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Upcoming Reunions

None current that I know of :)


Past Reunions

Allen Moore Family


Ballou- Bladesdel - Chase Reunion

Barton Reunion - 1937

Benefiel (thanks Kim H)

Blasdel - see Ballou

Booher Family Reunions

Booher - 1900


1943 Burroughs Family

Canine - 1908

1925 Canine Family

1926 Canine Family

1931 Canine Family

Chase -- see Ballou

Chesterson - Sutherlin (1927)


Clodfelter-Sayler Reunion (on a Lew Wallace Study Post Card) -- Sent to Mrs. Catharine VanCleave, Crawfordsville, Ind. Care of James VanCleave. . July 30, 1907. The annual Clodfelter-Sayler reunin will be held Aug 11 in the grove on the farm of Milbert Sayler 2 1/2 miles south of New Market. You are cordially invited to attend. Mary Demoret, Secretary. Postmarked Jul 31, 1907 from Crawfordsville, Ind. - see also Sayler-Clodfelter

Cuppy - 1919

Dazey - (1899 )

Deere - 1898 (8th annual) - this also includes the 1895 reunion;

Edwards (1896)


Frisz Reunion - 1930

GILL - 1875


GRAY - 28th unknown year

HARRELL (1st - 1900)

Harshbarger - 1920 -- Thanks so very, very much Jeff) -- Know a few in the picture. Little girl in white, right in front row is Eleanor Hostetter Herr; center, 2nd row, distinguished man with arms folded is Samuel Harshbarger (grandson of Rev. War Vet Samuel Harshbarger) - next to him in the white bonnet is Mary Catherine LaFollette Harshbarger; lady in white to Samuel's left (facing pic) is Hettie Harshbarger Hostetter (Jeff's great, great gma'); Hettie's daughter is the lady with dark hair standing behind Mary. Skinny guy in middle with crooked bow tie is Howard Hostetter and lady directly behind him (top row) is Blanche Miller Hostetter, his wife. Know any more please let us know :) kz -- note: other possible men in the picture would be: William Roland; David Myers and Joel C. Harshbarger. There are five adult Hosetter men -- but who are they??? -- another note from Jeff adds more names but we STILL don't have near all of 'em -- If you start with my ggf, Howard (crooked bow tie) the two men to the left of him (one holding a baby) are his brothers. The man to the left of Mary Hostetter is also one of his brothers (3rd row down from top, one in from the left) and finally the boy standing farther to our right than anyone else is his youngest brother, Curtis. He had 4 brothers in all, one named Ralph, one named Stuart (and I don't remember the 4th one's name and can't tell you which ones are which, other than to identify them as Hostetter brothers). The only other Hostetter that I see is the father of all those guys, David B. Hostetter, sitting to our left of Hettie (pretty lady in white dress). David actually ran for Congress once, but lost in the Dem. primary over his opposition to ending Prohibition). So I think eveyone else here is a Harshbarger. Possibility that the man on left, facing picture 2nd row down is Earle Harshbarger (as he is described as "ruddy complected, medium build and medium height on his WWI draft card) - he also looks like his brother, Everett who can be found on the WWI Roll of Honor page

HERRON (hopefully there'll be more but this one is in 1894)

Humphrey - Griffin - 1980

Jones - 1909

LaFollette 1913

Lamson - 1924

Linebarger -Source: The Sunday Star July 8, 1901 p 6 - Mr. and Mrs. Will Mason are attending a family reunion with Mrs. Mason's Father, Andrew Linebarger in Parke County. Mr. Linebarger, who last month celebrated his 85th birthday is the father of 15 children, all of whom will be under his roof today. Six of them live at or within a mile of the home, the others, besides Mrs. Mason, being scattered over Texas, Louisiana, Iowa and Illinois - kbz

Linn - Reunions

Linville - 1937

Litsey Reunion - 1934

McCain Reunions

McMains - 1890 -- 1895

McMullen - 1908

Mastin - 1927

Morgan Reunion, about 1946 -- same pic - with names :( -- thanks to my cousin, Jerry N. for this

Morgan Reunion, about 1941 -- Taken spring 1941 as it says taken at Uncle Bum's Birthday Party. Using "M" for Morgan - thanks cousin Jerry Lou - nifty close-up picture smile emoticon 1st row: L-R J.P., Morgan, June M, Gwendolyn M. Anita M (in wagon, Jerry Joiner, Bobby M, Keith M, 2nd row: Hulda Smith, Dorothy M, Carol (boy) M, Kate Smith, Hazel M, Bob M, Jean M. 3rd row: Ruth Joiner, Maxine M, Goldie M holding David?, Jeff M, Betty M, Janet M, being held by grandpa, Aunt Lorraine holding Donnie Brookshire and Kate M, and Mom (Stella) M 4th row: Basil Joiner, Stanley M, Uncle Cecil, Aunt Hazel and Raymond.

Peffley 1910 Reunion Ad with pic of ? Peffley & ? Peffley

Peffley, Pefley, Peffly Family. 1939

Perkins/Moore PA. RR Reunion

Remley Reunion - 1927

Rice Reunion - 1922 -- thanks to Lois Hepburn for this - love it !! -- Judy Hart Byers has 'em all :) WHOOPEEEE - thanks Judy Right side of photo -- see here for the directory of names, and genealogical information on all

Rice-Stephens - 1920 - whoops, doesn't look like I typed it all - SORRY - kbz

Sayers Family Reunion - 1907

Sayler-Clodfelter Reunions


Seybold Family

Isaac Sharp family, Aug 15, 1937

Smith -- 1936 -- 1941

1909 John Allen Stewart Reunion

Stilwell Family

1909 Terry Family Reunion

Utterback Reunion


Widener -- 1909

Wilson, Stephen L. - 1915 Family Reunion


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