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Samuel Moore

Atlas of Montgomery County (Chicago: Beers, 1878) p 12

MOORE, Samuel, PO Waveland, Farmer and Dealer in Stock, Sec. 30, son of William and Elizabeth Moore; born in Sullivan Co, IN Dec 12, 1822 and settled in Sec 29, Brown Township with his parents, March 1823. First married Ann E. FISHER in 1847 by whom he had one child, Evaline Penn. Married second Minerva SMOCK and had 11 children: Elizabeth, Davis, Pinkey, Allen, Harvey, Sallie, Charlie, Henry, Alexander and two who died in infancy.
Excerpts from something written by Ida Moore Clarkson and read at the Moore Reunion held at Crystal Lake Park, Urbana, Illinois on August 26, 1925. "Allen Moore was born in Kentucky on Jan 11, 1789 and died with appoplexy Oct 22, 1865 at the age of 76. When a small child he came with his parents to Scioto County, Ohio, where he grew to manhood. Nothing now is known of the remainder of his immediate family. Two of his brothers visited grandfather (Allen) in Indiana. One of their given names being Arthur, but no one remembers the other one's given name. One lived near Portsmouth (Ohio), and the other near Lexington (Ohio?). None of the family ever visited them, and the present generation (of 1925) does not know whether there were more than the three brothers in the family.
There was another family lived near Grandfather's (Allen's) in Ohio, by the name of Bonser - Mr. Bonser being a Quaker Preacher, and the two families became fast friends. They had come from North Umberland County, Pennsylvania in 1796 where our Grandmother (Hannah Bonser) had been born on Sept. 12, 1793 and at the time they immigrated to Ohio, she was only three years old. Later in life this little girl became the wife of Allen Moore and lived to the ripe old age of 84, dying Nov 8, 1877 at the old homestead of typhoid fever, where she lived with Uncle Billy Monroe and Aunt Jane."
Allen and Hannah "were married in Scioto County, Ohio, and lived there until ten children were born. He (Allen) with nine other men, among them, Daniel Vaugn, Phillip Hank, Adam Miller, John Blankenship and five others started westward on ten good saddle horses in the spring of 1828 to look for a location. They went as far as Chicago, then came back by way of Shawnee Mound, where at that time, some of the Shawnee Indians yet remained. There was not much timber there, and that was one great thing to look out for in those early days from which they could build their cabins. On that account they liked it better around Crawfordsville where the timbers were large and where Grandfather and those I named decided to locate. There was a land office at Cawfordsville, and Grandfather who had sold his home in Ohio for $300.00 entered 80 acres eight miles nortH. W. est of Crawfordsville, for which he gave $100.00. The first 80 he entered has so far always remained in the Moore name, Willie being the present owner and having one of the old sheepskin patents issued by the U.S. Government and signed by Andrew Jackson. The first 80 was signed by Jackson Oct 22, 1829, and the second 80 by him also Jan 5, 1831. At the time of Grandfather's death he owned 205 acres of land besides having over $1000.00 in gold which he kept in a little walnut box which had a key and lock and made by Phillip Hank, who at that time made all the coffins for anyone who died."
"After coming to Indiana five more children were born to this union, making 15 children - 8 boys and 7 girls, and all lived to be grown with the exception of two, Catherine dying at the age of 7 and Minerva at the age of 3. Samuel unmarried, died at the age of 22, Mary the oldest child married Elijah Waldron, and died at the age of 29 leaving 4 children. Lize (?) the oldest (child of Mary), married John Curtis, and she died young - so did the boys, Henry and Allen. Emily, the youngest, was only 3 years old at the time of her mother's death and Grandfather and Grandmother raised her. She married Henry Postlewaite and they moved to Iowa, where all trace of her was lost. Abigail married Nathan Ball and died at the age of 23, leaving 4 children, Dennis, Oliver, Martha Jane and Cynthis Ann. The boys both lived in Illinois. Martha Jane married Jeddy Harlow, and Cynthis Ann married Henry Walters, all of whom lived in Indiana. Levi never married, and lived to be 84, being blind the last eight years of his life. He with his parents, also Samuel, Catherine, Abigail and Minerva, Father (?) and Mother (?) sleep on the little green covered knoll know as Pott's Cemetery, which lies a half mile south of the old home they entered."
According to an archive record with the Morman Church, Hannah Bonser, daughter of Isaac Bonser and Abigail Burt, married Allen Moore and had the following children: Mary Moore b. 5 Oct 1812 d. 11 Feb 1840 m. Elijah Waldron; Luther Moore b. 14 Feb 1814 d. 3 Apr 1893 m. Jary Jane Stewart 16 July 1840; Benjamin Moore b. 9 Jan 1816 d. 11 Oct 1852 m. Sarah Monroe; Sarah Jane Moore b. 24 July 1817 d. 31 Jan 1885 m. William Monroe; Abigail Moore b. 30 May 1819 d. 28 Nov 1842 m. Nathan Ball; Levi Moore b. 20 Apr 1821 d 26 Aug 1905 unmd; Isacc Moore b. 1 Jan 1823 d. 19 July 1900 m. Phoebe Kelly, Mary Thomas, Clementine Newton; Cynthis Moore b. 1824 d. 21 Jan 1897 m. George Bratton; Joseph Moore b. 4 Aug 1826 d. 8 Feb 1914 m. Harriet Hickson; Charles Allen Moore b. 6 Mar 1828 d. 29 Aug 1901 m. Nancy E. Harris; Catherine Moore b. 21 Apr 1830 d. 24 May 1837; Samuel Moore b. 19 May 1832 d. 12 May 1854 unmd; Minerva Moore b. 7 Dec 1833 d. 8 Mar 1836; Allen Jasper Moore b. 23 July 1835 d. 2 Nov 1905 m. Anna E. Rhodes; Hannah Moore b. 26 Dec 1837 d. 12 Feb 1929 m. Joseph Rhodes.
I hope this is useful to someone. There is a lot more I have left out, but it is not necessary for the purposes here. My husband's branch of this Moore family moved on to Decatur, Illinois, and now we are living in Greenfield, Indiana. I hope to soon get up to Crawfordsville and find the Pott's Cemetery and do some research in the library. Thanks for making this site possible!

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