Miller/Amish Cemetery
July, 2012 looking southwest from northeast corner - right: looking east from west end of cemetery.

Located in Newton County, 1/4 mile west of the intersection of 300E and 325S, two miles west of Mt. Ayr, Indiana. Directions to the cemetery from US 41 and SR 114 turn East, to 200E go North,to 325S East, on right. A grass lane will lead you back to the site.
In 1997, the Newton County Historical Society's Cemetery project provided a listing of all cemeteries in Newton County. At that time, the Miller/Amish Cemetery was included, and volunteers read and recorded the stones to the best of their ability.
In 2011, after many years of research, Sharon Julia Leichty published a 520 page book entitled "History of the Jasper-Newton County Amish Settlement and The Miller Amish Cemetery". In 2010, the stones were cleaned and restored, funded by the Jackson Township Trustee, Sharen Clark. In July of 2012, society members Susie Hall and Beth Bassett worked together to produce a new web page for the NCHS site, which would include photographs.The result of all three of these endeavors is published here.

Sharon's compilation of this history included a in-depth chapter on the cemetery, and she has given us permission to use it on this site. Please contact Sharon at if you would like to purchase a copy of her publication, or need assistance with the genealogy of any of the families, as well as others in the Newton/Jasper county areas. Thanks to all for their volunteering to help with this project.

Click here to see a plat map of the cemetery. Rows 1-9; Rows 10-17
Click here to read the history, and explanation of the layout of the cemetery. The information here follows the row layout.

Row Name Date  of Birth Date of Death Inscription/and or information Stone Image (2012)
Row 17
West Side
KAUFFMAN, Margarett   27 Apr 1901 9 Jun 1917
KAUFFMAN, Gideon February 7 1860  Sept 11, 1924
KAUFFMAN, Anna Mae (Stoll) 1866 1932 See photo above with Gideon Kauffman
SCHWARTZ, Christian 1832  1906 C. Schwartz
Illegible (Cement)
Row 16

North To South
NISSLEY, David D. {6 Oct}1860  {22 Sep}1935 m. Veronica Ann Keim
NISLEY, Veronica "Fannie" (Keim)  22 Apr 1864  21 Aug 1931 Wife of David * Age 67 Yrs. 3 Mo. and 29 Days
NISLEY, Andrew "Andy" 7 Sep 1900 31 Dec 1929 Son of David & Fannie * Ae 29 Ys 3 Ms 23 Ds
NISLEY, Lucy (Cooper) 14 Jul 1892  6 Jun 1929 Age 33 Yrs. 10 Mo. and 22 Das.  (other marrages: Schwartz, Bashore)
Illegible (Cement)
Illegible (Cement)
Row 15
North to South
YODER, Noah J. "Gippie" {6 Jan}1867   {18}Aug 1935 m. Alida Viola Rodgers - twice
Illegible (Cement)
Row 14
North to South
MILLER, Salome {1 Jun 1912}  9 May 1917  Aged 4 Y. 11 M. 8 D. dau of David D. and Magdelina Miller
Leichty, Iona b. Feb. 20, 1917 d. June 9, 1917 moved to Burr Oak Mennonite Church Cemetery, Jasper Co. IN
GINGERICH, Valentine E. December 20, 1872 November 28, 1898 son of Eli and Fannie Gengerich
GINGERICH, Veronica "Fannie" b. Feb. 4, 1847 d. 5 Jan 1893  Aged 43 Y. 11 M. 1 D.
WRRICH (act. spell Weirrich), Sarah (Gingerich)  b. b. Sept 27, 1868 d. 1 Feb 1890   Aged 21 Y. 4 M. 4 D.; m. Peter Weirrich; parents Elias "Eli" and Fannie Gingerich
Row 13
North to South
MILLER, Mary  J. (Yoder) b. Sept . 11, 1865  {12 Mar}1920 Wife of Eli L.
MULLET, Millie (Miller) d. 30 Dec 1891   14 Feb 1920 Wife of Jonathan B.; dau of Eli and Mary Miller
F. C. buried north of NBM (New Born Mullett) of Noah B. and Barbara
NBM 1895 b, Feb 1895 d. Dec. 24 1895 Mullett - infant daughter of Noah B. and Barbara (Yoder) Mullet
Row 12
North to South
ANDERSON, Amanda (Hochstetler) b. 8 Nov 1886  d. 21 Apr 1971 married Menno Anderson
ANDERSON, Menno  b. 12 Feb 1892 d. 7 Oct 1957 married Amanda Hochstetler
ANDERSON, Simon J.  b. 2 Jan 1883  d. 25 Jul 1957 married Sarah Mullet
ANDERSON, Sarah B. (Mullet) b.17 Sep 1884 d. 10 Aug 1949 Wife of Simon J.
ANDERSON, Jonas S.  b.{3 Sep}1922 d.{13 Sep}1939 son of Simon J. and Sarah B.
ANDERSON, Wm. S.   b.{21 Aug}1910  d.{15 Jan}1934 son of Simon J. and Sarah B.
ANDERSON, Lovina H.   (Hochstetler) b.{20 Mar}1861  d.{16 Jan}1939 married John Anderson
ANDERSON, John b. 6 Dec 1852  d. 20 Jan 1921   Age 69 Y. 1 M. 24 D. Original Name Augustus Walbus. born in Denmark.
ANDERSON, Isaac b. 27 May 1903 d. 8 Aug 1903 son of Lovina and John Anderson
S.W.(Sarah Walbus)
Anderson, Sarah
b. 20 Oct 1881 d. 20 Oct 1881 daughter of John and Lovina H. Anderson
E. Y. b. 27 July 1889 d. 27 July 1889 stillborn daughter of Eli and Barbara Yoder
Row 11
North to South
HELMUTH, Daniel  b. 17 Feb 1842 d. {25 Jan}1921 married Sarah Hochstelter
HELMUTH, Clara D. "Clairie" b. 1919 d. 1920 daughter of David D. and Fannie Helmuth
HELMUTH,  Carrie b. 18 Jun 1904   d. 18 Dec 1904 Age 6 Mo. daughter of David D. and Fannie Helmuth
Claudius Kauffman b. 19 May 1900 d. 22 May 1900 son of John N. and Elzabeth (Yoder) Kauffman Helmuth engraved on stone
second cousin of Carrie and Clara Helmuth
Row 10
North to South
Illegible (Cement) unknown burial
MILLER, Jr. Levi  L. b. 29 Jun 1839 d. 25 Dec 1905 married Fanny Chupp Age 66 Yr. 5 Mo. 4 Da.
YODER, Catherine (Miller) b. 8 Jan 1873 d. 17 Aug 1896 "Katie" married Joseph Yoder
YODER, Annie b.2 Jul 1887 d.16 Apr 1888 daughter of Daniel J. and Lucy Yoder
 YODER, Lucy (Lehman) b. 5 Apr 1866 d. 14 Apr 1889 married Daniel Yoder
Row 9
North to South
HARSHBERGER, Emanuel Ora b. 17 Sep 1899 d. 17 Sep 1899 son of Emanuel and Cora Etta Harshberger
HARSHBERGER, Orestus Pearl b. 12 Mar 1905 d. 20 Mar 1905 son of Emanuel and Cora Etta Harshberger
HARSHBERGER, Irene Gladys b. 2 Aug 1908 d. 13 Aug 1908 daughter of Emanuel and Cora Etta Harshberger
HARSHBERGER, Saloma Elizabeth b. 5 May 1915 d. 5 May 1915 daughter of Emanuel and Cora Etta Harshberger
CHUPP, Simon  N. "Sim" b.2 May 1853 d.12 May 1935 m. 1:Salome Slabaugh; 2: Mary Cline
CHUPP, Mary (Cline) b. 18 May 1856 d.26 Jul 1925  Wife of Simon N. First husband Benjamin Hochstetler
CHUPP, Salome (Slabaugh) b.24 Feb 1858  d.2 Feb 1916 first wife of Simon N. 
CHUPP, Simon Edward b. 26 Dec 1907 d. 18 June 1909 Son of Son of Daniel S.  and Sarah Chupp
CHUPP, Miles Oscar   b2 .Aug 1886 d. 14 Jun 1888 Son of Simon and Salome  * Aged 1 Y. 10 M. 12 D.
CHUPP, Simon S. b. 19 Jan 1885 d. 7 Feb 1885 son of Simon and Salome
CHUPP, Orestus b. 15 Oct 1876  d 12 Dec 1877 Son of Simon and Salome 
TROYER, Jeroma b. 14 Oct 1880 5 Sep 1882 Son of  Jeremiah and Susanna Troyer (3 sides of stone carved)- south side
TROYER, Susanna (Slabaugh) b. 25 Jan 1845 d. 10 Aug 1881 married Jeremiah M. "Jerry" Troyer. On same stone with son Jeroma (see above entry) north side of stone - front reads Troyer with unreadable epitapth
2 Unmarked Stones following the Troyer stone - possible Jeroma on right side of Susanna
Row 8
North to South
LEICHTY, Vertie   b.28 Sep 1917 d. 10 Nov 1917 Dau. of Sam & Clara
MILLER, Joseph B. b. 13 Sep 1841 d. 31 Jul 1917 Age 75 Y. 10 M. 17 D  married 1: Barbara Schumucker 2: Magdalina Gingerich
MILLER, Harry  b 1891    d 1897 son of Joseph B. and Magdalina
MILLER, Barbara  (Schumucker) b. 24 Oct 1848 d. 19 Apr 1888  Mother married Joseph B. Miller
MILLER, Amanda   b 1884 d 1887 daughter of Joseph B and Barbara
MILLER, Catherine "Katie"  b. 1871 d 1886 daughter of Joseph B and Barbara
Row 7 North to South ANDERSON, David S. b. 25 Dec 1914 d. 25 Dec 1914 son of Simon and Sarah Anderson
ANDERSON, Ruby A. b. 18 Aug 1917 d. 18 Aug 1917 daughter of Albert and Susanna
MILLER, Ida N. b. 28 Mar 1916 d. 26 May 1916 daughter of Noah and Sarah Miller
ANDERSON, Son b. 9 Jan 1915 d. 9 Jan 1915 Son of Albert and Susan
Illegible (Cement)
Illegible (Cement)
HOCHSTETLER, Susan (Yoder) b. 13 Feb 1821 d. 29 Aug 1886 married David Hochstetler
HOCHSTETLER, David b. 9 Aug 1818 d. 30 Dec 1885 married Susanna Yoder
Row 6 North to South HOCHSTETLER, Irvan b. 18 Sept 1927  d. 23 April 1944 Son of Rudy & Lizzie
HOCHSTETLER, Edna V. b. 3 Nov 1916 d. 5 May 1917 daughter of Valentine and Fannie
HOCHSTETLER, Ezra S. b. 21 Jan 1884 d. 14 July 1911 son of Simon D. and Catherine
HOCHSTETLER, Catherine  J. "Katie" b. 25 May 1844 d. 1 Feb 1908 Wife of Simon D. tombstone is field stone, carved by Moses Chupp
Illegible (Cement)
Illegible (Cement)
Illegible (Cement)
D.D.H. b. 1892 d. 5 June 1897 possible dau of David D. and Sarah Hochstetler
Illegible (Sandstone)
Illegible (Cement)
Row 5 North to South MILLER, Eli B.  b.{19 Jul}1891 d.27 May1937 married Katie Miller
MILLER, Mary E. (Miller) b. 19 Apr 1865 {27 May}1902 Second Wife of Ben
MILLER, Susannah (Hochstetler) b. 20 Dec1850 d. 4 Jan 1888  First Wife of Ben
MILLER, Ida b. 28 Mar 1916 d. 26 May 1916 dau Noah and Sarah
Fieldstone Marker
MILLER, Jessie b. 1879 dauther of Benjamin and Susanna
Row 4
North to South
MILLER, Mary (Frey) b. 22 Oct 1895 d. 28 Mar 1916  Wife of Jesse D.
MILLER, Jesse D.   b 28 May 1885 d 8 Apr 1951 m. 1:Mary Frey; 2:Betty Helmuth
Fieldstone Marker
MILLER, Elizabeth N. (Helmuth) b. 22 May 1897 d. 10 Nov 1959 married Jesse D. Miller
MILLER, David B. b. {1 Jan 1845}  d. 24 Mar 1916 ae 71; married Susanna Yoder deeded property for cemetery
MILLER, Susanna H. (Yoder) b. 22 Jan 1848 d. 7 July 1909 "Susan" married David B.
R.D.M. (R. D. Miller) b. and d. 1885 child of Susan and David B. Carved Slate Stone
S.D.M.  (S. D. Miller) b. and d. 1881 child of Susan and David B. Carved Slate Stone
D.D.M. ( D. D. Miller) b. and d. 1883 child of Susan and David B. Carved Slate Stone
S. D. M. (S. D. Miller) b. and d. 1880 child of Susan and David B. Carved Slate Sone "Baby Simon appeared in the 1880 census"
Row 3
North to South
YODER, Elizabeth (Chupp) "Lizzie" b. 18 Dec 1842  d. 10 Aug 1888 married Noah S. Yoder
CHUPP, Magdalina (Miller) "Mattie" b. 8 July 1824 d.17 Dec 1903 wife of Nathan
May Be YODER, Annie b before 1876 after 1885 dau of Noah and Lizzie
Unreadable Stone
CHUPP, Nathan b.1 Jan 1821 d. 14 Jan 1896 Age 71 Y. 19 D.
married Magdalina "Mattie" Miller
CHUPP, Lydia b. 26 Sept 1893 d. 18 Oct 1893 dau of Isaac N and Mattie
CHUPP, Veronica "Fannie" b. 20 Aug 1885 d. 8 June 1892 dau of Isaac N. and Mattie
CHUPP, David b. 30 Dec 1881 d. March 1882 son of Isaac and Mattie
YODER, Annie b. Jan 1876 d. 10 Apr 1878 dau of David and Mattie Miller 1/2 sister to David Chupp
Row 2
North to South
YODER, Irene  b.{13 Oct}1917   d. {18 Oct}1938 dau of Hank and Cora Yoder
FREY, John S.  17 Sep 1865 1 Jan 1934 m. Veronica "Fannie" Schlabach; 2: Veronica "Fanny" Stutzman
MILLER, Phenias "Fenas" 24 Jan 1808 d. 26 Sept 1906 Age 88 Y. 7 Mo. 17 Days married Veronica "Fanny" Stutzman
MILLER, Benjamin D. b. 3 Sept 1819 d. 31 Jan 1905 married Veronica "Fannie" Mast
MILLER, Veronica "Fannie" (Mast) b. 15 Oct 1821  d. 23 Mar 1877 married Benjamin D. Miller
Row 1 North to South MILLER, Alvin L. and Melvin b. and d. 20 Sept 1926 twins of Lonney Miller
YODER, Enos H. 1 Sep 1889 28 Oct 1918 Father * Age 29 Y. 1 M. 28 D m. 1: Emma Yoder 2: Polly Miller
CHUPP, Jonas  b. 24 Nov 1910 d. 28 May 1918 Son of Eli J. & Sarah E.
south side of stone reads: Boren Nov 24 1910
CHUPP Silvia I. b. 23 Feb 1915   17 Mar 1918 dau of Ira J. and Catherine "Katie"
J. R. carved on back of stone
Stutzman, Edna May b. 20 Feb 1908 d. 10 Sep 1908  Age 2 Yr. 9 Mo's. & 21 D's. dau of Levi J. and Susan; twin: Edward Ray Stutzman
D. J. S. STUTZMAN, Daniel J. b. 15 Aug 1831  d. 22 Oct 1913 m 1: Rebecca Miller; 2: Mary Yoder; Magdelina "Fannie" Miller
J. on stone is reversed
Illegible (Cement)
Illegible (Cement)
CHUPP, Orestus unreadable
Illegible (Cement)
Illegible (Cement)