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Index to 1956 show (wish I'd have been there - what great fun :) kbz - this was in my mother-in-law, JoAn Zach's belongings - glad I got it to share!!

Front Cover

Back Cover - Advertisers: Cunningham; Kostanzer; Lewis-Shepard

Advertisers - Stoker Heating; Western Auto

Advertisers - Pattison's TV; and thank yous from Tri-Kappa

Introduction -- "presents....."

Advertiser - Elston Bank

Publicity Committee - (Mrs Frank Howard; Mrs. Alan Burnett; Mrs. Nathan Pickett; Mrs. Walter Fertig) & Perry Lewis Ford

Costume & Make-up Committees (Trapp; Runge; Clark; Howell; Diehl; Hildebrand; Fisher; Schlemmer; Eston; Yeager

Advertisers -- Montgomery Savings & Gould's Flowers

Advertisers - Winchell Jewelery & Bantz Drug Store

Advertisers - Telecenter; Elmer's Beauty Shop & where donations of Tri-Kappa go

Advertisers -- "Laundromat" -- 1941 list of actors -- and contributors : DW Williams; Park's; Squire Shop; McCullough's; Petite Beauty Shop; Bi-Lo IGA; Nita Leonard Cooper; Prof. School of Dancing; Dave's Service Station; B&Q Cafe; Walnut Fork Lumber; Weir-Friendly Beauty Shop; Kirk's Paint & Wallpaper; Ecker Pastry; Modern Mart; Jean Paige Beauty Shop

Advertisers & 1942 list of actors -- Fishero & Fishero Homes; Union Savings

Advertisers & information on 1952 play -- Kroger; G.C. Murphy; Symmes & Williams Electric; Crawfordsville Casket Company; Shaw's Market; DeKalb; R Bee Furniture; Skip's Smiling Service

Advertiser - West's IGA

Advertisers & information on 1955 show -- Jimmy's Salon; R&M Book Store; Maplehurst Jersey Farms; Anglin & Strong Plumbing; Crawford Cafe; Corner Gift Shop; Strand Theater; Sam Boots Shell

Ticket & Contest Committee pictures - Wilson; Schlemmer; Butcher; Roscher; Zach; Diehl; Hildebrand; Milligan; Gillespie; Dickerson -- Roscher; Burnett; McClure; Rickett; Clark; Wilson

Cast & Follies 1-4 -- names: Beebe; Burroughs; Bruder; David; Dazey; Dellekamp; Evans; Fisher; Gallear; Gerard; Graham; Horner; Maddocks; Mefford; Merica; Miller; Mitchum; Morris; Myers; O'Dell; Porter; Runge; Schoenberger; Scott; Sommer; Todd; Toth; Vilardi; Walters; Ward; Yeager; Zach

Follies 5-7 -- names - listed if different from above : Cantrell; Darbro; Eggers; Krisman; MacDaniel; McDonald; Michaels; Mitchell; Maudlin; Milligan; O'Conner; Pattison; Paterson; Schlosser; Stahr; St. John; Williams

Follies 8-10 -- names listed IF not in other follies :) -- Bartkiewicz; Brock; Crane; Dice; Howell; Hutson; Lewis; Mefford; Parent; Zachary

ACT II -- 1-3 - names only listed IF not in the above Follies portion -- Clark; Eggers; Fuller; Jarrett; Lewis; McClure; Peacock; Ristine; Rosenfelder; Thompson; Trapp

Follies 4-9 -- only a few new names -- Addison; Edwards; Houston; McGlasson; Shearer

Advertisers & Property Committee -- Names are: Bruder; Butcher; Martin; Merica; Fuller (although these were all scanned the exact same way this one did not come out well) -- oddly, it is better if you click on it and it will get larger - most are better the other way around - sorry, kbz -- Advertisers on this page are: Ace Hardware & Mack & Clough Electric

Advertisers -- Service Laundry and Powd'r Puff Salon -- Usher Committee (pictured are: Porter; Cottingham; Johnson; Foster; Darst; Dickerson; Eve; Sharp; Pickett

Advertisers (Boulevard Steak House & Borden Ice Dream & Talen COmmittee picture : Macdonald; Fertig; Eaton; Spaulding; Taylor

Advertisers - C'ville Paint & Wallpaper; Welfare Finance; and First National Bank

Advertisers - Acme-Shuey-Hauck and Hoosier Crown. Patron Committee members shown: DeVore; Prince; Sharp; Macdaniel; Swanson (note there are six women but only five names :(

Advertisers & Mr. and Mrs. John Cohee from the Optimist Club -- Froedge's; Clements-Smith; Schloot Furniture

Advertisers & Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Gentry (loved that guy) from the Lions' Club - Dryer & McCreary Drugs stores - Morris & Jack Gardeners; McDaniel Freight

Advertisers & Mr. and Mrs. Marion Cooper from the Rotary Club -- Fanny Bee & Indiana Gas

Advertisers & Mr. and Mrs. George Stoker (Kiwanis Club) -- Pett Florist; Sportsman's Shop; Merchant's Delivery

Advertisers -- Bell's Men's store; Baldwin & Ferguson Sinclair; Milligan Bros

Advertisers - and information about Culver Union Hospital -- Cocoa-Cola and Coppage Dry Cleaners

Advertisers - Golden Rule; David's Plumbing; Dillman's and Custom Furniture

Advertisers (Wms, Beck & Hess and Proffitt & Sons) plus Program Committe pictured: JoAn Zach; Graham; Prince; Spaulding; DeVore; Brock; Peacock; Eggers; Howard; Rosenfelder

Advertisers - Hi-Tex Brick and Meadow Gold





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