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Abstracts from: Various Wills Probated in Montgomery County, Indiana

GREGORY, Anderson
Resides Montgomery Co IN
21 April 187319 June 1873Wife Amanda Gregory
Children; Kate & Charley
Executor: none listed
Witnesses: Wm. H. Rogers; Drury Ragsdale

4 Aug 18708 May 1873Resides Montgomery County, In
Wife: Mary C. Naylor
Exec. Mary C. Naylor
Witnesses : Wm. C. White; Mary D. Naylor; Matthew M. Whitford

PORTER, Andrew J.
22 May 18738 July 1873Resides Montgomery Co IN
Wife: Mary Porter
Children: Jasper H Porter; Martha A. Porter; Ida May Porter
Exec : Mary Porter
Witnesses: EG Rowe; Isaac H. Vance; James Wright; George Hurley

RICE, Abraham
29 Aug 186723 Ot 1873Resides Montgomery County, In
Children: William A. Rice; Mariah Rice; Martin Rice; Ann Eliza Points;
Margaret Faust; Elizabeth Fisher
Exec: none given
Witnesses: Joseph Allen, Sr; Amanda Allen (Davis)

SCOTT, Mary E.
5 Dec 187322 Dec 1873Resides Crawfordsville IN
Husband: Thomas T. Scott
Exec: none given
Witnesses: James Heaton; John Wasson

DEIGHTON; George Henry
16 April 187223 Dec 1873Resides Crawfordsville, IN
Wife: Sally E. Deighton
Son: George H. Deighton
Exec: Sally E. Deighton (wife)
Witnesses: MD White; Samuel Beck

, Benjamin

(see another below)

9 April 185526 Dec 1873Resides Montgomery Co In
Wife: Polly VanCleave
Sons: John Brown VanCleave; Simeon Thompson VanCleave;
Daughters:  Mary Katherine VanCleave; Margery Ann VanCleave; Sally G. Stone (relationship not stated)
Exec: Polly VanCleave; John Brown VanCleave
Witnesses: Benjamin Hall; Simeon C. Davis

Before: 22 April 1855After: 22 April 1855Daughters; Elizabeth Cook; Lucy Ann Thomason; Eliza Jane Miller, dec'd; Mary
Jane Martz, dec'd
Exec: William F. Thomason; Lewis M. Thomason
Witnesses: Joseph Ellis; George Cook
Death date: 22 April 1855

MOUNT, Nelson
28 Jan 18528 June 1855Brothers: John E. D. Mount; Samuel Mount; Joseph Mount
Exec: John E. D. Mount
Witnesses: Thomas W. Fry; James Heaton
Death Date: 1 May 1855

STUBBINS, John Jonathan
11 April 185512 June 1855Wife: "my wife, not named"
Son: Samuel Stubbins
Other heirs: Thomas Venard; James Stubbins; James M. Stubbins; John Durham;
Samuel Truax
Exec: My son-in-law, John Durham
Witnesses: JW Florer; Thomas Elmore
Death Date: 10 April 1855

PIERCE, Joseph
27 July 185526 Sept 1855Wife: Sarah Pierce
Daughters: Elizabeth Pierce, eldest
Sons: Elisha G. Pierce, eldest; Wm. H and Joseph, two youngest
Son-in-law David F. Brown
Grandchild: Sarah Caroline Brown
Exec : My wife, Sarah and sons, Elisha G.
Witnesses: W. H. Heath; Henry Walter; James B. Gray
Death Date: 1 Sept 1855
FRALEY, John before: 5 Nov 18555 Nov 1855Sons: Samuel; John S; William M; Charles W; Henry C; Theodore L; Ziba Frayley, "although his mother calls him Samuel"
Daughter; Caroline S. Russell
Witnesses: Ben T. Ristine; Alexander Thomson
Exec: Theodore L. Fraley; & Henry C. Fraley, sons
Death Date:  26 Oct 1855

VanCleave, Benjamin
3 May 1855 1 Dec 1855Wife; Mary VanCleave
Children: six oldest: Matthias M.; James S; Elizabeth Gott; Thomas J.
VanCleave Ruth Ann Todd; Mary Jane Wasson
Other Children: John R. VanCleave; Sarah Ellen Demoret
Exec: William Carson
Witnesses: Thomas A. VanCleave; Robert Carson
Death Date: 26 Oct 1855

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