1870 Census of Newton County, IN p.137
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Abstracted by Robert E. Williamson, ©1999 from the National Archives and Records Administration Federal Population Schedules for the 9th Census of the United States in 1870.

Submitted by Robert E. Williamson, Jan.1999. Both above notices must remain when copied or downloaded.

This is the 1870 federal census for Newton County, IN.

LN = Line Number Family appeared on
HN = Dwelling houses numbered in the order of visitation
FN = Families numbered in the order of visitation
LAST NAME, FIRST NAME = The Name of every Person whose usual place of abode on the 1st day of June, 1860, was in this family
RACE = Color (white, black or mulatto)
OCCUP. = Profession, Occupation,or Trade of each Male over 15 years of age
REAL VAL. = Value of Real Estate owned
PERS VAL. = Value of Personal Estate owned
BIRTHPLACE = Place of Birth, Naming the State, Territory, or Country
FOREIGN BIRTH - FATHER = Indicates whether the father was born in a foreign country
FOREIGN BIRTH - MOTHER = Indicates whether the mother was born in a foreign country
MONTH BORN = Birth month
MONTH MARRIED = Month Married if within the year
ATT. SCHOOL = Attended School within the year
CAN'T READ = Persons over 21 yrs of age who cannot read
CAN'T WRITE = Persons over 21 yrs of age who cannot write
DEAF = Whether deaf & dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict.
M-21yrs = Male, twenty-one years of age or older.
VOTE-DENIED = Indicates whether the person has been denied the right to vote.

CENSUS YR:  1870  TERRITORY:  IN  COUNTY:  Newton  DIVISION:  Jackson  REEL NO:  347  PAGE NO:  137
REFERENCE:  P.O. Pilot Grove  Enumerated 9 August 1870 by W.H.H. Graham
                                                                                                               FATHER MOTHER  BORN      MARR.     SCHOOL READ  WRITE              DENIED
 1   1140 1140 Donner        Wolford        16   M    W    At Home                            New York
 2   1141 1141 Borchem       Princton       34   M    W    Wood Chopper   500       500       Indiana                                                                       X
 3   1141 1141 Borchem       Nancy          32   F    W    Keeping House                      Indiana
 4   1141 1141 Borchem       Mary E         1    F    W    At Home                            Indiana                                               X
 5   1141 1141 Borchem       Wiles F        12   F    W    At Home                            Indiana                                               X
 6   1141 1141 Borchem       Frances E      9    F    W                                       Indiana                                               X
 7   1141 1141 Oliver        William        20   M    W    Wood Chopper                       Illinois
 8   1141 1141 Curtis        Frances        22   F    W    Domestic Servant                   Indiana
 9   1142 1142 Miller        Phillip        43   M    W    Farmer         2,000     1,000     Ohio                                                                          X
 10  1142 1142 Miller        Margaret       43   F    W    Keeping House                      Ohio
 11  1142 1142 Miller        Charls         19   M    W    At Home                            Indiana
 12  1142 1142 Miller        James          15   M    W    At Home                            Indiana
 13  1142 1142 Miller        Sarah M        12   F    W    At Home                            Indiana
 14  1142 1142 Miller        Frances S      12   F    W    At Home                            Indiana
 15  1142 1142 Miller        Hulda G        6    F    W                                       Indiana
 16  1142 1142 Miller        William        1    M    W                                       Indiana

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