McClellan Township

    There are three known burial sites in McClellan Township. The
Betz Cemetery is located on the east side of County Road 600 W about
one mile north of County Road 100 N in Willow Slough. No stones or
record of burials has been found. The land was probably given by the
Betz family and sole of the early burials lay have been moved to
Oakland Cemetery, as many of the Betz and Hunter families are now
buried there.
    The McClellan or Skinner Ceaetery is located on the east side of
the diagonal County Road that leads back into Willow Slough. In
earlier times this was the Old Chicago Road and crossed the Vincennes
Trail at Momence, Illinois, and continued to Chicago via Kankakee,
Wilmington, and Joliet, Illinois. Many of the families who used this
cemetery lived along that road. Few stones remain. Many were moed to
oakland Cemetery north of Morocco.
    The Morgan Cemetery also known as the Tracy Cemetery is located
on the west side of County Road 600 W about one mile north of County
Road 100 N in Willow Slough, and is diagonally across the road from
the Betz Cemetery. It was used by black residents of Newton County,
and also those who lived across the state line in Illinois.

    The Betz Cemetery is located in McClellan Township, Newton
County, Indiana, on the east side of County Road 600 W about one mile
north of County Road l00 N in Willow Slough. Abandoned many years ago
there is no visible evidence remaining that this once served as a
burial ground. Although located on county maps it is surmised that
any burials here were moved to Oakland Cemetery when it became the
major burial ground. This cemetery is situated in a triangular plot
of ground just across the road and a little south of the Morgan

    The MCClellan Township cemetery (aka Skinner) is located in
Newton County, Indiana, on the east side of the Old Chicago Road, a
diagonal road that now leads back into the property of Willow Slough,
about 2/1Oths mile north of CR 100 N. There is a faint trail through
the woods leading to the cemetery. The 1916 Atlas of Newton County
shows a handful of people living along this road, which at that time
intersected with the Old Vincennes Trail in Illinois. It appears that
they were the ones who used the celemery and that when Oakland
cemetery at Morocco was founded, they started using that burial
ground. We do know that some of the bodies were moved to Oakland. It
appears that the burial ground had been in use since the township was
organized. The record of its founding is from the Newton County
Recorder Miscellaneous Record 13, Page 114.
    "Pursuant to notice the legal voters of MCClellan Township met at
the School House in MCClellan Township, and on motion A. J. Ellis was
elected Chairman, and on motion C. D. Holmes was elected Secretary.
It was moved and carried that its name should be known as MCClellan
Township Cemetery; and it was moved and seconded and carried that
Alonzo M. Skinner, David S. Corkins, and Corrington D. Holmes were
elected Trustees of McClellan Township cemetery. Held on the 23rd of
April 1887 in McClellan Township, Newton County, State of Indiana. C.
D. Holmes, Secretary. I certify that the instrument in writing of
which the above is a true copy was recorded on April 30, 1887 at 8
o'clock A.M." Henry P. Parsons, Recorder of Newton County, by Andrew
Hall, Deputy. Tbe fews stones remaining are listed in alphabetical
order since what stones remain are not in any organized rows.

    The Morgan Cemetery (aka Tracy) is located in McClellan
Township, Newton County, Indiana, northwest of Enos on 600 W and is
situated on a sand ridge on the west side of the road; It is a burial
site for some of the black residents of Newton County. It is also
known as the Tracy Cemetery, for Walter Tracy arranged many of the
burials for his friends. Take west of us Highway 41 at Enos onto CR
100 N (state Road 14 goes east), continue to 600 W and turn right
(north). Go approximately one mile north just past the firing range.
Some large pine trees mark the cemetery on the west side of the road.
The land was part of 80 acres owned by Emma L. Morgan in 1916. Emma
L. Morgan died January 30, 1922, aged 69 years, in McC1ellan Township
and George W. Morgan died there on January 21, 1911, aged 65 years.
No record has been found as to the dedication of the land for
cemetery use. A few stones are still standing and evidence of metal
markers abound, however, the paper contents have long ago vanished.
The earliest legible burial is Alma Tetter, died 1904, and the latest
burial is Curtis Olauwmi, died 1982. The cemetery is still being used
by descendants of some of the original families. It is through the
courtesy of Vivian Lee of Kankakee, Illinois, that much of the
information has been verified and supplemented. If it were not for
her efforts, many of the burials could not have been established. Not
much is known of the Morgan family. In the county records we find
that Emma Portus married George Morqan on January 10, 1870, and a
Clarence Morgan married Nora Portus on April 12, 1872. They may have
been brothers and the women may have been sisters. The cemetery is
located in section 25 of Fractional Township 30 N, and in Range 10
West of the 2nd P.M.

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