Morgan Tracy Cemetery

The Morgan Cemetery (AKA Tracy) is located in McClellan Township, Newton County, Indiana, northwest of Enos on 600W and is situated on a sand ridge on the west side of the road. It is a burial site for some of the black residents of Newton County. It is also known as the Tracy Cemetery, for Walter Tracy arranged many of the burials for his friends.

Take west of US Highway 41 at Enos onto CR 100N (State Road 14 goes east.) Continue to 600W and turn right (North). Go approximately one mile more just past the Willow Slough Firing Range. Some large pine trees mark the cemetery on the west side of the road - look for the cemetery sign.
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The land was part of 80 acres owned by Emma L Morgan in 1916. Emma L Morgan died January 30, 1922, aged 69 years, in McClellan Township and George W Morgan died there on January 21, 1911, aged 65 years.No record has been found as to the dedication of the land for cemetery use.

A few stones are still standing and evidence of metal markers abound, however, the paper contents have long ago vanished. The earliest legible burial is Alma Tetter, died 1904, and the latest burial is Curtis Olauwmi, died 1982. The cemetery is still being used by descendants of some of the original families.

It is through the courtesy of Vivian Lee of Kankakee, Illinois, that much of the information has been verified and supplemented. If it were not for her efforts, many of the burials could not have been established.

Not much is known of the Morgan family. In the county records we find that Emma Portus married George Morgan on January 10, 1870, and a Clarence Morgan married Nora Portus on April 12, 1872. They may have been brothers and the women may have been sisters.

The cemetery is located in Section 25 of Fractional Township 30N, and in Range 10W of the 2nd P.M.

Special thanks to Susie Hall and Beth Bassett for creating, photographing and uploading this page for researchers, 2012.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Inscription Picture
Olauwmi, Curtis 19 Jul 1951 28 Mar 1982 Olauwmi Curtis
The Stranger The Stranger
Morgan, John   1874  4 Jul 1911 Morgan John
Lewis, Corrine Morgan 30 Jul 1921 4 Jan 1969 Lewis Corrine Morgan
Morgan, Henry  26 Apr 1923 13 May 1966 Morgan Henry
Olauwmi, Carrie Morgan 20 Aug 1925 25 Jun 1972 (last marriage Hutchinson) Olauwmi Carrie Morgan
Tetter, Frank Wallace 14 Jan 1894 21 Oct 1952 IL Cpl 4 Div BN World War I Tetter Frank Wallace
Tetter, Leroy  1886 1929   Tetter Leory
Morgan, George W  1856  (21 Jan) 1911 (son of Dennis) Morgan George W
Morgan, Emma L (Pontice) (22 Sep) 1851 (20 Jan ) 1922    Morgan Emma L Pontice
Morgan, Stephen W 1879  1905    Morgan Stephen W
Pontice, Matilda Caroline 23 Dec 1907 dau (no Serupa Horner) ae 90 y Pontice Matilda Caroline
Morgan, Elizabeth (McCoodle)    1843   26 Apr 1912  Dau Sim - Wife of James - ae 69 y Morgan Elizabeth McCoodle
Morgan, James Morgan James
Morgan, John #2      Morgan John
Morgan, Arthur "Sandy" Morgan Arthur
Morgan, Sarah 4 Apr 1851  27 Jun 1937 Mother of John #1 Morgan Sarah
Morgan, Rose (Bromwell)  9 Dec 1869  12 Aug 1942 Morgan Rose Bromwell
Latty, Safronia (Collins)   13 Jul 1871 4 Nov 1920 Latty Safronia Collins
Latty, Benjamin Franklin 1892  7 Sep 1911  Latty Benjamin Franklin
Latty, James Merritt    22 Sep 1966   Latty James Merritt
Tracy, Cora M (Morgan) (28 May) 1875  (13 Oct) 1940 Md Walter Tracy Cora M Morgan
Tracy, Walter  
Hayes, Georgia Carter Hayes Georgia Carter
Skaggs, Billy Gene 24 Dec 1936 24 Jan 1937 Brothers & Sister Skaggs Billy Gene
Skaggs, Jacqueline Louise 16 Apr 1938 12 Jan 1939 Skaggs Jacqueline Louise
Skaggs, Myron 31 Dec 1939  1 Jan 1940  Skaggs Myron
Jackson, Germaine  Great grandchild of Frank Tetter Jackson Germaine
Jackson, Samuel O April    Great grandchild of Frank Tetter Jackson Samuel O
Glass, John (?) Brother of Shed Glass Glass John
Tetter, Marie  1902 1933   Tetter Marie
Jefferson, William "Bill"
Jefferson William
Jefferson, Henry Father Jefferson Henry
Jefferson, Maggie (Tetter)  20 Aug 1892  10 Mar 1951 Mother Jefferson Maggie Tetter
Hannigan, Harry 21 Dec 1883 28 Sep 1917 Son Frank/Nancy (Waugh) Hannigan Harry
Rife, Josephine (Hannigan)    Niece of Louvina Tetter Rife Josephien Hannigan
Moore, Elizabeth Moore Elizabeth
Tetter, Peter 27 Feb 19 Son of Joseph & Louvina * Ag 13? Tetter Peter
Tetter, Louvina (Franklin)   1865  1933   Tetter Louvina
Tetter, Joe (Joseph) 1872 1938 Tetter Joe
Estes, Elizabeth  Estes Elizabeth
Estes, Harry Father-in-law of Elizabeth Estes Harry
Tetter, Marcellus Son of Richard Tetter Marcellus
Tetter, Richard Tetter Richard
Tetter, Ralph R   1909 1939    Tetter Ralph R
Tetter, Alma  1904 1904    Tetter Alma
Franklin, Eli   Brother to Elmer & Bert Franklin Eli
Franklin, Betty Wife of Eli F Franklin Betty
Franklin, Elmer  Brother to Eli & Bert Franklin Elmer
Franklin, Bert  Brother to Eli & Elmer Franklin Bert
Self, Thomas A     29 Mar 1887 18 Dec 1966  Self Thomas A
Self, Nellie M (Greenley)   7 Oct 1888 Self Nelie M
Greenly, Bessie (Franklin) 1 Nov 1894  7 Mar 1971  Mother Grennly Bessie Franklin
Greenly, William M Sr  8 Mar 1884 17 Apr 1966   Dad Greenly William M St
Greenly, Aaron Richard Jr   1943  1945    Son Greenly Aaron Richard Jr
Greenley, Floren G 8 Mar 1878 1 Dec 1951 Father Greenly Floren
Autman, Derrick M 1965 1972  Grandson of Wm & Bessie Greenley Autman Derrick
Robinson, Charles Related to the Waugh Family Robinson Charles