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Who are we?   

We are volunteers - individuals that have a sense of pride about our county, hold our history close to our hearts
 and can spend hours upon hours researching, documenting and just talking about our ancestors - our heritage.
    We have the support of our families, our neighbors, our community and our county officials - they know the importance
of what we are trying to accomplish and preserve, and appreciate this dedication.
Join us . . . maybe you can share our passion for history  or is it yet to be discovered!

We are an active society . . .

    The public is invited to the society meetings. The general society meets at 7:00 p.m. CDT on the fourth Monday
of each month, currently at the Newton County Government Center, located at the intersection of US 41 and
Hwy 114 in Morocco, Indiana. On that same day at 1:00 p.m. CDT, the Family History Division meets at the
Resource Center located at intersection of US 24 and Fourth Street in Kentland, Indiana. Contact us if you would like email notifications.
We are volunteers . . . and always welcome new members.

Active Committees

Resource Center: In November of 2006, we moved into a permanent home located at 310 Seymour Street in Kentland.
Here we house donated artifacts from the county from residents of our communities. We also house a vast amount of research
 records that cover not only our county, but several other Indiana counties and states. We have a book library that contains our
 local history books, as well as a collection of books written by local authors. Our newspaper library contains hard copies of
past and present county and town newspapers, as well as having most of them available on microfilm. Click here to see a more
detailed look at our Resource Center, as well as operating hours and donation instructions.

Public Relations/Special Events: Our members serve as representatives of the society at public events that are
held throughout the county, such as the Newton County Pun'kin Vine Fair. In 2010, this committee presented the Fairlawn
Cemetery Walk and an open house at the Resource Center held during the Kentland Sesquicentennial Celebration in October.
They ended the year with our annual Christmas Open House in December.

Program Committee: This group is responsible for providing and arranging a speaker and/or presentation at the
monthly meetings of the general society. Topics cover community history, individuals and on going historical projects.
Do you have an idea for a program? Contact us!

Society Newsletter: The Newcomer: Publication began in 1994 with only four pages of local history; the last edition held
32 pages of articles, photographs and information regarding Newton County and circulates to over 200 individuals and organizations
nationally. Want to take a look? Just follow this link  ~The Newcomer~

Oral History Project: Nancy Jo Prue is heading this project to preserve our current historical residents. She has interviewed and
recorded recollections of Newton County residents that grew up here, capturing their memories and presevering them for
future generations. We plan to publish these interviews in the near future.

Display Window: This creative and inventive group are responsible for the spectacular window displays at the Resource Center in Kentland. Currently, Newton County Historical Landmarks
are depicted in photographs and writing, with a bit of holiday flair added. Over the past the windows have held collections of children's toys, the celebration of our High School Alumni Associations
and so much more. Click here to view photos.

Web Site: Beth Bassett has been working since 1999 with the Indiana Gen Web Project (INGENWEB) adding genealogical records and county history for web research. This award winning site continues to grow, and has over 121,000 hits since its inception in 1998 by Bob Williamson. Beth is developing a site for the society itself and is currently under construction. With the current help of society members Susie Hall and Darlene Truby, as well as others in the past, both sites are sure to satisfy even the most curious visitor - you are here . . . welcome!

Family History Division

    Designated the publishing arm of the society and dedicated to the documenting and preservation of Newton County family history, they have completed several projects and are in the process of beginning and completing others. Inquiries regarding Newton County families are also researched and answered by members of this group. Click here to view their web page.

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Mission Statement: It is the hope of the volunteers and members of the Newton County Historical  Society will bring together those people interested in the history of Newton County, and will promote an understanding and appreciation for the people and community of Newton County through research, preservation, restoration, education and publications.

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