Lake Township

    There is only one known cemetery in Lake Township, Newton County,
Indiana. It is located west of us Highway 41 on the southwest corner
of State Road 10 and County Road 400 W.
    Lake Village Cemetery is located in Lake Township, Newton County,
Indiana, west of the town, bounded on the north by State Road 10.
From the intersection of us Highway 41 and State Road 10 go west one
mile where the cemetery is located on the south side of the highway.
The old section of the cemetery was given by Richard Wade, an early
pioneer and contains one acre of land. For a number of years it was
called the Wade Cemetery. The old burials on the hilly section at the
northeast corner of the present cemetery and evidence of a circular
road and other abandoned roadways mark the old section. The first
burial appears to be that of Belinda Wade, wife of Richard, who died
July 28, 1861, aged 62 years and 7 months.
    At a later date another acre of land was added, a gift of Jona
Marshall, who is buried with his wife in the old part of the
cemetery. He, at one time, operated a tavern in Momence, Illinois,
and appears as one of the characters in Burroughs Tales of an Old
Border Town and Along the Kankakee. Probably when the new land was
incorporated into the cemetery, it became known as the Lake Village
Cemetery. A number of attempts have been made to find the plat for
the old section of the cemetery, but to no avail. We have attempted
to visualize what the old part of the cemetery looked like and it is
apparent that there were roadways and walkways that have been
abandoned for some time. Lacking adequate records, we can only
surmise how it was organized and what the plot may have looked llke.
In a number of instances, concrete enclosures were made around a
family plot and they measure approximately 6 feet by 24 feet, and it
is guessed that each contained eight spaces six feet by three feet.
Nikki Hanger, the current trustee for Lake Township, opened what
records she had available to the Falily Division of the Newton County
Historical Society and a number of meetings were spent during the
summer of 1995 reading and studying the records that were still
    Sections were arbitrarily assigned to the old section of the
cemetery to assist in reading and recording it. They do not reflect
the thinking of the original caretakers of the cemetery. It is
possible that a number of burials have been overlooked as no stones
or markers exist.

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