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Miscellaneous Items

The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Jan. 12, 1900 edition

'Rising Sun Laundry is the Best.'
"Cofield and Neal have taken charge of the agency of the Rising Sun Hand Work Laundry, and will collect and deliver work three times a week."

The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Dec. 21, 1900 edition


"All of the telephone exchange here is on the latest improved pattern, with pure metalic circuit, so that when connected with any other subscriber there is no way for any other box not connected to hear the conversation, it being a direct line from one to the other."


"Under the new census the population of Ohio county is reduced to 4,724; and that of Switzerland county to 11,840."


'Guaranteed Salary $900 Yearly'
"Men and women to appoint agents and represent us, some to travel, others for local work. $900 guaranteed yearly salary and expenses. Extra commissions. Old established house, pleasant permanent positions, good chance for advancement and increase of wages. Write at once.
Stafford Press Co., Dept. E. New Haven, Conn.

"Wanted-Activeman of good character to deliver and collect in Indiana for old established manufacturing wholesale house. $900 a year, sure pay. Honesty more than experience required. Our reference, any bank in any city.-Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope.
Manufacturers, Third Floor, 334 Dearborn St., Chicago"

The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Dec.28, 1900 edition


"The population of Ohio county has decreased 321 in the past ten years. Switzerland county 674, Dearborn 1,170. Jefferson 1,594. Franklin 1,978"

Era of Crime...

"The daily robbing of banks, pstoffices(sic), stores, houses, and individuals, all over the country, should be a warning to all to use all the care and precaution possible to protect and secure their property. An era of crime of every description is upon us, and everybody should be prepared for the worst."

"Rain Thursday afternoon and night, and a promise of more today."

"The Rising Sun public schools are closed this week for the holiday season. They will reopen on Monday next, December 31."

"Come to the City Gallery and have your Photo made, and get one of our Beautiful Christmas Cards which we give free to all having pictures made in the month of December. We invite the mothers to call and see our Baby Record Chart."  ...Miss M.K. Giles, Photographer

The Recorder, Rising Sun
Friday, January 4, 1901 edition

'Husband and Wife'...

"Baltimore American: An Indiana court has decided that husband and wife are two, and that, if the husband gives his note to his wife, he must pay her just as though she were a stranger. The domesticity of the twentieth century is evidently going to take on a serious aspect for the believer in the old theory that husband and wife are one, and that one is the husband. With courts ordering husbands to pay wives the money borrowed from them, a new terror is added to the peris of matrimony."

"Quite a number of persons, scattered all over the country are now able to say they have lived in three centuries. But most of us have only lived indifferently in two centuries."

"Wednesday, January 2, was the most noted day in the financial history of the United States, as about $175,000,000 was distributed on that day to the share and bondholders of the country. This was about $2.30 per capita, but the bast sum found its way to the pockets of only about 12,000,000 persons."

"There are 4,047 men and women in this country estimated to be worth a million dollars or more."

The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Jan. 11, 1901 edition


"The inauguration of Indiana's new Govenor on Monday next is to be a great event. The inauguration ball will be a grand affair at night. Invitations have been received here, and almost anybody can get an invitation who has a five dollar bill to invest in the affair. Or, for $1 you can get into the balcony and see it all, but cannot participate or get anything to eat."

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