a great number of new dwelling houses, a two-story brick block with stone front on the corner of Cross and Green, running south half a block, which will contain six beautiful business rooms on the ground floor. This building is being erected by several different parties, and when finished will be occupied as follows: No. 1 – The corner – MC McCormick, builder will be occupied by Moore & McCormick with drugs and stationery. No. 2 – MC McCormick, builder – to be occupied by Mr. Byerly with dry goods and family groceries. No. 3 – Will be occupied by Stone & Rice, manufacturers and dealers in cabinet furniture. No. 4 – The property of Miller & Demoree, and will be occupied by them in the hardware trade. No. 5 – Hutton & Ong proprietors, as a provision store and bakery. No. 6 – Is being built by Mr. Z.M. Ball, expressly for the drug trade and will be occupied by him immediately on its completion. On the east side of Cross Street, south of the new brick block above mentioned, we find the present drug store of ZM Ball; next the stove, tin and queensware store of JC Burden; next, the neat and cleanly family grocery, confectionery and provision store of Wm. H. Peterman & Co; next, the dry goods store of the Milligan Brothers; next, the office of Dr. “Tom” Whittington, a resident dentist; and by the way a credit to the profession; next, our former townsman, A. Wolever, manufacture of boots shoes; who, we understand, as in the past, never fails to throw ‘em into fits, and we suppose will to the last; next in order comes the drug, book and stationery store of Moore & McCormick; and across the street from this, on Main the hotel of JB Thornton; west of Main, the fine livery of John Deitrick; then L. Buch, the harness maker; winding up on this street with our old friend HE Rhoads, who carries on somewhat extensively in the manufacture of a very superior wagon. We now return to Cross Street, northward on West side. The first place in order, is the barber shop of HA Pratt and though in the estimation of some is only a barber, he is nevertheless a well read, intelligent gentleman. Men of less caliber and refinement have represented the old 9th district in Congress Next comes the Express office in the management of our young friend, Green; Esq. Brush also holds forth in this room. Over the Express office we find Wm. Stallard, the photographer; we then call on our old gray haired friend, Simon C. Davis at the Post Office; the Squire tells us that he has sent up his resignation. Feeble health and poor pay for the services rendered, are the reasons assigned for this rash act. Across Maiden Lane, north of Cross Street we find Wm. Gregory and “better half,” in the millinery trade in all its parts; then Milligan & Glover, dealers in general dry goods and groceries; and we notice they carry superb stocks. Next, WM Byerly with a full and complete line of dry goods, notions and groceries. Next, Rhoads & Cochran, manufacturers of and dealers in harness, saddles, & c, Miss Ella Davis is next on the route with a stock of millinery goods. Then George Washington Miller, dealer in hardware, etc. And lastly on this block the mammoth dry good store of Hanna & Johnson. This firm is also in the wool trade extensively, and are now buying largely. We then cross Green street to JD Haley’s stove and tin store, the house on the hill. We found him very quiet and in his maneuvering in business reminded us very forcibly of the fellow who declared he “didn’t care a d__n whether school kept or not, so the big gals come!” Immediately over Haley’s we find LD Stone, the cabinet maker. Mr. S. is also going to slow just now, impatiently awaiting the completion of his new room. We at this point brought our meandering to a close by calling in at the shoe shop of Messrs. Al Eastlack & Perry Sherpherd – Eastlack in the manufacture of boots and shoes; and Shepherd in the business of silversmithing. Waveland has several other establishments in addition to those above enumerated, among which we will notice the blacksmith shops of John Deitrick and James Woodgate. Besides a great number of first-class mechanics, whose names we do not now remember. Among the master carpenters interviewed we will mention James Conner; Geo. Weymore; David Galt; John R. Hutton and “Sam” Shelliday. The practicing physicians we found, were our old-time friends JP Russel and Zoph Ball, also A.T. Steele, all of whom are progressive and skillful though somewhat inclined to complain of the present time as distressingly healthful. The divines minister to the spiritual wants of this people – preparing them for the enjoyment of a higher and we trust better world – are Rev. James Stevens of the ME Church; Rev. Mr. Terrance of the Presbyterian Church; and Rev. Mr. Morris of the Christian Church; and although but men, report tells us they all appear to be faithful servants, and like old Simeon just and devout – constantly laboring in the Master’s vineyard. We also met President Zion while in this place. He too was at work, not in matters eternal, but temporal – things seen, and mainly the speedy commencement of work in Scott and Brown Townships, on the Anderson, Lebanon & St. Louis RR. Mr. Zion is a gentleman of untiring energy, is possessed of a fair share of the world’s goods, enjoys an extensive monied influence, and with all seems to entertain an abiding faith in the ultimate success of this project over every opposition. We hope his fondest anticipation may be fully realized, not that his name may be glorified, but that the people of that section may be more abundantly provided with means of transportation for their products; and that the blindness of the management of the LC & SW thereby be effectually cured by competition. Competition is an unfailing balm for all such ills in man or corporation, when all else fails.

Waveland - Poem by Ted Whitehead - I have also written what I remember in the 1950-60s of the uptown area. - KBZ - thanks to Rusy Weaver for this one :)

Waveland History by yours truly :)

Waveland Home on Main Street (impressive home 100 years ago and still is today)

Waveland Lake Sign

Waveland Library

Waveland Library - Richard Inskeep and Harriet Mason talk to librarian, Virginia Sharp (loved that lady)!

Waveland Midland RR - See CIRR

Waveland Mural - post card

Waveland Platte Map 1873

Waveland Postcard 1 (thanks to Kathy)

Waveland Postcard 2 (what a hoot - thanks so much to Kathy for this :)

Waveland Presbyterian Church - see Presbyterian

Waveland 6th or 7th grade class about 1937-38 (Back row: Russell Smith; Dale Milligan; Austin Gooding; Walter Clore; Wayne Walther (Winther?); Robert Arvin; George McCarty; Jack Hayes; Dale Miller. (Middle Row): Rosemary Hoskins; Ruth Jalhen? (Johnson - large black piece of album over it); Nina Morgan; Katharine Arvin; Pauline Crumley; ? ; Betty Matthew; Frances Wheeler. (Front row): Helen Yount; Velma Tague; Mary Britain; ? ; Evelyn Cotten; Mary Milligan; Imogene Payne; Mildred Campbell. Teacher, Frances Milligan - - thanks sooo sooo much to Sally Milligan Simpson who passed this along from memorabilia of her wonderful mother-in-law, Bettie Fulwider Simpson. Both great ladies !

Waveland School Cafe ladies - 1962 (one facing us is Lillie Mitchell; one working in center is Helen Weaver; back doing dishes is Mary Chesterson - unknown one in back - thanks again Kat - Helen is her mother - so happy to get these great pictures)

Waveland School Play, May 1961 (thanks, again to Kat for these FAB photos :)

Different shot of play above

And another of the school play

Waveland Stone Quarry - thanks to Dave F for the great idea & neat pic of the kiln

Waveland Street Scene - same time as above -- looking South on Cross from Green Street

Waveland Telephone Company - thanks muches to JD Gilliland for this one - see his explanation in the Business section under "Photos" . Note at this time, the company was under the organization of Coal Creek Telephone Company

Waveland Uptown scene - West side (abt 1970)

Where Cross is Main (downtown 1955 - thanks, Kathy WD)

Weaver's Marathon - see S&W (thanks Rusty - John & Kathy Weaver - this was also Whitecotton's I believe and a long time before that perhaps a Canine?)

Whitecotton, Don & John Deere 1959 tractor

Willie Wiatt Family Band - Wanetta, Isaac, Leo, Dave, Mabel Rice Wiatt, their mother played for various area happenings in the mid 1930s. Thanks to Darrell Wiatt, Isaac's son for this awesome picture

Wolfe Building

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