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Isaac SHARP Reunion

The second annual gathering of the descendents of Isaac and Mary Eastlack SHARP met Sunday, Aug 15th at the home ofIra J. SHARP of Waveland. 45 relatives and friends were present to enjoy the occasion by relating happenings of by-gone days and to partake of the feast at the noon hour. A business meeting was held in the afternoon where they voted to reelect the present officers, namely:
Ray T. SHARP, pres.;
Ira J. SHARP, sec-y-treas.

The following family history written byEmma F. Barr and Mary McGaughey was read and received the attention and interest of all present.BR>

Isaac SHARP Family History

Isaac SHARP was b. at Waveland, Jan 5, 1833, the son ofBenjamin and Rebecca CRANDALL SHARP .B> Mary Ann EASTLACK was b. in Woodstown NJ, Feb 12, 1833, the daughter ofSamuel and Catherine HAINES Eastlack .B> Mary Ann came to OH when she was 4, later coming to Waveland where her father worked in a tan yard near the "Shaes."B> Benjamin SHARP entered land form the government which is now owned byCharles CAMPBELL .
Isaac SHARP and Mary Ann Eastlack were married Sept 30, 1852 in the home of her brother,Samuel Eastlack, which is now the home of MissEmily McCORMICK .

To this union were born:
Samuel Benjamin SHARP at Waveland Aug 7, 1853.BR> William Clement SHARP at Russellville, Feb 8, 1856.
Emma Flora SHARP at Russellville, Sept 12, 1857
Theodore Matthew SHARP, at Russellville April 19, 1856 (sic

typist thinks since they were all in order this should be 1858).
Charles Lincoln SHARP, at Waveland, April 6, 1861.
Frank Allen SHARP, at Waveland, July 31, 1864.
Isaac Alva SHARP at Waveland, Sept 24, 1866.
Frederich Elsworth SHARP, at Waveland, Dec 17, 1867.
Eddie SHARP, at Waveland, April 18, 1870 died in infancy.
John Reid SHARP, at Waveland, July 11, 1871
Otho Willard SHARP at Waveland, July 14, 1874.
Eva SHARP, at Waveland, Oct 30, 1876. died in infancy
Walter SHARP, at Waveland, July 3, 1878 died in infancy.
Isaac SHARP died Sept 17, 1885.
Mary Ann SHARP died March 30, 1909.
Samuel SHARP died Feb 10, 1929.
Will SHARP died Aug 7, 1925.
Theodore SHARP died Sept 3, 1929.
Fred SHARP died Aug 27, 1895.
John SHARP died Jan 7, 1935.
Grandchildren living, 13.
Great grandchildren living 10.
Great great grandchildren living 1.

Those present were:

Emma F. Barr, Russellville;
Mr. & Mrs. Alva SHARP, Montezuma;
Charles L. SHARP, Waveland;
Frank SHARP, Waveland;
O.W. SHARP, Crawfordsville;
Minnie L. SHARP, Waveland.
Mr. & Mrs. Ray T. SHARP, Waveland;
Mr. & Mrs. Ira J. SHARP, Waveland;
Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Barr and daughter, Natchitoches, La;
Mr. & Mrs. Winford L. SHARP, Wooster, Oh.
Mr. & Mrs. DA McGaughey and daughter, Russellville;
Eunice SHARP, Crawfordsville;
Lurton SHARP, Crawfordsville;
Mr. & Mrs. Noel McMurray and daguther, Crawfordsville;
Mr. & Mrs. HL Foster and family, Waveland;
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred B.Lowe and son, Crawfordsville;
Mr. & Mrs. Ray T. Miller, Rockville;
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Everhart and son, Lafayette;
Mr. & Mrs. W. Emmert, Montezuma;
Mr. & Mrs. Al Foley, Paris, Ill; Dale Evans,
Mrs. E.C. Dietrich and
Mrs. Sarah Brown, Waveland.

The oldest relative present, Emma F. Barr, 80 .
The youngestEunice Jane McMurry, 2 years

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