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Montgomery County Wills -- Book A

Testator Date Of Will Probation Extract
Joshua Baxter 8-12-1825 2-4-1826. Heirs: Wife - Nancy, Exr.: Darcus, “whom I raised,” daughter of Henry Nicholson: Joshua Baxter Pursel, infant son of Basel Pursel.
Witnesses: Williamson Dunn, John McCullough, James Ralston
Isaac Beezley 7-5-1827 --- Heirs: Wife: Elinor; sons: John, Cornelius, David Thomas
daus.: Rachel Sherry, Sarah, Elizabeth.
Admr.: Henry Lee
Wits.: Isaac Cadwallader, Jonathan Largent, Daniel Coble
Jonas Carl 5-1-1831 7-5-1831. Heir: Wife: Rachel.
Witnesses: John Beard, John Cain
James Coonrad 4-11-1826 ---. Heirs: Sons - Joseph, George, James; -in-law: Enos Pickering
daus.: Ruth, Rachel, Hester
Exr.: son Joseph.
Wits.: Elisha Kenworthy, John Hiatt, Silas Kenworthy
Jeremiah Cox
Randolph Co., IN
2-5-1830 3-29-1831. Heirs: Wife: Catherine;
sons - Jeremiah and Elijah, the two eldest: Enoch, Benjamin, Robert, William, Samuel, John
daus. - Amy Roberts, Elizabeth Moffit, Mary Barker, Margery Moffit, Hannah Thomas, Elizabeth Cox.
Exrs.: Wife: Catherine; sons Jeremiah of Wayne Co., Enoch of Montgomery Co.
Wits.: Abraham Peacock, Benj. Cox, John J. Peacock
William Craig 7-9-1828 8-23-1828. Heirs: Wife: Margaret; sons - Samuel, James, William
brother: James of Ky.
daus. - Patsy, Hannah, Isabella, Margaret Ann, Mary, Esther, Elvira, Jane Lowry.
Exrs.: James Sellers, William Mote.
Witnesses: John B. Brockman, James Craig.
Lot French 3-7-1828 4-9-1828. Heirs: Wife: Elizabeth;
sons - Adam Miller, James
daus. - Sarah Cowan, Ann Cumberland, Betsy Moore, Amy Applegate, Jane C., Charlotte
grandchildren (children of Polly Cowan, decd.) father (not named) with estate in Penna.
Exrs.: Providence M. Curry, James Harvey Applegate.
Witnesses: Hugh Linn, Magnus Holmes.
Nathan Garrett 12-12-1825 5-6-1826. Heirs: Wife: Cassay (“I bequeath $10, though absconded”);
sons - David, Samuel, John, James, William, Isaac, Thomas
daus. - Katharine, Margaret, Nancy, Sarah.
Large Bible to William.
Son David to settle the division without administering.
Witnesses: Harry Doubleday, Robert Sterritt
Jesse Gerard 6-6-1829 7-9-1829. Heirs: Wife - Esther
children: Moses, Elias, Joseph, Mary Jackson, Esther McClure, Rachel Clements, Emeline Turner.
Exrs.: Wife: Esther;: Elias.
Witnesses: J.B. Austin, Samuel Brown, William V. Snyder
Anford Hopkins 1-12-1831 5-6-1831. : Wife: Alviny.
Wits.: Samuel McClung, James W. Cowan
Matthew Kinkead 10-28-1830 11-20-1830. Heirs: Wife: Sarah;
sons: James Galey, John;
dau.: Nancy.
Exrs.: Samuel Galey, Jr., William S. Galey.
Wits.: John Collins, Jacob Holsclaw
Peter Kinder 1-23-1827 5-18-1827. Heirs: Wife: Dolly;
sons: Jacob, John,
children of Peter, decd.,
children of George, decd.
granddaughter Peggy Mettich, dau. of Patsy Mettich; Polly Bare, Sally Boothe, Peggy Smock, Nancy Hicks.
Wits.: Patton Walker, John Grigsby, William Moore.
James McClelland 4-14-1828 5-6-1828. Heirs: Brothers: Isaac (to be Exr.), William, Alfred
sister: Elizabeth.
Wits.: B. Taylor, Samuel Smith
Ann Moore 10-13-1826 3-1-1830. Heirs: Sons: Ruben, Philip (to be Exrs.), Lewis, Elias
daus.: Phebe Smalley, Katherine Miller, Rachel Carle, Nancy Miller.
Wits.: William Bratton
Mulenburgh Proctor 9-12-1831 10-14-1831. Heirs: Wife: Elizabeth;
sons: Greenville, Samuel
daus.: Deziah Shepherd, Catherine, Lucinda, America, Sarah S.
Exrs.: Thomas Lockman, William Carson.
Wits.: Mulenburgh Ham, Jefferson Hicks
John Ristine 2-19-1827 ---. Heirs: Son: Barnet
bro.: Joseph. “Henry, John, Richard [who] owe me”
John Nelson to be paid $77.55
John Ramey $14 which is due him
Caty Nelson and her present children, Alexander and William
Polly Johnston to have her share.
Exrs.: Son Barnet, and friend Moses Tandy of Gallatin Co., Ky.
Wits.: Ben T. Ristine, Daniel B. Johnston
Robert Rusk 10-25-1823 10-25-1823. Heirs: Brothers: William, John.
Witnesses: Jonas & Agnes Mann
Robert Stitt 9-25-1822 6-28-1823. Heirs: Wife: Jane
daus.: Jane, Rebecca, Elizabeth;
sons - James and Elijah (to be Exrs.) Jacob, John.
Wits.: Isaac Miller, William Blevings
Barzilla Taylor before
5-22-1828 Proved, probated, and recorded 5-22-1828.
Heirs: Wife: not named
children: not named
the Lame Girl to get share and a half.
Wits.: Charles Yeoman, Carson Wood, Wm. Lackey
John Thomas 4-30-1825 8-28-1832. Heirs: Brother: William
friends: Henry Lee and wife, Priscilla.
Witnesses: Williamson Dunn, Irwin B. Maxwell
Robert Winton 8-6-1831 8-28-1832. Heirs: Wife: Ann;
sons: Matthew Hampton, John Robert, Thomas, William
daus.: Eliza, Rebecca, Sarah Ann, Martha Ann, Mary Ann.
Witnesses: Robert Jones, John Ramey, Thos. D. Baird
John Yeoman 1-31-1830 3-3-1830. Heir: Wife: Ann Eliza.
Exrs.: Wife & Robert Jones.
Wits.: W.M. Snyder, John M. Fisher

Source: Will Book A, Montgomery County, IN
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