History of Newton County

    Newton County is the youngest county in the State of Indiana. Formed in 1860 from Jasper County, the county seat was made in what was then called Kent Station. Today, the town is called Kentland. Much of our history can be found in the society newsletter, "The Newcomer". There is an index on that site that can help you with specific information.

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Newton County Townships

Upon organization of the county in April 1860, there were five townships: Beaver, Iroquois, Jackson, Lake and Washington.
The first order of the newly elected officials was the formation of a new township.
April 23, 1860, Jefferson Township was set aside from Washington Township 
December 2, 1862, McClellan Township was set apart from Beaver Township
December 6, 1865, Grant Township was set apart from Iroquois Township
March 9, 1871, Colfax Township was set apart from Jackson Township
June 8, 1872, Lincoln Township was set apart from Colfax Township

Newton County Towns

1851 - Morocco by John Murphey
1860 - Kentland by Alexander (A. J.) Kent - aka Kent, Kents, Kent Station, Adriane
1861 - Goodland by Timothy Foster - aka Goodland Station, Tivoli
1866 - Brook by S. H. Benjamin - noted on some old maps as Brooks
1876 - Lake Village by Richard Malone
1882 - Roselawn by Craig and Rose - originally written as Rose Lawn
1882 - Thayer by Atherton and Stratton
1882 - Julian by J. B. Julian
1882 - Mt. Ayr by Lewis Marion
1882 - Foresman by J. B. Foresman - aka Foresman Switch
1905 - Conrad by Jennie M. (Milk) Conrad
1906 - Ade by Warren T. McCray
1907 - Enos by R. and L. Bartlett

Pilot Grove was a collection of early pioneers in Jackson Township, and is where the first post office was located. It was west of Mt. Ayr. There were several "milk stops" throughout the county that were given names as well, such as Pogue, Perkins Switch and others.

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