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Source: The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Dec 1, 1899 edition

'Since Sixty Years Ago'---(Selected by a Friend of The Recorder)
How wonderous are the changes
Since sixty years ago!
When girls wore woolen dresses,
And boys wore pants of tow;
When shoes were made of cowhide,
And socks of homespun wool.
And children did a half day's work
Before they went to school.

The girls took music lessons
Upon the spinning wheel,
And practiced late and early
On spindle swift and reel;
The boys would go to mill on horseback
A dozen miles or so,
And hurry off before 'twas day
Some sixty years ago.

The people rode to meeting
In sleds instead of sleighs,
And wagons rode as easy
As buggies nowadays:
And oxen answered well for teams
Though now they'd be too slow,
For people lived not half so fast
Some sixty years ago.

Oh well do I remember
That patent Wilson stove,
That father bought and paid for
Of cloth our girls had wove;
And how the neighbors wondered
When we got the thing to go;
They said 'twould burst and kill us all
Some sixty years ago.

Yes, everything is different now
From what it used to be.
And men are tampering all the time
With God's great natural laws!
And what on earth we're coming to
Does anybody know?
For everything has changed so much
Since sixty years ago.
Source: The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Jan. 4, 1901 edition

'Old Sayings'

As blunt as a beetle,
As sharp as a lance,
As grave as a preacher,
As gay as a dance,
As late as the gloaming,
As like as two peas,
As crooked as a ram's horn,
As round as a cheese.

As flat as a flounder,
As sticky as gum,
As wide as a common,
As tight as a drum,
As white as a miller,
As black as a crow,
As lean as a greyhound,
As bent as a bow.

As frail as a bandbox,
As stout as an oak,
As queer as a quaker,
As game as a cock,
As cute as a lawyer,
As square as a die,
As keen as a razor,
As warm as a pie.

As drunk as a paper,
As sober as a judge,
As clean as a shaving,
As filthy as smudge,
As swift as an arrow,
As slow as a snail,
As blithe as a linnet,
As right as the mail.

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