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Reunions School


Alamo Album

AlamoWarriors - Bill Boone's sports blog - thanks muches, Bill


Bean Barber Shop - 2nd chair barber is Carl Jolley (thanks Dan J for this nifty pic)

Bee Creek Mill Site (Although this is tagged as Bee Creek Mill Site, KZ believes it is likely Beck Creek Mill Site ? Either way, sadly, there's not much to see :( )

Bob Sosbe Shell (thanks so much to Rob Sosbe for this awesome picture). Bob owned this nifty Shell station for 35 years. It was on the corner of Market and Walnut (124 W. Market) - pictured are Bob and Henry Hartung (his car) at the Grand Opening - Bob is also in the Hall of Fame as a great basketball official - another pic from Rob of the opening - Bob in uniform; the policeman is either Bob Chrisman or Otto Beterstead and Santa is Bud Hartung

Bowers Photo Album - wouldn't have this without Lynn Ream - thanks so much for these great pics :)

Bowling alley - Crawfordsville (one downtown or the old one about where the Holiday Inn Express stands now - thanks so much to Teddy Alfrey for the great C'ville pics he has - his dad, Ted is the thin man in the middle standing behind the score keeper. Anyone know anyone else - Ted, wife Bonnie and his sons managed the awesome skating rink in Crawfordsville for many years. Fun place!

Crawfordsville Power Plant - picture taken by Alex Livengood (thanks muches kiddo) - take 4-19-2013


Coal Creek Central - school blog of Bill Boone's

Coney Island restaurant (below) -- SE corner of the intersection of Market and Washington streets - thanks muches to Mike Long - about 1950

Cox Home - located on Co Rd 425 East - part of the home dates back to the early 1800s

C'ville Athenians (Bill Boone's great site - thanks for letting me link to it, Bill :)

Crawfordsville Photo Album

City of Crawfordsville's new (November 2012) website - nifty !

Crawfordsville Fire Dept -- for lack of anywhere else to put this, here it is -- Source: Crawfordsville Daily Argus 13 February 1883 p 1 -- The Rescue Fire Company will give a fireman's dance and banquet on February 22. All the necessary arragnements are being made to insure a pleasant time to all who attend. The boys deserve to be well patronized by all the city for the objective is to get money to replenish their treasurery, which is to meet any necessary expenses that may occur. There is always expenses attached to be defrayed by members and people should see that the company is helped.


Darlington Indians site by Bill Boone :)

Darlington Photo Album

Davis Home -- I believe this home stood on the NW corner of the Airport Road and Highway 47 - if not, PLEASE let me know where it was

Davisson, W.C. - home near New Richmond, Indiana (thanks Dellie & Joan)

Dickerson Grocery - corner of Main & Washington




GinJerBoo -- The GinJerBoo drive in was located on SR 136 (in the mid-50s to early 60s) next to the Ben Hur Drive-in, Crawfordsville, Indiana. The Gin was GINger Cunningham Rogers; the Jer was for her father JERry and the Boo was Jerry's nickname for Ginger's mom; there ya' have the GinJerBoo. It later became the Country Diner where I remember fabulous cherry oranges. The colored picture was done by Joyce Bever via her memory and Ginger's. The ash tray is compliments of Ron Keedy as is the Country Diner picture. Thanks all for a trip down memory lane.


Haywood-Detchon Elevator
-- The McCutcheon/ Haywood elevator was located in New Richmond just south of where the park and ponds are. The photo shows my grandfather Charles Haywood (I'm pretty sure) the third from the right. He was the Haywood partner of the business. I can remember the elevator. It burned about the 1st of January of about 1948-1952. It was nighttime and I remember the roaring fire. My grandfather did not own it then. Louis (Lon) Haywood my email is I was raised in New Richmond. I am 72. Thanks sooooo very much for this information :) kz

Henry S. Lane Home (popular area site)

Home, abandoned - on west side 1/2 way up hill from Deer's Mill Bridge - not sure if it's a photo; painting or what - thanks to Kat Weaver though



Jerry's Ice Cream - New Market, Indiana - thanks to Ron Keedy

Jolley Restaurant -- see also Jolley Restaurant in the Crawfordsville Photo album (has an explanation with it)

Jolley Barber Shop on Concord road after the shop was struck by lightning. Wife Mary Alice just happened to take a picture of the inside (Carl and customer) before then of course had to take one afterwards. YIKES -- see before :) THanks to Dan J. for these

Journal Building - South Green ?



Ladoga Canners (if you love the Canners, or just interested, check out Bill Boone's site :) It's great!

Ladoga (town) Album-- (thanks Bill B - you rock, Mr. :)

Ladoga Heroes (tributes to various service veterans - this is a super idea and wonderful tribute - thanks Bill

Also by Bill, a great look at the town's history is here : Streets of Ladoga

Lew Wallace Study (popular area site)

Above picture I thought was the old Yountsville bridge is the Narrows Bridge in Parke County but I still love it :) Thanks JT for that catch!

Linden Photo Album -- sure NEED some help with photos on the Linden site :) E-mail me - karen z


Mace - Station - Ron Keedy, thanks - he says this is a 1930-40s Standard Oil type building. It is still there today and has been a gas station, restaurant and perhaps other things, as well ? Love to know more about htis. Thanks Ron.

Masonic Temple (C'ville) (same pic as below - believe this is at the finish of building it in 1916) -- Colored one

Melvin Sawmill (near Alamo - thanks Alan)

Municipal Building (C'ville) - by the way, LOVE this pic - not sure where it came from but it's awesome !


New Market Flyers - Bill Boone - thanks muches, Bill

New Market Photo Album --

New Richmond Photo Album (plus Bill's link)

New Ross Blue Jays - Bill Boone - thanks muches, Bill

New Ross Photo Album - also thanks to BB :)



Parkersburg - Bob's Bait Box -- pictured Sharon Ross Bell; Bonnie Ross Alfrey; Bob Ross; Esther Ross - thanks to Teddy Alfrey for this great picture

Peffley, Chester - Home & Auburn auto - 405 N. Sycamore, Ladoga Indiana -- thanks so much to my buddy, Jeff S. for this one :) Peffley INN - mid 1960s




School - Albums (Alumni)

Shades State Park - see Waveland Album below

Snyder Mill - Yountsville

Sosbe, Bob -- see Bob Sosbe Shell





Waveland Photo Album
(thanks to Mike & Sharon Cook, my bro Larry B; Hopkins', Kathy Weaver Domingues; Marianne Marcussen; JD Gilliland and many other fine people of Waveland for these super pictures of the area)

Waveland Hornets blog (Bill Boone - you'll definitely want to visit these blog spots of Bill's - they're awesome)

Waynetown Gladiators (thanks to Bill Boone for a link to his great Waynetown blog page, too :)

Waynetown Photo Album (thanks to Bill Boone )

Wingate Spartans - School Site - thanks again to Bill Boone - I love these sites :) Get ready for Nostalgia Building !!

Wingate Photo Album - on its way ... someday :)

Wingate Gym - from Bob & Mary Go - thanks so much - nifty pic


Yountsville Mill - old

Yountsville Mill - see Snyder above

Yountsville Mill - nifty pic from Edith Rush

Yountsville Bridge - 1888 - thanks so much to Dean & Edith Rush for this one - they have some fab old pictures


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