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BUCK, John "Daddy" - Everyone in New Richmond knew Daddy Buck. He was a gardener and raised vegetables to sell in the area. Everyone delighted at seeing this scraggly-beadred, long-fingered, smiling old man carrying his basket full of goodies.

HENRY CLAY LODGE -- "Castle Hall" - thanks to the Oppy family - see bad pic below :( Sorry, best I could get it - kbz

Hook's Drug Store - out of business - CDPL photo

New Richmond Sports -- Bill Boone's great site - thanks Bill

Downtown New Richmond - Thanks Bill Boone :)

It's a scene from Hoosiers - okay, not really but looks like it could be -- probably about 1910 or so actually - sorry, not sure when this picture was taken : ( OR where I got it but love it

New Richmond HS - thanks BB

1st New Richmond School and plat showing its location - thanks so much to Chris Oppy for all these school pictures below

McNeil, John and Alice home about 1918 - this was the New Richmond Telephone Office. Other picture is Alice Roark one of the "telephone girls." Here is Rose Atchinson, another of the "girls!" Office was probably in the little bay-jut-out. Thanks so much to Boyd McNeil III for sharing these :)

School that replaced first - before 1913 remodelling

School after 1913 remodelling

School, kids and hacks (buses) - love this pic

New Richmond - new movie house - Crawfordsville Journal Aug 12, 1915 -- New Richmond's handsome little new motion picture theatre gave its initial performance in an informal opening Saturday night, and a good crowd turned out to see the pretty new play house and the pictures. The theatre is seated with 200 comfortable opera chairs and at the first show every seat was taken and the house was full at each of the three shows, people filling the seats as fast as the crowds passed out. The people were more than pleased with the beautiful little theatre. All that lacks to complete this pretty little addition to New Richmond's business circle is its name and the filling in of the new electric sign on the plate left for it, but Plunkett & Livingston, the managers, together with Mr. Kirkpatrick are harder to suit in a name for the new place. (thanks, Oppy family - hope we can find out where this was, the name of it AND the first movie shown :)

1932 New Richmond Basketball Team -- Front Row -- Eugene Meritt; ? Jones; ? Mason; ? Merril; ? Chrisman. Second Row - ? Bair; ? Parlon; ? Thomas; Dan Binns; ? Perry; ? Merritt. Third Row - ? VanHook; ? VanHook; ? Church; ? Mennen; ? Olin, Coach; ? McCollum; ? Perry; ? Blair; ? Hallett, Manager. (thanks to the Oppy family for this nifty pic)

1962 -- New Richmond To Lose Its Agency -- Indianapolis -- ...Railway Express Agency was authorized to discontinue its agency at New Richmond in Montgomery County and handle the business through Linden. (thanks Oppy family)

2016 - downtown New Richmond - thanks Jim Hammer

Chris O says -- (Facebook) -- New Richmond, Indiana -- The NW brick building (what was Byron Alexander's store when I was growing up) has a stair outside the building in the attached photo that we were pondering about in previous postings. Here is the answer to what the stair to the second floor was all about (source: 1976 book titled: "Montgomery County remembers): "In 1892 the Hollin brothers, John and William, erected the brick building. The main floor consisted of their drug, grocery, and clothing stores. On the second floor was 'Hollin's Opera House,' sometimes referred to as 'Hollin's Hall.' Both Hollins managed the Opera house, and this was a very lively spot in New Richmond in the 1890's and early 1900's. On May 5, 1896, the trustees of the town (Detchon, Mason, and Messer) passed an ordinance fixing the amount of yearly license required for it's operation at $12.50 per year and a fee of 25 cents for issuing the license." Linda adds in regards to my question about where the K of P lodge was -- "From the cigar store sign, go toward the four way. The grocery was on the corner. However, the entrance to the lodge (the upstairs) was on Wabash." -- thanks you two - I love the New Richmond stories, even though I grew-up in Waveland at the other end of the county :) - it was called Henry Clay Castle Hall - a pic of it but not a good one - sorry

SNYDER Hardware - thanks Jim Hammer

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