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1910 - 1932

Reference: Alamo School Book Compiled and edited by Donald Bayless (Class 0f 1956) and Sharon (Williams) Bayless (Class of 1956) Published by: 20th Century of Illiana 5300 SR 32 W, P.O. Box 1025, Crawfordsville, In 47933 Jim & Mary Daniel -- thanks, Dale
Alamo School first began in the year 1891. In 1910, Alamo School became a four year high school. A new school building was completed in 1913 and dedicated in 1914. In 1941 a gymnasium was added to the school.

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Class of 1910

Mary (Payton) Selby
George Brown
Clyde Rodgers
Fred Hudson

Class of 1911

Ora Elmore
Mary (Scott) Ingersoll
Vern Runyon
Julian Smith
Virgil (Elmore) Taylor

Class of 1912

Lois (Gass) Etter
Ralph Irons
Stella (Smith) Myers
Genevia (Reath) ?
Hallie Smith

Class of 1913

Roy Hybarger
Harry Luzader
Ina (Wilkinson) Myers
Eston Peacock
Aurthur Wiklinson

Class of 1914

Robert Gilkey
Agnes (Weir) Grey
Clyde Melvin
Gula (Parret) Orrick
Clifford Smith
Myrtle (Rush) Stanford
Roy Thomspon

Class of 1915

Clifford Davis
Fannie (Irons) Elmore
Harry Hybarger
Vida (Scott) Laurimore
Russell Pickett
Otto Stonebraker

Class of 1916

Edith (Vancleave) Ackerson
Russell Heath
Beatrice (Vancleave)
Melvin Clarence Payton

Class of 1917

Ray Ballew
Maurice Gilkey
Amanda (Davis) Harms
Ralph Jefferies
Floyd Keller
Fitzhugh Lee
Lloyd Luzader
Ola (Wilkinson) Perry
Gertrude (Gilkey) Rusk
Harry Smith

Class of 1918

Pauline (Smith) Luzader
Fred Melvin
Atwood Smith

Class of 1919

Raymond Keller
Paul Luzader
Myrtle (McCormick) Myers
Fred White
Lola (Peacock) Wood

Class of 1920

Claud Lanham
Ruby (McCormick) Myers
Edna (Miller) Payton
Joel Weir

Class of 1921

Harold Heath
Lee Huber
Ernest Wilkinson

Class of 1922

Grace Berryman
Ruby (Fishero) Elmore
Clara (Miller) Gilkey
Helen (Alward) Isbell
Harold McCormick

Class of 1923

Ida (Fruits) Berryman
Vernest Carlile
Nellie (Keller) Carter
Katherine (Truax) Hallett
Loren Smith
Bessie (Peacock) Wasson

Class of 1924

Russell Alwood
Lucile (Reath) Berry
Edna (Thompson) Brown
Dorothy Davis
Darrel Hamm
Moreland Hudson
Eldora (Weir) Titus

Class of 1925

Cline Bayless
Mildred (Smith) Conyers
Hazel (McCormick) Foxworthy
Ora (Carlile) Maudin
Russell Miles
Ruth (Utterback) Spear
Homer Steele
Emery Walters

Class of 1926

Martha (Truax) Brennan
Mary (Davis) ?
Grace (Fink) Walsh
Burl Fruits
Edna (Swank) Kendall
Mary (Mullen) Kinnamore
Gordon Miles
June (McClure) Thompson
Rodney Thompson

Class of 1927

Wilmer Bell
Marjorie (Krout) Branagin
Velma (Myers) Cummings
Pauline (Newkirk) Hamm
Wildas (Welch) Jones
Juanita (Irons) Miller
Doyne Rush
Helen (Smith) Rusk
Harold Swank
Reba (Fink) Swearingen

Class of 1928

Florence Batton
Hazel (Trimble) Bayless
Oakel Bayless
Otis Bayless
June (Gilkey) Beatty
Adah (Batton) Botts
James Elmore
Edmond Lauer
Martha (Smith) Lauer
Cecile (Hudson) Middleton
Earl Powers
Kitty Smith

Class of 1929

Anna Banks
Daisy (Fruits) Davis
Merle Fruits
Lois (Hood) Gerow
Thomas Hudson
George Mullen
Fred Norman
Robert O'Dell
Grace (Steele) Siperek
Velma (Moody) Whitecotton
Mabel (Swank) Ziegler
Post Graduates of 1929
Hazel (Melvin) Bowerman
Homer Steele

Class of 1930

Ethel (Melvin) Coon
Carl Fruits
Forest Fruits
Harold Melvin
Edith (Smith) Sabens
Agnes (Swank) Sparger
Ruth (Krout) Stewart
Post Graduates of 1930
Jesse (Caudy) Moore

Class of 1931

Joseph Banks
Thomas Blankenship
Lee Hallett
Mary (Utterback) Livengood
Hubert McCormick
Elsie (Ingersoll) Moore
Marian (Perkins) Moore
Imogene (Patrick) ?
Mildred Perkins
Donald Runyon
Dorman Smith
James Stockdale
Marie (Mullen) Thompson

Class of 1932

Leonard Grimes
Alpha (Brown ) ?
Inez (Wilbur) Denford
Helen (Smith) Hallett
Margaret (Elmore) McClure
James McCormick
Agnes (Bayless) Moore
William Moore
Leslie Newkirk
Harold Smith
Wills Stewart

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