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Source: The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Dec. 23, 1899 edition

'School Notes'
"Several of the rooms of the city schools held exercises on Friday. These exercises were to impress upon the minds of the children the purpose of Christmas festivities."
"The city schools have closed for the holidays and will reopen Tuesday, Jan 2, 1900. This will give the teachers and pupils a short period for rest and recreation. No doubt it is better for the schools in every way that this vacation is no longer. Too long a vacation causes the pupils to lose interest and prolongs the school into the hot weather at the close of the term."
'German Reformed Church'
"There will be a Christmas tree and entertainment at the German Reformed Church tomorrow night. Songs and recitations in German and English. Admission 10 cents."

Source: The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Dec. 21, 1900 edition

"During the holiday season it will be well to remember the little ones, and make it a joyful season to them. With professed Christians the Christmas season is the greatest of the year. Memories cluster around it that are very precious. The family reunions that are enjoyed are especially to be encouraged and participated in by all. With many families this will be the last full family gathering, for ere another year has elapsed some loved one will be called hence, no more to meet in the charming family circle--no more to gather around the family hearthstone."

-Source for below:
The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., December 28, 1900 edition

"It snowed just enough on the night of December 24 to make Christmas white."
"The Christmas turkey, not the Christmas conversation, should be freely stuffed with chestnuts."
"The following interesting program was rendered at the open session of the Woman's Literary Club at the home of Mrs. Mary H. Espey Christmas night: Chorus....Club; Recitation-The First New England Xmas....Miss Matson; Reading-"Long 'Fore I Know'd Who Santa Claus Wuz"....Miss Gillespie; Recitation-"Christmas in the Work House"....Miss Mary Davis; Chorus....Club. A goodly number of invited guests were present."

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