Harris Cemetery

These stones have been listed alphabetically before restoriation since most of the stones are laying flat on the ground in no apparent order.

Harris Cemetery is located on east side of road on farm owned by Eric Ames, etal. on County Road 525E 1.1 miles from SR 55. Instead of turning the first curve of SR 55 at the north edge of Mt. Ayr, go north on CR 500E, turn right onto CR 225S then left onto CR 525E.
Blankenbaker Family Funds Harris Cemetery Restoration

Harris Cemetery Stones Before:

Harris Cemetery    harris cem 2    harris cem 3   

The following was printed in The Newcomer Fall 2011
Descendants of Joel and Suannah (House) Blankenbaker, who are buried in the Harris Cemetery north of Mt. Ayr, commissioned the Graveyard Groomers out of Connersville, IN to restore this cemetery. The restoration began on Monday, October 10, 2011 and was completed Wednesday, October 12, 2011.

During the restoration, bases for two headstones were found. The headstones themselves were not located. However, they did uncover a foot stone with the initials MCR carved on it. This foot stone was located immediately to the south of the Thomas Reed burial location. We assume this to be the burial location of his daughter, Mahala C. Reed. However a Mahala Reed does show up in 1870 (different age) with a Stewart family, so more research should be done to verify this assumption.

The Blankenbaker family greatly appreciates Randy Ames giving permission for them to have access to the cemetery, which is located on his farm. When a cemetery is located on private property, it is the owner's decision as to the upkeep and preservation of the area. The other cemeteries in Jackson Township are under the jurisdiction of the trustee, Sharen Clark, who has done an excellent job in maintaining them. Submitted by Beth Bassett

Harris Cemetery After Restoration
harris rest    harris res2

Special thanks to Susie Hall and Beth Bassett for creating, photographing and uploading this page for researchers, 2012.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Inscription Picture
Blankenbaker, Jane 7 Jul 1865  Wife of John W. * Aged 26 Y's 3 Mo. 18 D's Blankenbaker Jane Blankenbaker J
Blankenbaker, Joel   11 May 1869 Aged 74 Y'rs 3 Mo. 7 D's. (ae 71 y) Blankenbaker Joel
Blankenbaker, Susannah    25 Sep 1864  Wife of Joel * Aged 70 Yrs & 2 Ds. Blankenbaker Susannah
Ham, Charlotte E  25 Oct 1870 Dau. of F.W. & E. * Aged 16 Y's 4 m's & 21 d's Ham Charlotte Ham Charlotte E 2
Ham, Fountain W 1 Mar 1873 Aged 57 Y's 3 m's & 27 d's Ham Fountain W Ham Fountain W 2
Ham, Silas A 22 Mar 1863 Son of Fountain W.& Elizabeth *Ae 17 Y 11 M 18 D Ham Silas
Ham, Etta L (18 Aug 1866) Dau. of F.W. & E. * Aged 2 Yrs 10 m's & 17 d's Ham Etta Ham Etta 2
Harris, Arrabella M 17 Feb 1861   Wife of T.W. * Aged 38 Y. 17 D Harris Arrabella
Harris, Virginia   14 Apr 1859    Daugh. of T.W. & A.M. * Aged 15 Y. 10 D. Harris Virginia
Harris Charles H  12 Jan 1881 Aged 23 Y. 2 M. 28 D. (k has 28 y) Harris Charles H Harris Charles H 2
Harris, Wm G      29 Aug 1875 Aged 2 Y. 3 M. 20 D. Harris Wm G
Harris, Detmer E 16 Sep 1870 Son of J.T. & L.J. * Ae 1 yr 5 ms & 12 ds (brkn) Harris Detmer E
Harris, Louisa J  22 Oct 1884 Wife of J.T. * Ae 43 Y. 1 M. 26 D. (k has 45 y) Harris Louisa
Harris, Wm F  3 Jun 1874 Aged 44 Y's 4 m's & 8 d's (k has died 1871) Harris Wm F Harris Wm F 2
Harris, Virginia E 15 Jun 1863 Aged 1 Year 3 mo's & 15 d's Harris Virginia E
Harris, Infant Son 20 Aug 1869    Harris Infant Son
Harris, Tava A 19 May 1861 Aged 1 Year 4 m's & 24 d's. Harris Tava
Harris, Edgar C 5 Sep 1860 Aged 4 y'rs 8 mo's & 12 d's. Harris Edgar C Harris Edgar C 2
Reed, Thomas H 6 Mar 1863 Aged 32 Y'rs 2 M & 16 d. Reed Thomas H Reed Thomas H 2
???   13 Dec 1863 Aged 6 Yr's. 2 m. 2 ds. Unknown Unknown 2